matte lip tint

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Tint

First off I have to give kudos to the Sephora shipping department. This was ordered for me on the 24th, and I received it on the 25th. I didn’t do this review right away because I wanted some time to wear it. Basically its a chubby lip crayon. “Crayon” is the key word in that sentence. It is in no way a pencil. Pencils are generally very stiff and hard. This has more of a soft crayon texture. Since it does have a chubby tip I do use a lip liner. The product glides on quite smoothly and is very pigmented. It has a pleasant infusion of mint. It doesn’t really tingle the lip, but is noticeable in the sent. The color does last for quite a long time. Even when eating I notice it says on pretty well. This is a lip tint. Lip tints to me are a cross between lip sticks and lip stains. The product is called a lip tint, but Sephora’s description lists it as a lip stain. I wouldn’t categorize this as a stain. The product comes in six shades. I have mine in Firey. It is a true beautiful red. I’ve had a hard time finding a true red, and I think I hit pay dirt with this one.I would also like to note that this is a natural product. I know that that’s a big plus for some people. I have to say I really do love this. This is going to become a staple product in my make-up collection. This can be drying if your lips are already dry. I also use EOS lip balm before I put this on. I also can accentuate any dry skin on the lip. I do recommend exfoliating your lips. This can be as simple as scrubbing them with a dry tooth brush. I really hope this was helpful informative. Until next time - Ash <3