matte colors

I just did a whole lot of research. Like a whole lot. I wanted to know more about Magnus’ magic, specifically the colors and what they mean because of the recent scene from Shadowhunters where Magnus stops Alec’s fist. I FOUND A WHOLE LOT SO PLEASE KEEP READING IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY INTERESTING AND KIND OF HEARTBREAKING.

Magnus always uses blue with Alec. I found that in magic and with just colors in general, blue is the color of communication, peace, protection, sincerity, truth, patience, and spirituality. Blue brings a calm essence in which the truth could come out or provide soft clarity. Blue provides an overall general happiness and it sharpens the power to perceive. 

When Magnus is with Alec, and uses magic to him or in front of him, his color is blue. That’s because Magnus is at peace when he is with Alec. Alec showed Magnus a sharper understanding of what he needs. It represents their growth in communication. The truth and sincerity of their relationship seeps through their actions and leads back to a calm essence. Their patience provides them clarity of how they’ll progress. Magnus saved Alec’s life from falling off the bridge and from slipping into some unknown world between him and his parabatai with blue magic, which is a provided example of protection. The need to provide Alec with his comfort, and his power. Overall, there’s an overwhelming amount of happiness that Magnus feels towards Alec that makes him bring out his blue magic.

So, when Alec was punching away at Raphael, Magnus used orange magic to hold his fist and push him back. Note that I don’t think he’s ever directed the color orange with his magic at Alec (I could be wrong but I’m pretty confident with that). With what I found, orange is the color of self-expression, overcoming addiction, courage, deceit, distrust, aggression, and domination. Orange enhances activity and pushes towards action. This color comes across as aggressive yet warm.

Given that Magnus used orange for the first time against Alec to prevent him from hurting someone he looks down to as a son, it shows a sense of domination. Magnus is showing Alec despite how much he loves him, there are things that he feels passionate about (In this case it’s his care for Raphael and his desire to stop the negative energy). He was expressing himself by giving off his emotion in his color and his features and in the heat of the moment, Magnus showed aggression towards the situation. The whole thing started with Isabelle’s drug addiction, so when Magnus uses orange in his magic, it’s almost as if he’s showing Izzy and Raphael that what is occurring should be overcome because it’s clearly gotten out of hand. Since Magnus has never used this color towards Alec, it brings out the courage that he possesses because he is showing how willing he is to fight for what’s right while still managing to do something he isn’t comfortable with. The distrust that is shown within that simple action is minor, but it’s almost like a warning towards Alec showing him that he is misunderstanding the truth and if he acts upon instinct, the trust between them will weaken which is obviously unwanted but evident. Magnus took action and stopped the situation. Out of all of this aggression and anger that Magnus felt towards the situation, he still felt a sense of warmth and love. If he hadn’t felt a bit of light towards the problem, the color of his magic would’ve been pure red which shows immense anger. Magnus wouldn’t dare use red against Alec because of the love that has grown between them.

Magnus absolutely hated using his orange magic against Alec, but he did it anyways simply because he wanted to represent his love that is still present, while showing that he doesn’t approve of the matter at hands. You can see in his face as he’s using his magic that it’s literally breaking him to do this to Alec. He just saw his love punching the holy hell out of someone he’s taken in as a son. Of course it was terrible for Magnus.

He could’ve used red and forgotten everything Alec means to him and he could’ve used blue and forgotten everything Raphael means to him. Instead, he showed orange. The neutral color. The color that represents his care towards both of them while still showing how horrible the problem is.

I don’t know if all of that made sense to any of you, but what I got out of all of that research is that Magnus Bane will always show love towards Alec even in a terrible situation and that makes my heart sore with sappy emotions.