Matt Miller Cuddling Headcanons
  • ok i mentioned in my first matt post that he would be super clingy
  • so cuddling is pretty much his favorite thing ever
  • if you don’t cuddle with him for a long time he will be distressed
  • like he will latch onto you and refuse to move unless he absolutely has to
  • all conversation while cuddling it really quiet and chill
  • i feel like he has really soft hair???
  • it’s very nice to run your fingers through and he loves that
  • lots of really little, quick kisses while cuddling
  • he probably started out liking to be big spoon the most, but one time he’s the little spoon and after that that’s pretty much all he wants to be
  • after a rough day there’s nothing better than the two of you just laying down on the couch and snuggling under a blanket
  • it’s so relaxing to cuddle with him 10/10