my favourite thing about daredevil is how in the confessional booth in episode one matt tells the priest that grandma used to say ‘’be careful of the murdock boys’’ and yet he is so surprised when the priest figures out that hes matthew murdock as if every second new yorker running around is a blind murdock who had a dad who used to box



When you’re a mess, looking in the mirror is the last thing you want to do. Kate and Clint are great together because they aren’t so similar as to reflect one another’s flaws. At face value they’re essentially nothing alike. Kate's apparently got it together, but she’s got a lot of growing up to do and her rich upbringing has kept her from really understanding how the world works. Meanwhile, the weight of his own experience has made Clint’s life a shambles. Still, put a bow and arrow in the guy’s hands and suddenly all that experience counts for something. He grounds Kate. She helps Clint see past his own nonsense. They click. They balance each other out. 

by Rogan Josh


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  • Matt:This archer turns to look at you, Percy.
  • Taliesin:Oh, I've been waiting for this. I've been looking at him the whole time.
  • Sam:With your Percy-look?
  • Taliesin:Yep.
  • Archer fires his first shot.
  • Taliesin:I'm just taking it into the shoulder, still staring at him.
  • Archer takes his second shot.
  • Percy catches the arrow with one hand, right before it would have hit him between the eyes, not budging a bit.
  • Liam:The Archer uses his bonus action to piss his pants.