matte lip tint

The Novel (M)
  • Type: writer!Jimin AU; smut; one-shot
  • Pairing: Jimin x fem!reader
  • Words: 5,293
  • Warnings: language; explicit sex: anal, oral, dom!Jimin
  • A/N: This is for my tía @txmonkeyy   Enjoy my second fic revamp!

A woman’s body is like a delicate flower: it deserves to be treated with utmost care and tenderness.

Wow, this is terrible. The words in front of my face no longer felt like separate words, they had merged into one colossal clump of misery, spelling out failure in my coffee-stained notebook. I had been trying to write this particularly romantic scene of my erotic novel for a very long time but it seemed I had plunged right into a bottomless pit of despair and clichés.

A woman’s body is sacred-

Fuck, this is ridiculous. The entirety of this goddamn novel is beyond ridiculous, I’ll admit. But give the people what they want, right? And apparently, poorly written pseudo kinky smut with terrible and badly explained backstory is what people want these days, I guess. Literature is dead and it has been for a while. E.L. James didn’t take the stab at it but she sure as hell was that last nail in its coffin.

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lexability  asked:

I have dry lips, how can I wear lipstick without making them look drier?

Dry lips can be a struggle (I should know!) and adding a lipstick can make them look and feel even worse. Lipstick can completely change your look, boring outfit? Add a bright red lip, colourful clothes? Try a nude lip, but dry looking lips? Never a good look.

Hydrate the lips

If you’ve got severely dry lips you may need to do a little more than just applying a lip balm and calling it a day. Keep lips in tip top condition by using the tips in my how to guide: how to fix dry lips.

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Tarte LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Tint

First off I have to give kudos to the Sephora shipping department. This was ordered for me on the 24th, and I received it on the 25th. I didn’t do this review right away because I wanted some time to wear it. Basically its a chubby lip crayon. “Crayon” is the key word in that sentence. It is in no way a pencil. Pencils are generally very stiff and hard. This has more of a soft crayon texture. Since it does have a chubby tip I do use a lip liner. The product glides on quite smoothly and is very pigmented. It has a pleasant infusion of mint. It doesn’t really tingle the lip, but is noticeable in the sent. The color does last for quite a long time. Even when eating I notice it says on pretty well. This is a lip tint. Lip tints to me are a cross between lip sticks and lip stains. The product is called a lip tint, but Sephora’s description lists it as a lip stain. I wouldn’t categorize this as a stain. The product comes in six shades. I have mine in Firey. It is a true beautiful red. I’ve had a hard time finding a true red, and I think I hit pay dirt with this one.I would also like to note that this is a natural product. I know that that’s a big plus for some people. I have to say I really do love this. This is going to become a staple product in my make-up collection. This can be drying if your lips are already dry. I also use EOS lip balm before I put this on. I also can accentuate any dry skin on the lip. I do recommend exfoliating your lips. This can be as simple as scrubbing them with a dry tooth brush. I really hope this was helpful informative. Until next time - Ash <3