The Art of Sutag Jaram 

Sutag Jaram is a concept artist and matte painter with 4 years experiences in top production videogame and movie companies.Jaram has a Masters degree in Fine Arts and enjoys technically difficult and highly creative individual work. Their work reflects their interest in creating detailed imaginative, but logic and reasonable worlds.

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Last Day

So after 3 years and 6 months today was my last day working at Guru Studio as a BG Painter, Location Designer and Matte Painter. I will truly miss all the friends i’ve made while working at Guru and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Here is a fanart pic of an upcoming netflix series I worked on called “True and the Rainbow Kingdom”. Unfortunately the sword and shield are not included :(.

Here is something happy: the long, in-depth Matt Painter post I wanted to write...

…but wrote for the paper instead:


If you weren’t paying attention to all the Matt Painter-to-Missouri drama during the early part of this week, you either saved yourself a lot of stress or you were living under a rock. Probably both.

The roller coaster ride Purdue fans have been on since Monday came to an abrupt-yet-exhilarating hault around 4 p.m. Wednesday. Favorite son Matt Painter will stay at the helm of the men’s basketball program with a shiny, new eight-year contract as the suits at Missouri are being left to scramble for a second option.

“Our program is built on hard work and we are ready to get back to improving as a team and a staff.” Painter said.

The spectacle reached critical mass Wednesday, as the Twitterverse veritably exploded - and ultimately crashed - with conflicting reports on Painter’s status. Early in the day Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch broke the news that Painter had called Mizzou’s athletic department and accepted the offer. Jeff Rabjohns of the Indianapolis Star countered with a confirmation that neither school had been contacted.

Cartoon characters had nothing on the twisted necks of Boilermaker Nation as we tried to follow what was going on.

Then, perhaps the most official source of all tweeted, “Great day for the boilers! Time to get back to work!!”

I’ll take it from you, Robbie Hummel.

Official word came not much later. The ride was over.

I still prefer Space Mountain.

Looking back, it seems so silly to even fathom that Painter would leave. He loves the school. We love the school. Why leave Purdue?

It shouldn’t have taken a fair offer from, frankly, a lesser program in a lesser conference to get the coaching staff the deal that they wanted and deserved.

Five-straight winning seasons, a Big Ten Tournament title, a Big Ten title, two Sweet 16s and three Big Ten Coach of the Years equals more than eighth-best paid coach in the conference. Why wasn’t Morgan Burke and Co. working on this earlier?

I know how the athletic department works financially.

Their independence from the academic side of the University and our location in sunny West Lafayette does not make it easy to get people from out of town into the seats to bring money in. But they clearly found the money when it was crunch time. This shouldn’t have gone this far.

In the end though, the athletic department showed Painter what he wanted to see in terms of commitment to the program. I hope that those involved realized they weren’t just showing commitment to Painter and his coaching staff.

That commitment extends to Hummel. It extends to Lewis Jackson and Ryne Smith and Terone Johnson and the rest of the Boilermakers that will try to continue what was (re)started six years ago. It extends to recruits Jacob Lawson and Donnie Hale. It extends to the classes of 2012 and 2013 and beyond. It extends to everyone that has bought or will buy tickets to fill the new Mackey Arena.

Let’s finish what we started.

Painter said in the end, his heart is at Purdue and he wants to win a national championship here.

Us too, Coach. Us too.

I want to write a long, in-depth post about the Matt Painter-to-Mizzou situation, but I can't find the heart. I'm a pessimistic sports fan, people.

also, I’ve pretty much decided I’m done reporting this year because I need to find a job, so I can obsess over this without having to write an objective piece on it.