mattattaxx  asked:

Whats your story behind the post?

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while… To make the whole story shorter, I’ll just say that it was mostly about how all the little things add up over time and can really damage a person. We live in a society with an extreme fixation on appearance, and basically tell everyone from a young age (especially girls) that they’ll never be good enough to keep up. What’s more, we’re all actually expected to hate how we look— it’s far more accepted to complain about our so-called imperfections, or even to just silently hate ourselves, than ever say anything positive (in the fear of appearing vain or arrogant).

For me, I always felt weird complaining about my body with my friends, but I felt oddly left out if I didn’t. And in that way, we completely internalize the idea that such things as being attractive are vitally important to our success in life. And then being told over and over again that we somehow aren’t meeting some vague idea of what that physical beauty actually is— the “harmless” jokes that secretly dig deep, the flat-out bullying, the constant stream of media that whispers in our ears “if you don’t look like this, then you’re not good enough”— it all piles up against us and we end up a shriveled mess of self-loathing. What this tells us, all of us, is that it’s supposedly normal to never be satisfied with how we look.

What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that physical beauty has very little to do with who you actually are as a person. I wish that I’d realized how unimportant it really is sooner than I did (ironically, I only started to catch on after I’d gotten a few compliments on how I look, which is a big part of what spurred the comic). Of course, it’s still an uphill struggle, trying to erase years and years of being told otherwise; I can’t guarantee, to myself, that I’ll be positive all the time, but I can try, and I can tell myself that I’m beautiful if I want to, because I’m the only one who should be able to decide that sort of thing. Because letting other people define your happiness based on whether or not you fit their idea of what you should look like is just illogical bullshit.

(wow, ok, that wasn’t short at all…)