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Hi! I was wondering if all of Olaf's fake names in the series refer to the fact that he's in disguise. Captain Sham is obvious, "Shirley you can't be serious" is an old joke, and Coach Genghis seems like it would be finished as Genghis Khan (Con.) Detective Dupin would presumably be "dupe," but then I couldn't figure out if Stephano, Mattathias, and Gunther had any joke like that tied in.


Stephano is an allusion to Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” (because the Prospero appears in the same book). Gunther is a stereotypically German name Olaf uses because he’s playing a foreigner. Genghis Khan was a Mongol, which is supposed to show how sloppy the disguise is because Olaf is clearly impersonating a Sikh and Mongolia has almost nothing to do with Sikhism. Dupin is an allusion to Detective Dupin from Poe’s “Double Murder in the Rue Morgue”, the first crime novel. Sham and Shirley are indeed puns on the topic of sincerity. Handler does that again later with Frank and Ernest (Frank and Earnest). Mattathias is an allusion to the biblical character, a high priest of Judaism mentioned in the Old Testament. Because Mattathias is never seen and obeyed without question, the religious subtext is quite astute.

I don’t think there’s a common theme to Olaf’s aliases, Handler just seems to pick what he likes depending on the occasion.

Royal Dynasties in Ancient Israel


Era of Judges
House of Gideon
· Abimelech

Era of the United Kingdom of Israel
House of Saul
· Saul
· Ish-Bosheth (kingship debated)

House of David
· David
· Solomon

Era of the Divided Kingdoms
Southern Kingdom of Judah
House of David
· Rehoboam
· Abijah
· Asa
· Jehoshaphat
· Jehoram
· Ahaziah
· Athaliah
· Joash
· Amaziah
· Uzziah
· Jotham
· Ahaz
· Hezekiah
· Manasseh
· Amon
· Josiah
· Jehoahaz
· Jehoiakim
· Jehoiachin
· Zedekiah

Northern Kingdom of Israel (Samaria)
House of Jeroboam
· Jeroboam
· Nadab

House of Baasha
· Baasha
· Elah

· Zimri

House of Omri
· Omri
· Ahab
· Ahaziah
· Jehoram

House of Jehu
· Jehu
· Jehoahaz
· Jehoash
· Jeroboam II
· Zechariah

· Shallum

House of Gadi | Menahem
· Menahem
· Pekahiah

· Pekah

· Hoshea


Amid Disintegration of Seleucid Empire
Hasmonean Dynasty
· Aristobulus I
· Alexander Jannaeus
· Salome Alexandra
· Aristobulus II
· Hyrcanus II
· Antigonus II Mattathias


Roman Empire
Herodian Dynasty
· Herod the Great
· Herod Archelaus
· Herod Antipas
· Philip the Tetrach
· Salome I
· Herod Agrippa I
· Herod Agrippa II