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Hey! I'd like to know if all of us who found out about TGS a little bit too late will be able to download and listen to "Pretty Litte Witch"? Your work seems amazing, by the way! Can't wait! =)

Hi there! You’re never too late - welcome to the TGS Party! :)

“Pretty Little Witch”, both the Single Version and the “1977 Mix” were released for download exclusively to backers of our fundraising campaign. However, you’ll be able to stream and listen to the Single Version, which plays during the credits of the film, over on @datvikingtho ‘s soundcloud page, which I will post the link to in just a moment. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm, we’re excited to share with you all! 


Witches, Wizards, and Non-Magical Folk,

If you were one of our lovely backers of $10 or more and haven’t done so yet, check your email! There, you’ll find an exclusive download link to all three versions of Wizard Rock’s 1977 chart-topper, “Pretty Little Witch.

Everyone else? Stay tuned for an extra special something from the artist himself, Mulciber Matt Regan ( @datvikingtho )!

Cursebreaker Bastet Danielle :)


@JeffKingTV .@WhiteCollarUSA #tbt @MattBomer @TimDeKay @BridgetRegan waiting for action between takes, then… (pic 1 of 4)

@JeffKingTV They started busting out the moves @WhiteCollarUSA #tbt (pic 2 of 4)

@JeffKingTV The director called action but they were still going @whitecollarusa #tbt (pic 3 of 4)

@JeffKingTV But as soon as camera rolled they got back to bizness @WhiteCollarUSA #tbt (4 of 4) ready for a NEW EP TONIGHT 9/8C


Pretty Little Witch” By Matt Regan for The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film

As our second event leading up to our Indiegogo campaign launch, The Gathering Storm team is proud to give you the first look at both our score and rock single! “Pretty Little Witch,” the #1 rock single sweeping the Wizarding World in 1977, is written & performed by our very own Matt Regan, who also plays Mulciber in the film. 

(This song may be the most played tracks on our producer and director’s iTunes accounts, just saying.)