Title: Five Times I (Reader x Matt Murdock) 

Summary: Five times you almost told Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did 

Word Count: 1637







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“You smell good.”

Anonymous: hihi can i have a matt fic where they get drunk and reader crashes at his place? thanks xx


Thanks for my first ever Daredevil request! <3


Drunk!Matt Murdock x Reader

Matt is a goofy idiot when he drinks too much.


Y/N and Matt stumbled out of Josie’s bar with the grace of a newborn giraffe.  Y/N wasn’t that drunk, but Matt on the other hand was trashed. His cheeks were pink and he was giggling like a kid as she fawned all over him despite knowing of his nightly activities.  The big bad Daredevil was drunk as a skunk at two in the morning and giggling like a preteen playing spin the bottle; it was comical, really.  

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Imagine Matt Murdock adopting you, a baby involved in one of his cases, when your parents can’t take care of you.

Matt was becoming increasingly glad that he didn’t need much sleep in order to function. As it turns out, taking care of a baby was a round-the-clock job. That didn’t mean that he regretted taking you in. Not for a second. Well, okay, maybe a few, but never for long. A moment always came along that made everything worth it.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea for a blind guy to be pushing a stroller?”

Matt arched a brow at Foggy’s question, “Are you implying that I’m not a responsible parent?”

He could hear Foggy’s clothes crinkle as the man shrugged, “I’m just saying, man, there’s a tiny human depending on you for life, the universe, and everything. I mean, if I had a kid I’d probably lock them in a padded room where they couldn’t get into trouble. The outside world is a dangerous place. There’s cars and animals and germs and people and-”

“I get it, Foggy,” Matt chuckled, his heart swelling as he heard your contented burbling from your spot in the stroller. That was one of the great things about babies- they always bounced back. Despite the fact that you had been largely neglected by your birth parents, you were still healthy and bright and affectionate as could be. “I can handle it, I promise.”

“Well, if you ever need me to come over and babysit, you know where I live,” Foggy ducked down to get a better look at you, “I’m gonna be [f/n]’s cool uncle that takes them out for ice cream and brings them newspaper comics and stuff.”

“Isn’t that more of a grandma thing?” Matt observed, grinning in his friend’s direction.

“Shut up.”

Gif Credit: Matt

Sorry dad. you can’t have Y/N

Pfft, basically, yea. But it’s more, sorry son, not dad @notnaturalanahi​​, cos u know, I’d choose Matt anyday of the week. 

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All Mine

“Hey, who’s that?”

John nodded in your direction, glancing over as you watched him with Dean.

“Oh…that’s uh…”

Dean chuckled to himself. 

You were honestly the love of his life. But he hadn’t taken that step just yet. 

He was terrified that you’d be hurt. 

Sure, you were someone who could take care of yourself. You weren’t useless. You wouldn’t be the type of moron who’d need to have your memory erased cos you couldn’t defend yourself. 

No…you were reliable. But he was still terrified something would happen to you, or he’d mess up somehow. 

“Ahhh”, John smiled, getting the message. 

“I can see the love on your face”. 

Dean shrugged. 

You watched as he smirked devilishly. 

God, what was he gonna do?

“Yep. Love everything. Especially the way y/n takes my dick!”

Your jaw dropped as Matt slipped out of character, Jensen trying his hardest to not burst out into laughter at the way you and the rest of the cast and crew had began watching to see what Matt could see. 

Matt turned to Jensen, shaking his head and trying to suppress a laugh. 

“Nah, y/n’s all mine. Only my dick goes in that sexiness!”

Your face flushed with embarrassment, red and heated as he winked at you. 


Jensen burst out into laughter, Matt giggling quietly as you tried your hardest to look mad. 

But when he sent you a little air kiss, his eyes shining as he stared at you, you felt yourself forgiving him, not that you were truly mad. 

But he was right though. He was the only one allowed inside you, and he always would be. 

Especially after next month, once your wedding had finally arrived and you’d become Y/n Cohen. 

