Ron! You had me going there for a minute, buddy.
Oh yeah. Sorry about that, pal. It was just…everything she was saying, you know, and it feels like I couldn’t…I don’t know.
Even if that’s…how she did feel about you and me…well, it wouldn’t matter. ‘Cause you’re my best friend. I would never…do anything to hurt you. Because I love you.
I love you too, man.

A Very Potter Musical (2009), dir. Matt and Nick Lang


30 Day Starkid Challenge- Day 20: Fave Twitter/FB Photo

because choosing one is impossible, I chose 30 XD

VOLTRON SHIPS ACCORDINGTO MY SISTER (who never watched voltron)

Shance: Shance

Hunk/Matt: Hatt

Pance: Lange

Hance: Lank

Allurance: Lalora

Sheith: Sheath ( like the sword holder)

Shatt: Shadt

Shallura: Shallouro

Shidge: Shiridge

Pallura: Paloura

Kallura: Kaloura

Kotor/Keitor: Kotor

Heith: Heath Bars ( cuz they chill at the bar)

Shunk: Shunk

Shotor: Shitor

Shiv: Shlove ( Cuz there in love)

Lancelot: Mance