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Was it… was it fireworks? ” In the darkness behind his eyelids, Remus heard a shy laugh, and an answer that set his heart racing. “ Remus, it was an explosion. ”


This is the ultimate pairing for the blackest of lashes!
This week I received these beauties in the post and I’m super excited to share them with you.
You know I’m a lover of all things Natasha Denona, and she has now created a brilliant mascara called #Mascarade which is the newest addition to the Blackest Black collection!

I like to work some of her matte finish Blackest Black eyeshadow at the root of the lashes and then apply a couple of coats of Mascarade mascara!
This creates very dark, luscious, full looking lashes! The formula is rich in pure pigments with zero carbon black.

FYI, Natasha Denona is a cruelty free makeup brand! You can’t get better than that.

In the UK you can purchase Natasha Denona products from @beautybaycom-blog
Elsewhere you can purchase directly from her site, @sephora and @beautylish

Just war rig things

So just about everyone who’s seen Fury Road more than once has picked up on the fact that the War Rig is pretty much a character unto itself. More specifically it becomes significantly dustier as the movie progresses, turning from its matte black finish to a warm ochre. The Rig picks up the yellow-brown dust almost early enough to forget it’s supposed to be matte black, pretty much…right as soon as Furiosa turns off the Gastown road and makes the Rig a tool of her and the Wives’ liberation. And of course, black is the Citadel’s–Immortan Joe’s–color; Citadel flares are black and Joe’s whole color scheme is black and white. The Rig is black when it’s introduced, when it’s clearly a tool Immortan Joe uses to reinforce his rule by controlling the flow of trade, and becomes ochre when Furiosa makes it a tool for her own liberation. (Real subtle.)

But that got me thinking. Clearly it doesn’t take very much for the Rig to go from an intimidating matte black to a worn dusty color. So little, you’d be surprised if it didn’t come back from every run covered in Wasteland red. Which means that every time it comes back it needs to be washed. With water. Precious, precious water. The War Rig–Immortan Joe’s War Rig–is washed after almost every run with that precious symbol of life (and of Joe’s dominion), water. See what I’m getting at?

I’m thinking that the regular washing is a deeply religious ritual for those War Boys fortunate enough to partake. It’s almost like anointment–Immortan Joe’s precious Aqua Cola, used to bless his War Rig before it goes out into the world to carry His Word and His Will.

And this entire theory, the entire mental image with all the religious connotations that I’ve described, comes from the fact that the Rig starts the movie clean and ends it dirty. God damn Miller conveys so much with so little.


Smith & Wesson 629 Stealth Hunter

Chambered in .44 Magnum and sporting a 7.5″ long Magna Ported barrel, the 629 Stealth Hunter is one of Smith & Wesson’s Performance Shop models. It has a very distinct tapered barrel and matte black finish unlike your standard 629. The barrel does allow for the mounting of a revolver scope if you plan on hunting with it. (GRH)


sukekiyo twitter 2016.04.14  【sukekiyo goods info】

【sukekiyoグッズ情報】 「数珠」 京本人の要望通り、ツヤ消しブラックがイカした仕上がりになりました。昔から言い伝えられている「魔除け」のアイテムでもあります。装着して邪気から徹底ガードしてください。 (グッズ担当)
”Rosary” Made according to Kyo’s wish, black matte finish. It will become like a “talisman” from old stories. Please wear it as protection from evil spirits.

【sukekiyoグッズ情報】 「ステッカー」 3枚セットのステッカーです。黒×銀のみ銀色の発色をよくするために素材を変えました。 手帳に貼るのも家に飾っておくのも公演の記念にも、是非是非ご覧ください。 (グッズ担当)
“stickers” - a set of 3 stickers. In black/silver one we used different paper to improve the colour. You can use them on notebooks or in to decorate the house, keep as a concert memory. Definitely check them out.

【sukekiyoグッズ情報】 「アクリルキーホルダー」 白黒のデザインでsukekiyoらしい感じに仕上げました。 トートバッグやおうちの鍵などにつければより一層sukekiyoが身近に感じられると思います。 (グッズ担当)
“Acrylic key chain” It was finished with black and whirte colours to create sukekiyo-like feeling. You can attach it to your bag or use it to hold house keys to feel  sukekiyo even more. 

【sukekiyoグッズ情報】 「ロゼットバッジ」 前回は瞬殺SOLD OUTの商品でした。メンバーの衣装にも装着されていた大変希少価値のある一品ですね。今回も売切れ必至のロゼットバッジです。 (グッズ担当)
“Rosette badge” Last time it was immediately sold out. Members will also be wearing it, so it will become a very valuable item. This time it will also get sold out.

【sukekiyoグッズ情報】 「バングル」 イカツイバングルの登場です。腕のアクセントにはもってこいのアイテムです。 買い物に出かける時に装着すればばっちりです。どんな服にでもコーディネートしやすい一品であります。 (グッズ担当)
“Bangle” stern item, you can add an accent to your arm. Perfect to wear when you go out shopping. Easy to coordinate with various styles.

先ほど京さんが「ステッカーは過去に販売したミニボストンに貼ることをお勧めします。ロゼットもつけようかな。」と言っておりました。なるほど。 本日のグッズ紹介はここまで! (グッズ担当)
Recently Kyo said “I recommend using stickers on the mini boston bag sold in the past. You could probably also attach the rosette”. I see. This is the end of information about goods today.


howmuchdothewoodchipscost  asked:

What cheap, good quality liquid liners do you recommend?

Hello :)

Some of my favorite budget liners are

  • NYX Matte Liquid Liner $7 (matte finish, brush tip for precise lines, super black)
  • NYC Liquid Liner $4 (matte finish, very black, brush tip)
  • NYX Nior Liquid Black Liner $6 (brush tip, easy to apply, doesn’t fade, long lasting)
  • Loreal Linear Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner $9. (Felt tip, very black, long lasting)
The Signs as Things I've Said While Watching My Brother Play GTA V

Aries: “Isn’t this the place where you hung your wife’s yoga instructor?”
Taurus: “Don’t blame Franklin, he’s had a very hard day.”
Gemini: “Would you really rather sets yourself on fire than get him a hooker for a wife?”
Cancer: “Are there restaurants in this game?”
Leo: “I feel like a matte black finish with chrome wheels is a bit much for this tractor you picked up on the side of the road.”
Virgo: “Go check on your wife to make sure she’s not drunk yet.”
Libra: “You needed a little green juice today.”
Scorpio: “Stop taking hits from your son’s bong.”
Sagittarius: “Can you really get the same crime rate for flying into a high security prison and stealing $45 from a gas station?”
Capricorn: “Take me to see your stripper daughter, I’m worried about her.”
Aquarius: “Find him a hooker and make her fall in love with him so he’ll stop this reckless behavior.”
Pisces: “I’m glad they brought Johnny Cash into this game.”