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That’s Hot- Matthew Tkachuk

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(Omg guys! LOOK AT HIS CURLS!!!)

Ok so I thought Matt Tkachuk fought more than he actually does. I also forgot he played for the Flames for a minute there so that’s how much I know about him… Anyway! Smut time boys and girls so you all know what to do! Up next: Johnny Gaudreau!

Warning: Sex, smexy time, cussing

Anon Request: Can you make a matt tkachuk smut??


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Contact (Matt X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Matt Murdock X Fem!Reader *PLATONIC

Universe: Marvel, Daredevil

Warnings: None


Request: Would you mind making another Matt x Reader fic where she’s really tactile and touchy, but then gets a lot more cautious of touching him after she finds out about his senses? She’s upset that she was probably being a lot to handle, and he misunderstands why she stopped. Thanks 💜

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“Heya Mattie boy! How’s my favourite blind guy?” You asked, squeezing him tightly from behind. Matt cracked a smile at your giggle.

“I’m the only blind person you know, Y/N.” He reminded you, putting a gentle hand on your arm.

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Hump Day Hunk!

The Gods Of Footy Have Blessed Us With The Perfect Muse…Matt Arnot!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Short Matt Imagine -smut

Imagine; Matt nipping at your neck and then he trails his hand down your stomach into your pants, rubbing you through the thin material of your panties. You were getting wet under his touch. He goes up to your ear, nibbling your earlobe while his hand moves your panties to the side. He is now rubbing through your slit and nibbling on your earlobe. “Mm, your wet for daddy, aren’t you?” He hums. You moaned to reply. “Daddy is getting hard. You’re going to have to fix it” Matt says as he pumps two fingers in you. “Make daddy proud.” (Now this is like my first smut so I’m sorry if it sucks 😂)

Matt Espinosa Imagine: Posted

You sit with Matt on his couch, your legs swung over his knees as you watch him scroll through Vine. You sigh loudly, trying to get Matt’s attention.

“Babe, did you see this one?!” Matt asks you excitedly for the millionth time, turning his phone to face you so you can see the 6-second video clip. It was of Carter pulling some prank on his mom.

“Matt, I saw this one already,” you mutter, rolling your eyes. “Can’t we actually do something?”

Matt chooses to ignore you. You sigh again and get up, heading towards the kitchen to grab a soda from Matt’s fridge. As you close the refrigerator door, you feel Matt’s arms wrap around your waist. You wiggle free without a word and walk away from him.

“What’s up, babe?” Matt follows you back to the living room, sitting down on his couch. He grabs your waist and pulls you towards him so that you’re sitting on his lap. “I hate seeing you like this.”

“Like what?”

“Sad. You haven’t been the same lately. I miss that brightness in your eyes. So what’s wrong?”

You take in a deep breath, voice shaking. “Nobody listens to me. I feel like you don’t really want me here.”

You can’t bring yourself to look into Matt’s eyes, but you already know that what’s waiting there is hurt and guilt.

“Babe, of course I want you here,” Matt says reassuringly. “I want you here every second of every day because I love you. I love your eyes and your smile and your laugh and your cute little crinkly nose.”

Matt nips at your nose and tickles you, making you giggle. “See, there’s that beautiful smile of yours.”

Matt cups your face in his hands and plants a bit, wet, sloppy, passionate kiss on your lips. You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand in mock disgust. Matt grabs it and kisses your fingertips before entwining his fingers with yours.

Matt pulls out his phone and opens Vine, recording a new clip while his fingers are still entwined with yours. He kisses you on the cheek and looks into your eyes as he says, “I love you and nothing is ever going to change that.”


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peake + c i j k !!

(this is one of THREE [edit: 4 as of posting] Matt requests in my inbox so I’m glad you guys are as thirsty for him as i am)

Here’s some for Matt with Willems^2

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

okay oh geez oh man. me and @everythingcanadian have talked A LOT about this

So Elyse and James have both discussed the idea of them getting involved with another person, but they never really found anyone who fit what they were looking for or interested in. And its fine, after all they just agreed that its something they’d be open to, not looking for. James has had a more than platonic admiration of Matt for a while, and Elyse certainly thinks he’s attractive but it isn’t until she’s started working at Funhaus that she just becomes utterly besotted with this quiet, thoughtful, bundled-up sweetheart.

