matte manicure

a comprehensive list of arguments chloe and marinette have had
  • do horizontal stripes make you look fat
  • ponytails v. pigtails
  • was the class rep election rigged
    • half this argument took place in mme. bustier’s office when chloe dragged marinette inside and demanded a recount
  • is adrien warm toned or cool toned?
  • who sits closer to adrien in class?
    • rulers and tape measures were brought to class
  • fishtail braids v. french braids
  • gel manicures v. matte manicures
  • whether erin should’ve won project runway season 15
  • which one of them was taller
    • sub-argument: do high heels and up-dos count towards your height
  • proper form for a backhanded slap
  • problem #13 on the maths group project they were unfortunately paired together for
    • this one both got them sent to the principal’s office
  • the exact number of akumas chloe has inadvertently caused
  • ladybug’s precise mbti 
    • still going on after two weeks. marinette is oddly invested in this one
  • rose gold v. gold iphones
  • is jagged stone even considered music 
  • whether blackmailing their history teacher to give chloe an extension on her paper is considered “politics”
    • it isn’t. chloe got a note sent home to her father. 
  • which season of the bachelor was objectively the best 
  • what is chat noir’s suit really made out of 
  • who had the highest score on the last history exam 
    • also got them sent to the principal’s office 
  • who has the best resting bitch face
  • who has the better best friend
    • sabrina and alya refuse to involve themselves

Had to do a full claw pose for this one because for once my thumb nail wasn’t broken. Lol. Loved wearing these rainbow matte polka dots!

Used in this mani:

Essie - All Access Pass, Vibrant Vibes, Delhi-dance, Nama-stay The Night

OPI - My Twin Mimmy

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White

Ella + Mila - Matte-ly In Love

One Night (TG/AP)

              Ever since he turned 16, Matt had become infatuated with his next-door neighbor. Her name was Mrs. Evanston, and she was one hell of a MILF. Matt knew he never had a chance with her, considering she was in her mid-30s with a family and a husband, but the thoughts he had of her would keep him up for hours at night. One day after school, he came across an odd kiosk at the mall that sold various trinkets and talismans. He didn’t believe in magic, but the shopkeeper gave him an old looking coin for free, probably hoping that he would tell his friends at school about the shop. Curiously, the next day the shop had vanished without a trace. He spent a few days examining the coin, trying to find out where it came from, but couldn’t find anything online. Tired of searching, he looked out his bedroom window and saw Mrs. Evanston sitting on her deck in a low-cut shirt. He stared at the coin between his fingers and passively wished that he could spend just one night with her. Just as the thought crossed his mind, he felt the coin begin to heat up before vanishing into a puff of smoke. He was taken aback, but just as it vanished he heard his little brother, Mitch, come into his room.

              “Hey, Matt, can I borrow some video ga- whoa…” Mitch said, feeling a wave of warmth come over him as he walked through the door.

              “You feeling okay, little bro?” he asked, noticing Mitch stammer. “You’re looking kind of pale.”

              “Yeah, your room is just a little warm,” he said, beginning to sweat. “I think I need a drink of wa- ARGH!” he grunted, grabbing his sides. With a series of cracks, Mitch suddenly grew nearly half a foot taller, matching his older brother’s height. Matt winced as he watched his brother’s skeleton crack and pop, his bones shifting beneath his skin as he rapidly grew into an adult. Before either boy could speak, Mitch’s hips popped outwards to childbearing proportions while his shoulders grew slightly broader, giving him a mature and feminine frame. Mitch screamed and held his hands up to his face as his bones finalized their transformation, lengthening his fingers and toes and leaving him with slender, manicured appendages.

              “Matt, what’s happening!?!” Mitch said in a panic. Both boys noticed how mature and womanly Mitch sounded now, but only Matt recognized the voice. It was Mrs. Evanston’s voice, sounding as sultry and seductive as ever, even thought it was coming through his little brother’s changing body. Matt suddenly realized that he had made a wish to be with his dream MILF right before the coin vanished, but he never thought this is how the wish would be fulfilled. He wanted this to stop, he didn’t want to do this to his little brother, but he could only watch in terror as Mitch continued to transform into the MILF next door.