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Title: Five Times III

Summary: Five times you almost told Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did

Word Count: 1139

A/N: TWO THINGS. I love Matt Murdock. I love this series. OKAY I hope you enjoy!! <3





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She’s No Angel Master list

Matt, a mere radar technician, seems to enjoy bullying and pushing the much-beloved reader to the edge. But little does he know, she’s going to throw his life into a whirlwind. 

Chapter One

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 6

Part 7

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Part 10

Chapter Two

Part 11

Part 12

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Part 14

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Part 20

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Drunk Dialing

Originally posted by leonsringtrick

Matt Murdock x Reader

Drunk Dialing

Prompt: Hi! IF you’re taking requests, I’d like to make one: YN is dating Matt and Karen is dating Foggy, they decide to call their S/O. Y/n starts to drunk cry and it’s just too funny on the next day. (Foggy recorded Karen’s audio)

Warnings: Alcohol, drunkenness, swearing.

You came to the next morning with a pounding headache, a sour stomach, and a bad taste in your mouth. You didn’t, however, have any recollection of what had happened the night before. Though, judging by your pajamas and the fact that you had been tucked into bed, you guessed Matt had something to do with it.

Your phone buzzed on the nightstand, and you picked it up, holding it to your ear and wincing at the loud noise. It was Karen. Suddenly you remembered. Girls Night, getting hammered drunk at the bar, the terrible karaoke, the…phone calls. Shit.

“(Y/N), get to Matt’s phone right now and delete the messages. Foggy sent him the recordings.” Karen said. “Hurry.”

“Okay,” you replied, reaching over to take Matt’s phone from the opposite nightstand, but his hand stopped you, grabbing the phone before you could.

“Not so fast,” he smiled, teasingly. He had gotten the messages the night before while he was out with Foggy, but he wanted to tease you now that he had the chance. “You even remember any of this? You were so drunk I had to put you to bed.”

“It’s a bit foggy, but I have a feeling I don’t want to remember.” Your cheeks burned red, memories trickling back slowly. Matt pressed play.

Foggyyy are you with Mattt?” You slurred. “I can’t- he won’t pick up. Tell him I love him, okay? I love him a whole lot and I just really need a pickle. No. Shit. Don’t tell him about the pickle. It’s a secret pickle. Karen said it has to be a secret pickle. Okay goodnight.”

“Oh my God…” You groaned, burying your face in your hands. “Ohhh, delete that please.”

“I think it became my new ringtone,” Matt teased with a grin.

“Don’t you dare!”

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Matt Murdock #13?

Originally posted by marvelsdefenders

#13. “My hobby is making fun of you when you talk.”

You fumbled to pick up the phone, pushing wet hair back from your face as you held it to your ear, “This better be good, Matt, I just got out of the shower. Is it your hobby to interrupt me at the most inopportune moments?”

His chuckle reverberated over the line, “I’ve been considering it. I could use a better hobby.”

“Most people consider stamp-collecting or gardening,” you grumbled, readjusting your towel around your waist. “You know, normal stuff.”

“Normal is relative, you know that,” Matt teased. “Why can’t you just be happy that I have a hobby?”

You rolled your eyes, “My hobby is making fun of you when you talk. So please talk faster and get to the damn point before I ruin my floors because of water damage.”

“Fine, fine, just calling to tell you we’ve got some new information about the case. I can’t disclose it over the phone but if you want to meet for coffee with Foggy in an hour, we can fill you in.”

You checked the time on your watch and tightened your towel again, “See you then, Murdock. I’m going to go finish my shower.”

“I wish you the best of luck.”

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Sugar We’re Going Down

Originally posted by enalgunlugar

Summary: Modern College AU: Reader has been dating Ben for months now and comes over for their usual date night. While waiting for Ben to return from the store, reader chats with Kylo, her long time best friend, only to have the evening take an unexpected turn.

