I’ve been working with this little one for a few years now. She comes in to get her hair cleaned and blown try to prepare her hair for braid extensions. She wears her braid or twist extensions for a couple months, removes them and starts over. This process works for mom and child and she has grown her hair past bra length. Her hair is very thick but her hair strands are fine. Plus she has very coily hair. I usually don’t take longer than 45 mins just to cleanse and blow dry but today spent over 2 hours detangling her hair. Why? Because mom decided to leave her hair braided for 6 months! During that time, build up has collected around the root of the braid from the environment and hair products. I know braids are an inve$tment and many of you like to stretch the wear of them but I stress DO NOT. I really have more to say about this but I’m tired. I just want to stress the time and diligent care I took with helping my little one today. I missed my nail appointment to get her hair together. Some of my hair associates can’t deal with natural hair for this very reason…time. When you come to NR your hair will be cared for but it’s hard helping you when you can’t help yourself by being hair responsible… #detanglehair #tangledhair #mattedhair #thickhair #coilyhair #extremelycurly #finehair #naturalhairdaily #naturalhairdoescare #nappyrepublic #sirinkangoh #dallas #plano #sweating #naturalhair #hairproblems