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men who want to fuck women but hate them also want to fuck women who don’t have vaginas and also don’t want to fuck men who have vaginas and other people with vaginas who aren’t women :/

i’m having trouble parsing this reply but just to be clear i’m talking about the kind of cis dudes in this video

i don’t think we even need to spare a thought for what these types think of trans people. at least i don’t because i’ve already spent too much of my day twitching in anger


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I would also like to state for the record that *I* know that vagina ≠ lady but in my experience most of those douchey cis dudes do not know or care of this distinction.

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you need to know this. someone just described supernatural this way: "i think it is a bunch of lumberjacks larping the x files"

……I may not know this someone, but they just earned themself a spot on my favorites list. It’s a bunch of lumberjacks and their nerdy tax accountant friend with the untamable hair. And sometimes their cousin Jo shows up to yell at them for not letting women in their LARP.

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(this is about stupid le1f shit so just delete if you don't wanna talk about it, that makes sense) I do think that him being called a tr*nny is an example of homophobia, specifically of hate of effeminate gay men--femme gay men get that slur hurled at them a LOT, a LOT, misdirected as it is, and it doesn't justify anything he did, but I think understanding that makes the situation more clear?

yeah i misphrased that

it is homophobia but it’s homophobia via transmisogyny, and transmisogyny is the larger issue here and he was totally ignoring that and claiming it all as a homophobia issue

a lot of homophobia tends to be rooted in misogyny + transmisogyny

that kinda shit is basically the patriarchy backfiring in men’s faces, you know? (i mean i know you know that was a rhetorical “you know”)

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basically, I think any effort to define in a hard and fast way what a trigger "really" is ends up being fucked up and bad for people, plus it perpetuates this idea that if you CAN deal with something, you should HAVE to, even if it hurts you. so yeah, we're totally on the same page, except I don't think I agree that there's a significant problem with people mistaking squicks for triggers or something--that sounds like moral panic to me.

You’re probably right that it isn’t a huge problem. I’ve personally seen it happen, but I shouldn’t be saying it like it’s necessarily a widespread thing. My personal experience is definitely not universal! But yeah here y'all go this is the awesome guy whose commentary I reblogged.

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so much "alternative" illustration/comics stuff on the internet seems to just go, "yup, AAVE, especially a character using AAVE with whom AAVE wouldn't be traditionally associated--that's it, that's the joke," and like. COME ON. I've noticed it in Kate Beaton's work which makes me super angrysad because her humor is otherwise so clever and prone to poking fun at people in power D:

it makes me so fucking MAD, especially when people i follow reblog it and think it’s funny/cute

it isn’t

at all

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please stop ruining the fando, megan

they think my haircut has an opinion

clearly we are dealing with gods among men
Jory Mickelson / Float

Say you have a daughter who’s a junior in high school. Say she is head
of the homecoming committee making floats. Say they decide on a float
where the school mascot, the Pioneer, shoots their rivals the Wolves.
Say she tells you she needs several colors of crêpe. Say you promise
to pick it up. Say before making the Party City parking lot, you drive twenty-eight miles over the state line…

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we have tested your dna and there is no cosplay gene in you sorry megan

I have actually made- as in customized and painted and cut and even a little bit of rudimentary sewing rather than assembling storebought pieces that look like somebody else’s clothes- a grand total of one costume. 

I was 16 and I really wanted to go as the Corpse Bride for Halloween, and I’d even saved about $60 from my first-ever job (working at a haunted house at a Six Flags park) to try to find a wedding dress at a thrift store to alter, since they had yet to roll out the full licensed costume. My mom was pretty against this idea, even though we found one at a huge for-profit thrift warehouse in town that was selling for $45 and would have only needed a little darting in the back to fit me (it was a size 16 and I was an 18 at the time). So I ended up scrounging the most pitifully unrecognizable costume of all time with what little skill I had (including spray-painting a long white witch wig blue and then finding out that the wig wasn’t absorbing the paint properly and was unusable), and felt like I was walking around in my underwear.

I contrasted that in my head with the experience I’d had three years earlier, when my great-grandma had sewn me a not-particularly-exact-but-still-getting-the-job-done version of Christine’s blue dress from The Phantom of the Opera, and how much better I’d felt in it (particularly the fact that I’d been able to wear it to school that Halloween, with a long velvet cape and a red scarf and everything, and had been tasked with walking a note to the administrative offices from the science building since and this meant getting to walk alone for about ten minutes in this cape and dress and everything in the late fall wind and I just felt SO ROMANTIC AND BEAUTIFUL, etc etc).

That was when I was pretty much, in my not-yet-particularly-prone-to-vulgarity way (yes, I know, but I really didn’t swear much at all until I was probably about 20), decided “yo fuck this” and realized that while I liked wearing costumes, I disliked making them from scratch, and from that point on I’d be leaving the actual construction up to people who knew what they were doing. I have a deep respect for people who can do this and feel really honored to know and count as friends some of the better-known cosplayers out there, for whom it’s a real defining hobby, but I just don’t care nearly enough myself to devote myself like that.

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yep. they identify as a white feminist on their blog.

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yeah ick

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Yeah, Avory is white. I imagine that zie would welcome a call out, but I could be being overly hopeful. Would it be cool with you if I linked hir to this post, or would that be boundary breaking?

I’ve already started engaging via twitter so we’ll see! i’ll let you know how it goes.

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brb proposing I Should Be Extremely Happy In Your Company to DC with addition of childhood backstory involving multiple cat deaths—instead of his girlfriend in the fridge, it’s a cat.

I’m already writing my own Ozymandias prequel (with blackjack, and hookers); we should just get them to let us do a Legends of the Dark Knight style thing, and at the end the kids conclude that the world may never know what Adrian Veidt was really like, but we can all agree he was a blond asshole who color-coded himself.