A/N: This is based off of the drabble I posted the other day with the Solo triplets haha, I figured it would be easier to do a fic than try to format another drabble. This way it’s all in one place. Also this totally broke my heart but I loved writing it sooo yeah, enjoy, let me know what you guys think! Also all credit for the TripletAU goes to @kyren

Warnings: Fighting, language

Friday night, one of your favorite times of the week. It was a relief from the weekdays prior and only the intro to your weekend. Especially being a student, you couldn’t help but be ecstatic everytime Friday rolled around and relieved you of your classes. Friday also meant you got to see your boyfriend, Ben Solo. It was the day of the week you both agreed to have declared an official date night. Though Ben almost always made it an evening spent inside his bedroom, he at least made an effort to spoil you.

With a smile you knocked on the white wood door, dropping your arm to your side after a moment. Happily humming to yourself, you teetered on the balls of your feet, bringing your hands in front of you. Your eyes started scanning the halls, observing the surrounding apartments. 

Moments later, the door swung open, revealing Kylo. His dark hair was pulled into some kind of man bun variation, a black hoodie unzipped to show his black tank top, a new subtle septum adorning his nose. You gave him a smile as his brows raised.

“Hey stranger.”

He stuttered, his hand awkwardly trying to grip onto the door.

“H-hey. Long time no see.”

“Is Ben here?”

Clearing his throat Kylo shook his head, his expression seeming to fall for a moment. 

“No, he’s out getting something at the store.”

You nodded, “Oh ok… Can I come in?”

Kylo hesitated, gulping. He shrugged, moving to the side as he gestured for you to enter.

“Y-yeah sure.”

You smiled, patting him on the shoulder as you sauntered into the living room, plopping onto the familiar grey sectional couch.

“You wouldn’t have kicked out your best friend would you?”

The words hit him in an odd way, a way he wasn’t expecting to feel. Seeing you alone brought up feelings he was trying to ignore, hearing you continue to speak however was only making it worse. He couldn’t deny that things changed in your friendship ever since you had started dating Ben, things he couldn’t help but feel mournful over. 

You hadn’t sat and talked for months, hadn’t gone to concerts that you used to go to, no longer visited shops you frequented together, no longer played video games you used to love. It was as if you had faded almost entirely from Kylo’s life. With the way Ben kept you exclusively to himself, not even bringing you around his brothers much unless you were up against a wall they were behind, Kylo was sure he had lost his best friend.

“No…I wouldn’t do that to you.”

You smiled at him warmly, patting the spot next to you.

“Of course you wouldn’t, come sit with me.”

Hesitantly Kylo sat on the couch, a cushion away from you. Arching a brow you watched him seat himself, awkwardly avoiding eye contact with you. Compared to how Kylo acted around you, this was like having an entirely different person before you. He hardly looked at you, spoke even fewer words than usual, seemed hesitant to get anywhere closer to you, as if trying to avoid you. Opting to shrug it off, you sighed, reclining back as you put your feet up on the ottoman. It was likely just Kylo being his brooding self. 

“So what’s been new with you? I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.”

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Mmmm…some fluff with my ultimate hottie, for @atkinsandrews. Also, this is for @wayward-mirage RPF Appreciation Day.

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Surprise Return

You rushed into the house, throwing your keys onto the counter, and your bag onto the floor.

You were so sure someone was following you.

All day, you felt someone’s eyes on the back of your head.

Everywhere you went, you’d feel it.

By the end of the day, you were a paranoid mess, completely certain that you’d be murdered anytime soon.

So, as soon as you left work, you jumped into your car, making sure no one was in your backseat, and drove home.

Except, now you were alone in this damn house, neighbours separated by a huge yard and gates.

If someone was in here with you, you’d most likely die before you could run for help.

Grabbing the lamp from the dresser, you made your way to the back door, making sure it was locked, before deciding to check everything out.

If you were going to die, you’d at least go down fighting.

You’d almost checked the entirety of the downstairs, when you heard a creak from right above you.

“Oh fuck!” you whispered to yourself, knowing that was your bedroom.

Why the fuck did he have to leave you in this house all by yourself?

You steeled yourself, taking a deep breath as you climbed up the stairs, being as silent as you could.