              “Please, Matt, make it sto- OOOOHHHH” he began to moan in ecstasy. He thrust his chest forward was two supple bosoms began to grow from his chest. As the mound of flesh grew, sending unknown pleasures through the young boy’s body, his clothes began to change to fit his new form. His shirt became a bright yellow sweater, opening up at the chest to reveal his growing breasts to his brother. His jeans lengthened to cover his new feminine legs, hugging his curves and tightening around the crotch. His spine arched as the weight on his chest continued to grow, helping him find a new center of balance. Matt stared at his brother’s ample cleavage, both disgusted and aroused. Mitch’s skin had grown so pale and smooth, just like Mrs. Evanston’s, and Matt couldn’t help but want to touch it. Mitch’s feminine moans weren’t helping either. Each breath Mitch took grew heavier, forcing his new breasts to bounce up and down on his chest in rhythm with his moans. Mitch knew this was wrong, but the tingles coming from his chest were undeniably pleasurable. The pleasure soon tripled as his crotch began to tingle, causing him to moan even louder and grab at his groin.

              “Matt, do something! Help m- OH OH OH!” he screamed as pulses of ecstasy came from his crotch. He felt his jeans tighten and begin to push his boy parts between his legs. He had never felt anything so euphoric. His member began to slip between his legs, moving his guts around as a fertile womb grew in his abdomen and leaving behind a fleshy clit. The new sex between his legs was completely alien to him, and so were the needs it was aching for. He rubbed a feminine hand over his crotch as his member slipped between his new clit with one final pulse of pleasure, causing him to moan and sending new sexual desires through his mature new body. His ovaries pumped estrogen through his body, filling him with a desire to be filled, though he didn’t know with what yet. All he knew was that he had never lusted for anything like this in his life. He looked at his brother, suddenly feeling a wetness in his pants and imagining Matt caressing his body, but tried to fight his new imagination. Matt didn’t want to admit that he was growing aroused by Mitch’s transformation, but as he watched his little brother’s butt inflate into a cute, supple peach shape, he felt his own cock begin to engorge and strain against his pants.

              “Ohhhh…Matt…I don’t know what’s happening…but it feels so goooood…” Mitch said, his voice becoming more seductive with each word. As he spoke, he felt his hair tumble down to his shoulders. Matt watched as his little brother’s hair grew black and wavy, styling itself just like Mrs. Evanston’s. Mitch’s face began to warp, growing softer and older as it became an exact replica of his neighbor’s. Mitch’s eyes grew alluringly big while his nose and mouth became cutely petite. Matt stared in awe at the new woman, his little brother, standing confused in his bedroom. Mitch’s mind began to grow cloudy as he looked over his new body. He felt like he didn’t belong in this house anymore, that he had a different family, and that the boy staring in awe at his wasn’t his older brother anymore. Matt quickly glanced out the window to where Mrs. Evanston was sitting moments ago, but noticed that she had vanished.

              “Matt?” the woman asked, confused. “Who…am…I?”

              “You’re Mitch, my little brother, right? You still in there, little bro?”

              “Little? No…I’m 36…I have two kids…I think?”

              “No, Mitch, fight it!”

              “That name…sounds so familiar…” he said, struggling to remain Matt’s little brother. However, before Mitch could fight anymore, he glanced at the bulge in Matt’s pants and felt the wetness in his crotch begin to intensify. “Oh, Matt, it looks like you’ve got something in your pants…” she said, walking over to the nervous boy sitting at the desk.

              “No, don’t…” Matt stammered, disturbed by the way his little brother was acting, but lusting after the MILF approaching him.

              “It’s okay, Matt, I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me,” Mitch said with a wink. As he moved closer to his brother, he couldn’t help but place a hand on Matt’s throbbing member. The feeling of a cock in her hand sent Mitch over the edge, causing him to embrace his new life and let the memories of Mrs. Evanston flood his mind. She remembered her family and her house, but most importantly she remembered her husband. She loved him, but their sex hasn’t been the best recently. She came over to Matt’s house because she always thought he was cute, and she loved the way he looked at her when he thought she wasn’t watching. The thrill of being looked at like a young woman got her horny in ways that her husband could never fulfill. Thankfully, she was about to make this young boy’s dreams come true, if only for one night. She knew she had to go back to her family the next day, but for the time being, she was going to enjoy her power over her little boy toy.

              “Oh, you’re so cute when you’re nervous. You’re probably a virgin, aren’t you?” She said in her sultry, mature voice. Matt wanted to scream, but he had never been more turned on. She unzipped his pants with one hand and pulled her shirt down with the other, pressing her breasts into the teenager’s face. She teased the head of his cock with her manicured nails and whispered, “I’m about to give you a night your classmates could only wish for…”