Below, you’ll find #284 roleplay icons of JORDAN FISHER, in his role as HOLDEN DIPPLEDORF in Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie. All icons in this pack were edited by me, so do not repost them in your own graphics/hunts/faceclaim packs. Please like or reblog this post if you plan on using these, or if you found this helpful in any way, shape, or form. Thank you, and enjoy.

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FireBringer Facts

- firebringer character names are inspired by jem & the holograms 

- written by nick lang, matt lang, brian holden, and meredith stepien

- main characters are all female

- music made by meredith stepien and mark swiderski

- female power is a major theme

- still being written

- no cast yet, but they have specific ideas for who will play who. they might hold auditions.

- no dinosaurs

- no real fire (nick doesn’t trust the starkids near any real fire)

- will have more videos and information to release within the next few weeks

- there will be swearing

- will be put on YouTube eventually


Who’s faster - the 10th or 11th Doctor? There’s only one way to find out….


10th Doctor - Matt Holden (

11th Doctor - me! (


Me and Matt Elliott (top) And Matt Holden(Bottom) Anyway, I have liked LOVED these guys for ages and I finally got to meet them, and get a photo. The photos are incredibly blurry (damn you camera)….
BUT I FINALLY got to meet them!



Legs Like Tree Trunks- Snowflake (Space Jam Sessions)

So, uh, I may have met Matt Holden at Dragon*Con without realizing who he was. ^^;

I was screwing around as the Eleventh Doctor in my purple coat and whatnot, and a nice girl came up to me asking if I could help her record a video message to her friends that couldn’t be at the con. Well, Matt happens to be standing next to me because we’d just been pulled in for a photo together. So here I am, swaggering about on video in my best Matt Smith impression while putting my arm around Matt freaking Holden, this amazing U.K. Tenth Doctor cosplay, to try and make this girl’s day. And uh…it was just a lot of fun.

And to Mr. Holden, I just want to say I’m a big fan of your cosplay, you’re an inspiration to me, and it was nice to kinda sorta hang out with you for like, five minutes. I hope you had a great time at D*Con. 


So the top picture is of me meeting Matt Holden who is a brilliant costumer who I’ve wanted to have my photo taken with for ages. The second picture is basically what was going on inside my head… Yes when he put his arm around me I had a Tomoko moment and nearly cried…

Amanda was mean and tweeted him telling him I was a wimp basically on Friday and I had to get my mum to ask him for the photo on the Saturday but was too terrified to even say hello so just stood there looking like I was about to die. He is a really lovely guy though one day I will actually get the backbone to say something to him… One day.

But look at that, I actually achieved one of my wishes that I’ve had for 2 years now, to have my photo taken with him. One of my life goals complete!