You made your way to your bedroom, making sure to avoid the floorboards that you knew would creak.

Then, you were stood in front of the door.

What the hell were you doing?

Why were you still in the house, if someone was going to murder you?

This was what all the stupid bitches in movies did.

You were supposed to be the smart one, and run out. 

Yet, you were literally turning the doorknob, lamp held up as you pushed the door and jumped into the room.


You were about to throw the lamp onto the figure on the bed, when he held his hands up.

“Y/n! Baby, calm down!”

You recognized his voice, your eyes looking at him properly.

“Fucking Matt!” you growled, scared to death because of him.

He smirked, getting off the bed and walking towards you.

“You miss me, baby?”

You shoved him, glaring at him.

“You fucking scared me”.

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around your neck and pulling you into his chest.

You instantly relaxed as his scent surrounded you, his arms keeping you safe, his lips on your head.

“I’m glad your back”, you mumbled, kissing his chest softly, your own arms wrapping around his waist.

He smiled into your hair, squeezing you tight.

“So am I, baby. But, no more filming for months. I’m all yours now”.

You grinned, glad to have him at home every day.

Even if he did freak you out all day.

Any time with Matt was always precious. 

And you’d make sure to make the most of it, before he left for filming again. 

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Title: Five Times II (Reader x Matt Murdock)

Summary: Five times you almost told Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did

Word Count: 1211

A/N: I love Matthew lolol. I hope you enjoy part two of this series and that you have an amazing week :-)






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“Hand me the bottle.” You yell giggling. Damon arches an eyebrow. “Look at that.” He smiles and hands you the bottle watching as you take a big gulp. “Boredom doesn’t run in the family.”
You laugh. “My brother isn’t that bad.” You love your brother, but you are too drunk to really care what Damon says about him. “But it’s true. I got all the fun bones.” You take another gulp and spin around, arms spread, feeling the air glide over your arms. Damon watches you amused. “Here drink, you’re too dull.” You push the bottle in his hands.
“What? You’re calling me dull?” He asks offended. “Watch this.” He throws the bottle into the air and catches the liquor with his mouth. Just as the bottle was about to meet his face he catches it.
“And I’m supposed to be impressed right now?” You ask teasing him. “Boys will be boys.” You mumble laughing. You snatch the bottle from his hands and jump on the couch. “Here’s to freedom!” You raise the bottle and drink. Your favorite song comes on and you sign Damon to turn the music up. Crazy dancing you move on the couch. Your foot gets stuck between the cushions. You trip and fall behind the couch, making you laugh like crazy. The sound of your brothers voice helps you snap out of it.
“Hello, Damon.” Matts tone is hostile. “Can you turn that down please.”
The music stops. “What are you doing here?” Damon asks. “Nobody called the service of party pooper Donovan.”
“Where is Elena?” Matt decides to ignore the comment.
“What do I look like? Her baby sitter?”
“She’s out with Stefan.” You pop up from behind the couch. Resting your arms on the back. “You just missed them. I think they went to the Grill.”
“Y/N!” Matt looks like he is about to have a stroke. “What are you doing here?” He marches over and grabs your arm to yank you on your feet.
“I was just, you know, hanging around.” You are awful at lying.
“Your breath.” Matt takes a step back. “Are you drunk?”
“Maybe a little.” You hold your fingers apart to show him how little drunk you are.
“You’re supposed to be an adult and you let an underaged girl get drunk?” Matt yells at Damon.
“I’m also supposed to be dead.” Damon takes a sip of his bourbon. “You see,” Damon walks towards Matt pointing his finger at him. “I don’t get why you think I would act responsible.”
“I’m sorry I was mistaken in the brother I was talking to for a second.” Matt responds. “Come on, Y/N.”
“Your sister just wants to have fun. And I happen to be the only supplier of that in this dead ass town.” Damon spreads his arms. The bottle in one hand and the glass in the other. Slowly he walks back a smirk on his face.
“You stay away from my sister.” Matt tries to pull you toward the door and you stumble after him trying to break lose. “Let go Matt.”
“I’m going to get you home.” Matt replies pulling you further away. “I want to stay with Damon.”
Damon speeds in front of the door, blocking the way. “You heard what she said.” He flashes one of his fake smiles. “She wants to stay with, moi.” He points at himself with liquor in both hands.
“I’m not letting you corrupt her.” Matt knows how dangerous Damon is, but he would never back down if it concerned you.
“He’s not corrupting me! I’m not like Vicky! I always try to be perfect, but why can’t I just lose control for once? For once!” You yell at Matt. He lets you go and stares at you. “Because maybe you find that you like life better when you’re drunk!” Matt yells back. “I’m not going to let the same thing happen to you as to Vicky.” He closes his arms around you, but you push him away. “Matt, I love you, but you’re suffocating me. You’re taking this big brother thing way to far. I promise you I will get home.”
Troubled Matt looks at you. “You’re really taking a stand aren’t you?”
You open up the door for him. “I am, Matt. Just go. I’ll see you tonight.” Matt sighs and steps outside letting you close the door behind him.
“I really need a drink right now.” You mumble sad. Damon wraps his arm around your shoulder. “That is something I can fix for you.”

