And finally, the reason I watched this drop in price on Amazon for weeks instead of buying individually: Ghoulia Yelps!!!!! My favorite zombie and yours, the smartest ghoul in school and a helpful, honest friend! She looks perfect, smart and sensible. Her face up is my favorite of all the dolls. I love that she has glasses. She’s so relatable! Love you girl!


I’ve been wanting to do more of these portrait illustrations but sadly I don’t think I will have the time to draw them any time soon.  But for now enjoy them all in one chunk together - how I interpret the characters in my own style (instead of the day job version).  Enjoy!

If you have any requests for future characters, let me know!

(Main art blog can be found here, thanks!)


Few months ago Mattle made a contest from the Monster High “Freaky Fusion” movie.
The participants had to create their own monster and fusion with original ghouls.

I was the spanish winner and the reward is the creation my own exclusive doll. Here is Storygi.

My boyfriend made me this fabulous artwork of her!