They woo him pretty easily once he’s gotten past the shock of being approached by a married couple, let alone his friends, is still a little paranoid about being a home-wrecker or getting burnt but they’re so sweet on him that he’s helpless against falling head over heels for them.

He’s very skittish though, for all that he’s come to terms with being into men and women he’s never actually been with a man to any degree. And his past girlfriends haven’t been like Elyse, have been nice girl-next-door types that he could take home to his parents. Matt’s only ever had “missionary, lights off, under the sheets” sex, and so it takes something like 10 or 15 dates for them to convince him to come home with them for the night.

And Elyse is so into nudging Matt out of his comfort zone, he’s so insanely in love with her breasts that the second her shirt comes off Matt’s distracted enough with kissing and stroking them that he’s easy to strip down and get on his hands and knees. He’s never been fingered and looks pretty petrified at the idea of it, so he ends up grinding into Elyse with his face hidden in her neck, whilst James slowly works his fingers into him to see how he likes it.

And thats generally how the next few times with Matt go, he’s always adamant about wearing a condom with Elyse even though she’s on the pill and they’re all clean, but she assumes he’s just very cautious, and James thinks that maybe Matt’s just still trying to find his comfort zone with them because immediately after sex he’s the first to get up and get a washcloth from the bathroom, tie off and discard the condom, and then settle in for the afterglow, so they just let him work at his own pace.

Matt goes insane for getting his dick sucked, and James loves to start out with it because Matt’s wriggly and squirms like he can’t control himself and he’s trying to escape the pleasure, but he never lets James make him cum like that. And James figures “okay” because they normally end up with Matt buried in Elyse where she can distract him enough for James to finger him open anyways, and thats still a pretty spectacular.

But at one point, further along, James has Matt splayed out on his back with his cock buried deep, and Elyse is riding Matt with her mouth nipping at his jaw and her hair spilling over his shoulder, the pair of them working him up more and more but keeping him from cumming, until Elyse finally gets her fingers down to her clit and finishes herself off.

She’s exhausted, and rolls off Matt so she can watch them finish together, and James doesn’t think about it, just pulls the condom off Matt because “don’t need this anymore” but Matt tenses up and almost makes to grab his hand, gets this frantic look in his eyes, but James is so close that he’s just got a slick hand wrapped around Matt’s dick jacking him off as he speeds up his thrusts.

And he doesn’t get why Matt’s still trying to hold off, bats his hand away “come on Matty, its fine, let go for me”, because at this point he just thinks Matt’s a bit of a neat freak, or still nervous about making a mess of James and Elyse’s bed. And Matt’s shaking his head and arching his back letting out a garbled litany of “nonono-” as James fucks in deep and hard.

And then there’s just so much cum, he’s gushing ropes up to his chest and James is caught off guard because his hand is just soaked. He had no idea, no idea that Matt was trying to hide this from them, Matt whose got his hands over his face and is breathing heavy but holding himself so carefully still in between little aftershocks. Elyse and James are speechless until James holds his dripping hand up and “holy fuck Matt”

Basically, Matt cums like a champagne bottle, and he’s had most of his previous partners either think it gross or complain about how messy it is when the novelty had worn off, and he’s so insecure about it because even jacking off he ends up with a dripping hand and cum all over his stomach.

Under James, its splashed all across his stomach and a few drops are trailing down his ribs onto the sheets, and he’s still got his hands clamped over his face, red all the way down to the waist and Elyse has already got one hand back on her clit, even if she’s hissing from the sensitivity because she’s so wet. And James is wild for it, grabs Matt’s hands and pins them to the bed by the wrists and just pounds into Matt a few last times as he stares down at the mess all over his boyfriend.

And if you are thirsty for a visual, then I point you in EC’s direction because damn. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Matt’s very bashful and shy at first, but he gets more and more intense once he’s been distracted from being self-conscious. Whereas James and Elyse are pretty jokey a lot of the time, Matt is very intense and focused in the same way he is with work, and it is a very loving passionate focus.