She’s No Angel (Part 4)

Originally posted by trashwilldo

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 5


The humming of the machinery calmed you, as you and Lucky walked back to your quarters. “Thank you again, Lucky.” You smiled reaching the door. The doors opened up and Lucky waited for his invitation. Others found it strange, how the flirtatious bad boy of troopers could be a gentleman, “But, only for you Angel.” He said strolling in. Lucky removed and placed his helmet on your kitchen island. Picking up the bottle, he examined the words. “Take three a day. Angel?” His blue eyes looked up at you. You turned to look at him. “Is this because of yesterday or-” You cut him off before he could continue. You knew where this was headed. “Luck, you don’t have to worry. I’m fine.” You grabbed the pill bottle and placed it in the cabinet. “But, I do.” Lucky whispered. You turned to look at him, only you got to see Lucky like this and you felt honored enough that he wanted to show you this side. Making your way around the island and engulfed him in a hug. “You shouldn’t, but thank you.” You squeezed him. Wrapping is his arms tightly around you, he spoke up. “Y/N,” he began, knowing this was a serious conversation. “I know how amazing and respectful you are and everyone told me not to worry. And then you didn’t show up to lunch and that stupid Matt guy wasn’t there and I was getting very suspicious.” You chuckled. “You thought I was hanging with Matt? ” “No. I thought Matt got you or something, but he came later. And don’t say it like that, I’m not jealous.” Shaking your head he continued. “Then, when I heard what happened, I just … when I heard” he squeezed you tighter. “I wanted to look for you, but everyone stopped me. I’m sorry.” You squeezed back. “It’s not your fault and thank you for caring so much.” You let go and still saw Lucky’s blue eyes still gazing down at you.

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Lovebirds - Matt Cohen x Reader

Title: Lovebirds

Pairing: Matt Cohen x Reader, Young!John Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,056

Prompt: My request with Matt Cohen: imagine where the reader is the actress who plays the first love of the young!John Winchester (to Mary), and they are so entered in a role, and behind the camera started to behave like a couple

“I really can’t believe you’re wearing that” a deep chuckle left his lips.

“What?” you pouted, looking down at the plaid shirt that was too big for you and you had proceeded to tie around your waist; over your your high-waisted skirt.

“I really liked the way it looked” you huffed at him as he laughed even more.

“That’s my shirt, though, isn’t it?” a wide grin was on his face.

“…So?” a deep red blush rose up in your cheeks.

“It’s just-” he laughed shaking his head, he took a few steps closer to you and wrapped his arms around your waist as you stubbornly crossed yours over your chest and turned your back slightly to him.

“You really are one of a kind you know” he laughed softly, tightening his grip on you as he rested his chin on your shoulder.

“Yeah which is why you were laughing at me just a few seconds ago” you mumbled.

He chuckled “I wasn’t laughing at you, I was just… laughing with you” he shrugged and you shot him a pointed glare.

