Below, you’ll find #284 roleplay icons of JORDAN FISHER, in his role as HOLDEN DIPPLEDORF in Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie. All icons in this pack were edited by me, so do not repost them in your own graphics/hunts/faceclaim packs. Please like or reblog this post if you plan on using these, or if you found this helpful in any way, shape, or form. Thank you, and enjoy.

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Alright, fellow starkids!

From experience, I am well aware (and I’m sure that you are too) that the starkid fandom is one of the best to be a part of. The vast majority of fans are kind, loyal and supportive to each other and to Team Starkid. Let’s take some time to actively show Team Starkid (especially Nick) how appreciative we are of their hard work.

Above, you can see Nick’s comment on the YouTube video of Ani and his tweet about the feedback of the show. We all love Nick, and I’m sure you agree that it sucks for him to have to feel bad about his hard work.

Those of you who have seen ‘Ani: A Parody’ and enjoyed it: let’s show Nick how great we thought the show was. Over the next few days, hop on Twitter and using the hashtag #AniAParody and tweeting Nick - @NickLangTweets - let him know what your favourite part of the show was, be it a line, a character, a scene, a song, a costume, a prop or whatever you thought was good.

I’ve seen so much negative feedback on the show in the YouTube comments, which it doesn’t deserve. However, there has also been some really positive feedback when you look a little harder and there are many people who enjoyed the show. So even if you can’t participate on Twitter, head on over to the show on YouTube and thumbs up positive comments that you agree with and even add a few of your own.

Everyone in the starkid community deserves to feel appreciated and we’re very good at welcoming new fans but don’t forget about the actual starkids! Nick and Matt and the whole team need to know how grateful we are for them so please spread the word around the fandom to:
1. Let Nick know how much you enjoyed Ani.
2. Improve the feedback and get rid of the brutality going on in the YouTube comments.

Thank you for reading, and remember to follow the golden rule!!

FireBringer Facts

- firebringer character names are inspired by jem & the holograms 

- written by nick lang, matt lang, brian holden, and meredith stepien

- main characters are all female

- music made by meredith stepien and mark swiderski

- female power is a major theme

- still being written

- no cast yet, but they have specific ideas for who will play who. they might hold auditions.

- no dinosaurs

- no real fire (nick doesn’t trust the starkids near any real fire)

- will have more videos and information to release within the next few weeks

- there will be swearing

- will be put on YouTube eventually


Who’s faster - the 10th or 11th Doctor? There’s only one way to find out….


10th Doctor - Matt Holden (

11th Doctor - me! (