He’s so incredibly smitten and sweet on them, that whenever he’s with one of them alone its never anything less than making love. Matt likes to be as close as possible, will press himself flat against James back when he’s on top, or will curl his arms around James’s shoulders and drag him down so he can kiss him and stroke his hands down his arms and murmur about how good it feels and how much he loves him.

With Elyse he often ends up sitting up on the bed with her in his lap, either with her chest against his so he can bury his hands in her hair and kiss her, or with her back to his chest so he can wrap his arms around her and just curl himself around her.

Even James, who likes to ruin the most romantic of moments, can’t help but get caught up when he’s alone with Matt. Because he’s so self-conscious and so attentive, and James just wants to lose himself in Matt’s focus and attention.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

Matt’s got a very weird relationship with jacking off, largely because of his deep embarrassment about how much he cums, so he can’t really have a quick one in bed in the morning unless he wants to wash his sheets. So he tends to only touch himself in the shower because its an easier clean up and he doesn’t spend half his time fretting.

Before Elyse and James he’d never played with himself much, he’d just lean back against the shower wall because its nice and cold against his back, and smooth his hand down his cock while the other hand massages and pulls at his balls. His apartment has a huge water heater, so on the weekends he’ll actually take his time and really get himself worked up, get himself painfully hard and his balls swollen and his chest red from all the steam coming off the shower.

James stays at Matt’s a few times and leaves a toothbrush in the bathroom cabinet, a bunch of his space food in his kitchen and a bottle of lube in Matt’s shower, and after James doesn’t take it back he starts to play with himself a little, grabs onto the rail at the top of the shower door and rests his face in the crook of his arm so he can slide a finger or two into himself and get his toes curling. James knows how to get Matt cumming with just a finger, knows how to milk his prostate, but Matt’s still pretty new to playing with this part of himself. He likes the stretch though, and the deeper arousal it builds up in him.

And of course, once Elyse and James see how much Matt cums (and how embarrassed he is of it), they spend a lot of time asking Matt to jack off for them. Its partially because they don’t want Matt to feel ashamed by it, because he shouldn’t be too embarrassed to cum, or feel like he has to hide any part of himself. But mostly its because James could probably cum just at the sight of Matt cumming buckets all over himself, and Elyse actually gets off on the sight of Matt being embarrassed and bashful.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)


Humiliation kink that Matt doesn’t know he has and probably wouldn’t even agree that he has. But Elyse just, has a thing for pushing Matt’s comfort levels because James is just so up-for-anything, so completely shameless, that Matt hiding behind his hands the first time James finger fucks him gets her off like nothing else.

It isn’t really a mean type of humiliation though, its more about him being humiliated but praised? If anything, its a humiliation kink and a praise kink all rolled up together, and it shouldn’t work but it does. 

Elyse starts out with just pushing his boundaries, pulls his knees up and spreads his legs apart when James is fucking him so he’s on show, sometimes she’ll even pin his hands under her legs so she can really spread him out on display and Matt gets so turned on from it. He leaks pre-cum all over the sheets when James has him face down on the bed with his fingers digging into Matts ass just spewing praises about how perfect Matt’s ass is as he holds him open.

He’s pretty into a lot of kinks but purely because of the humiliation/praise aspect of them. So when James jokes about putting him in a collar, its not the collaring that gets him blushing and retreating into his hoodie, its the mortification of them collaring him and calling him “good boy”.

James has an obsession with Matt’s ass that rivals Matt’s love for Elyse’s tits, and as a jokey birthday present Elyse talks Matt into wearing a pair of her panties because they have a lace backing. And Matt is so embarrassed that he’s leaking through the satin at the front and almost stretching out the waistband he’s so hard, and he won’t uncover his face so Elyse coaxes him into laying on his front where he can bury his face in the pillows, and covers him up with a sheet. Of course the second James walks in he pulls the sheet right off because “hellllo naked boyfriend!” and immediately goes silent because Matt’s ass is wrapped in lace and its thick and perfect.

The panties end up becoming a special occasions thing, because James can’t stop running his mouth about how perfect Matt’s ass is, how hard he’s making James and how much James wants to rim him. And Matt gets so turned on and sensitive that he shudders every time James so much as touches him, but refuses to uncover his face because he’s so embarrassed so look down and see his cock leaking through the fabric.