“Really, John?” you snapped at him.

He only laughed even more, burying his face at the crook of your neck and laughing wholeheartedly “Oh come on” his gaze softened “You know I love you” he whispered.

A small soft smiel spread on your lips as well but you did not want to give him the satisfaction “Yeah whatever”

“Hey, I’m being serious here.” he turned you so that you were facing him, his hands moving to cup your face “You-” he looked deeply in your eyes, his face just a few inches away from yours “-Are and will always be hte first and only love of my life. I don’t if you even can understand this, especially since I don’t say it really often, but you are and will always be the most important person in my life. Never forget that” he whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.

You bit your lip to keep your smile from getting bigger as you looked at him sheepishly “I love you too, John”

He smiled that big smile of his and in just a matter of seconds he pressed his lips to yours,in a short but sweet nonetheless kiss.

A kiss that you enjoyed too much. Much more than you probably should and much more than it was allowed conssidering the situation. Because-

“Cut!” Robert’s voice was heard and as much as you did not want to, you and Matt both pulled away.

“Great acting, (Y/n/n)!” he winked at you, leaning in to kiss your cheek.

“Could say the same about you Cohen” you winked back, giggling softly as he tightened his hold on you; hugging you as close to him as possible.

“I am the luckiest man alive” he grinned widely, picking you just slightly up and turning you around in the air.

A squeal left your lips even if you did not want to and you laughed wholeheartedly “Matt put me down!” you shrieked as your co-star would not stop teasing your sides with his fingers. You were slightly teacklish and Matt knew that weakness of yours; more often than not using it to his own advantage.

“Matt!” you shrieked, giggles leving your lips and he chuckled along with you.

“Why? What are you gonna do about it (Y/l/n)?” he smirked at you as he set you down.

You only glared at him with your lips pursed “I’m gonna get you back for it one day” you threatened as seriously as you could.

He scoffed, laughing “As if. Yoou know you can’t harm no matter how much you try. I’m way too adorable” he grinned cheekily and you rolled your eyes.

“Seems like the casting was on spot here. Are you sure you and Jensen are not really related?” you raised an eyebrow.

He shrugged “Dunno. But I have to say the entire casting was on spot in fact”

You only raised an eyebrow and he proceeded to explain, though it worried you from the beginning at the smirk that was on his face.

“They could have never casted a better actress to play my girlfriend than you” he wiggled his eyebrows and you rolled your eyes at him.

“Meaning?” you found yourself asking before you could realize it. Truth be told, even if you and Matt were only friends, you could not deny at least to yourself that you had had feelings for him ever since the very first time you met him. You had admired his work long before that, being a big fan of his, but at the same time the crush you’ve had on him turned into much more. Not that you could ever say anything.

You just opted for letting him believe that all this close proximity and way-more-than-friendly gestures meant nothing to you and was just a way of teasing each other. Just the way you two acted around each other. Even if some part of you wanted to believe that he did mean it to some point.

He did not reply, he only winked at you with a wide grin and before you could even realize it he had pressed his lips to yours. Of course it was playful because as soon as they touched he pulled away. It was just a peck and probably nothing to think of, especially when you got to share so many kisses in front of the camera, but you just could not help that flutter of your heart at the gesture.

Your eyes were wide and you felt all blush rise up in your cheeks, but when you heard him laugh out loudly as he ran away from you you came back to realization.

“Cohen! Get your ass over here, or Castiel so help me!” you all-but-screamed, mainly from embarassment, and only ran off behind him as he laughed more.

“Do you think he will ever tell her?” Jared asked Jensen as he watched you ran after Matt, turning a corner but not finding him there as he had dissapeared.

“If she ever tells him” Jensen shrugged, laughng slightly as Matt came behind you and surprised you making you jump and swept you off your feet, throwing you ver his shoulder.

