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Ken Speaks: 'I Will Always Love Barbie, No Matter Her Size'

KEN HAS SPOKEN OUT ABOUT BARBIE’S NEW BODY IMAGE!!! 😅 His interview is super sweet with a few giggles! I’ll link the interview but I’ll list my favourite moments:

“I don’t know about you, but my love for Barbie means I’m happy Barbie is going to get to be all the things that she couldn’t be before. Tall—really, rather tall!—and slim. Medium-sized and curvy. Petite! Barbie is finally going to get to experience what it’s like to be relatively normal. She’s going to see that there’s more to life than doing the splits in a camper.”

“The thing is, if you love Barbie like I love her, you have to let her change. Because if we don’t let her change, then the Elsa dolls have won”

“I have loved the same woman for a long time. Since I was zero years old! And I will keep loving her, because she herself is such a loving person—she loves all of you so much she is willing to change.”

NEW YORK (AP) — He’s been overshadowed by Barbie for decades, but now Ken is finally getting some attention. Mattel is introducing 15 new looks for the male doll, giving him different skin tones, body shapes and hair styles. The makeover is part of the toy company’s plan to make its dolls more diverse and appeal to today’s kids. Barbie received a similar overhaul more than a year ago. Ken will be sold in three body shapes: “slim,” ″broad” and “original.” He’ll have modern hairdos, such as cornrows and man buns, and come in seven different skin tones. He’ll also be sporting new fashions: think skinny ties, plaid shirts and graphic tees. Ken hasn’t changed much since he was first introduced 56 years ago as Barbie’s blue-eyed, chiseled boyfriend. “We are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation,” said Mattel’s Lisa McKnight, who oversees the Barbie line. Mattel Inc., based in El Segundo, California, says some of the new Ken dolls will be available for sale on its website Tuesday. All of them will be on store shelves by the holidays.

This is BEYOND amazing!!! I am so so SO proud to be a massive Barbie fan right now, I’ve been a fan all my life and she’s never let me down but at this moment I’m so very happy ❤️ Thank you Barbie for being my biggest idol, role model and love! FAN FOR LIFE, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these beauties and have them part of my collection 😍



For the song, ‘Empire’ in Monster High, Boo York, Boo York (on sale now!) We had about maybe 3 days to come up the visuals for this song. Day 1: After a conference call with Mattel, we set to work, listening to the song, lyrics, brainstorming initial ideas, then, thumbnailing them out and pitching to our Director, revising ideas. Day 2 and 3 rough-cleans, as fast as possible, in order to get the panels to our editor so that he could assemble an animatic to submit to Mattel for approval.  We had myself and another artist, Jae Harm, each do a version of the song. This was my version. She had other great ideas, that we combined for the final version seen in the film.  Monster High, Boo York, song, ‘Empire’ copyright Mattel Inc.