Matt Rebholz - The Astronomer Chapter III: Ours Is A Hungry God

I wanted to call attention to a cartoonist whose work I haven’t really seen travel much through my tumblr circles, and it really should! Matt Rebholz is a cartoonist from Austin, TX. Matt did a Kickstarter last year for the first two volumes of this series, Floating Head Bounty Killers, and The Astronomer. From supporting that effort I ended up with both copies, a sketched postcard and an awesome t-shirt that I wear at least one day a week.

My enthusiasm for Matt’s work is two-fold. First, his thick juicy linework and hyper-detailed images are just awesome to look at. Second, the visual themes of his work revolve around god beings called Yeti that remind me of ancient central american designs that I am particularly fond of. He definitely puts a unique spin on these things and creates worlds that alternate between lush interior jungles and pyramidal cityscapes, to wastelands sparsely populated by temple ruins and wary travelers. The floating head bounty killers and ancient gods they interact with are all spectacularly rendered, and - while drawing upon the visual influences mentioned earlier - still look quite like nothing I’ve ever seen.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that Matt is currently running a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN FOR THE ASTRONOMER CHAPTER THREE. There are a lot of cool rewards - $40 lands you copies of all three volumes and a postcard with a hand-made drawing on the back. Please check out Matt’s Kickstarter, support it, and pass this around!