“Oh those love birds” they both said as they watched you two.

anonymous asked:

"I know I'm the one who suggested we watch a scary movie, but now I can't sleep. Can I sleep in your room?" With Triplet Matt thank you ❤❤❤❤

Yes! Hope you like this one hun :) I decided to go with a concept I thought would creep tf out of our dear Matt haha

Modern AU Triplet Matt +  “I know I’m the one who suggested we watch a scary movie, but now I can’t sleep. Can I sleep in your room?”

His hands were still trembling as he laid down in his bed, his hands gripping onto the sheets. He wasn’t sure what in the world had made him suggest watching such a film, maybe to impress you somehow, but now he deeply regretted it. 

It’s just a movie, it’s just a movie, it’s just a movie, it’s just a movie.

He chanted to himself over and over again. For whatever reason he had suggested you both delve into Kylo’s collection of films for the night and watch something a little spookier than usual. In an attempt to impress you with his knowledge he chose a classic you wouldn’t have pinned him to be watching. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Of course he knew of the films, but he had no idea this one would shake him up as much as he did. If a blade clawed murderer wasn’t creepy enough, one that could bring you to death by merely falling asleep as people inevitably do certainly did the trick. 

As the movie went on and teen after teen was taken out by Freddy Krueger, Matt found himself more and more disturbed. Most horror movies were fairly predictable with a few jump scares and the murderer nearly exterminating the group that started out the film. This movie however took it to another level. To have the natural phenomenon of sleep become how people died in this film shook him. To imagine not being able to sleep for days on end unless you wanted to be murdered by this freak with blade claws and a disfigured face gave his gut a good churn. Sleep was so inevitable, how were you supposed to escape it?

The more and more the thought swirled around his head, causing his whole body to tremble at one point he finally reacted. Sitting up straight in his bed he turned himself to the side and swung his legs over.


Not even entirely aware of what he was doing he swiftly got up from his bed and started walking through the apartment. He couldn’t just lay in bed and think about what he had watched. Even if it was far fetched it was horrifying to think of. Especially just before bed. His restlessness left him wandering through the kitchen, taking a quick gulp of water and mindlessly going towards your room. You were always the greatest source of comfort for him, and to his surprise you were far less terrified of the movie than he was. 

Going up to your door he hesitated for a moment, biting his lip. He then sighed and lightly knocked on your door. Seconds later he heard your soft voice from the other side of the door.

“Come in.”

Gently he opened your door, peaking inside the room to see you sitting up in your bed. You smiled at him with that same warm and friendly smile he had grown to adore so much.

“Hey Matt.”


“You’re up late.”

He cleared his throat, “Couldn’t sleep…so I thought I’d come and visit you.”

You smiled, “Is that right?”

He nodded, “Yeah.”

“…You can’t sleep because of the movie?”

He went to respond, only to have no words form on his tongue. You knew him too well for him to formulate a lie. He could pretend it didn’t affect him, but you would see straight through that.

He mumbled, “…Yeah.”

You giggled faintly as you scooted over to the side of your bed, “Come here.”

He obliged and swiftly walked over to you, carefully sitting beside you on the bed. You looked at him with an endearing gaze.

“If the movie creeped you out that much, why did you suggest we watch it?”

He shrugged, “I thought it was going to be like the other Nightmare On Elm Street’s, not some fucked up dream that leads to your murder plot.”

You giggled, “Yeah that was a little fucked up. Don’t worry though, you’ll be safe sleeping in here with me.”

He smiled at you bashfully, “Thanks.”

Laying down you gestured for him to do the same. He hesitated for a moment, still remembering the movie. You shook your head as it rested on the pillow.

“Matt, you have to sleep. I’m going to sleep, it was just a movie. We’ll be fine.”

He nodded as he slowly laid down beside you, facing towards you and your inviting expression. Just as his blonde curls settled onto the pillow you gently ran your fingers through his hair.

You began to hum, “Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you. Sweeet dreams that leave all worries far behind you. But in your dreams whatever they beee, dream a little dream of mee.”

The soft melodic sound of your voice started to make Matt’s eyelids flutter. Finally giving his anxious mind some ease as your singing filled his thoughts instead. 

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Can i request a prompt with Matt (daredevil) getting upset with you because you don't take your own safety seriously enough, kinda like forgetting to lock the door at night or walking alone by yourself Thank you!!

Originally posted by kinghardy

“For once would you just take your own safety seriously, Y/N!” You’d never heard Matthew Murdock yell until that moment, and he was yelling at you…

“I do!” Why wouldn’t you be serious about your own safety? You knew how dangerous Hell’s Kitchen was, you weren’t daft!

“No you don’t, how many times have I found your door unlocked or you walking alone at night? You can’t keep doing this…” You watched Matt pace up and down the room, he was right…you did forget to lock your door at night…but that wasn’t really your fault was it? You couldn’t help it if you thought you’d locked it and you hadn’t, right?

“And why not? It’s not as if I mean to forget to lock my door or like I have a choice but to walk home from work alone!” Why couldn’t you just live your life as you did, why did Matt have to always get involved and always get so angry at you…you hadn’t it when he got angry at you…and now you hated it when he yelled at you. 

“Because it scares me okay? I’m scared for you,  i’m scared that i’m going find you beaten up or dead down some alley way or that i’m going to get a call from the hospital or heaven forbid the morgue, i’m scared, okay? So I need you to look after yourself because I can’t always do it for you!” 

“Matt…” and in that moment you understood…he wasn’t angry, he was scared…he just wanted you to be safe and you were wearing him down bit by bit by not being safe and by putting yourself in a situation that could be avoided.

“Please…just promise you’ll try…” You watched him rub at his forehead looking infinitesimally older than he was as if the weight of the whole world was on his shoulders and all he needed was you to take a little bit off it away.  

“I’ll try, I promise…I don’t…I don’t mean to scare you…”

“I know..”

Title: Five Times VI, the One Time (Reader x Matt Murdock)

Summary: Five times you almost two Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did

Word Count: 1357

A/N: Omg… The final part of Five Times *sobs* I hope you enjoy and I’m so glad you all keep reading my imagines…ugh I love you all!






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She’s No Angel

Originally posted by trashwilldo

A/n: Hi, I’m back. I tried something different.I don’t know how to explain it but Matt, a merely radar technician, seems to enjoy bullying and pushing the much-beloved reader to the edge. (I also apologize for the errors) Also, I changed some of the things but yeah, I hope you enjoy!

Part 2

“Did you hear about the new guy?” Lucky said. You shook your head. He knew that you would never know about these people with the hours you work. You were lucky to actually have friends at all, even if there were mostly troopers because of Lucky. They continued walking down the hall as he filled you in about some guy named Matt. With a sudden halt, you snapped out of it, with Lucky’s blaster stopping you.“There he is.” He cocked his helmet. You saw a rather large blonde man folded up on the floor trying to rewire a calcinator. You could obviously tell he was confused and didn’t know what he was doing. “Angel, watch this.” Lucky puffed his chest out. Instantly, you grabbed his arm. “Lucky, no! Stop!” He turned to look at you, even with the helmet on, you knew a smirk was plastered on his face. Lucky was definitely one the most sociable and admirable by many of his peers. Ranking top 5 in his class and working directly under Phasma, Lucky carried himself with a certain authoritative stride. Being lost in your thoughts, it was too late to stop his bullying. “Whaddup Matt?” Lucky said as he kicked a wrench away from Matt. Oh, and if looks can kill. Quickly and quietly, you made my way to retrieve the wrench. Even though you didn’t see him, you could feel his eyes watch my every move. “I-I’m sorry. I apologize on behalf of him.” you stuttered. His brown orbs seemed to peer into my soul. “Here you go.” You handed him the wrench. Soon a throbbing sensation was felt in your head. He just kept staring and never taking the wrench. ‘Ok take the wrench please, my legs are aching and this weird look is scaring me.’ He quickly snatched the wrench out your hand and glared. Rude. You stood up brushing your uniform off and walked down the hall. “Urgh!” You tripped in the vacant hallway, turning around to see if there were others. Only to see Matt smirking. He was an odd one.

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