o.o ….so I did not expect the glaze to react this way…. it’s a happy accident. The matte yellow glaze I applied above the glossy French Blue glaze decided to float above the glossy blue, resulting in a particularly sandy look on the top half of this cup. It’s exciting o_o

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Icelandic sands

Another glaze which I am relatively new to - I am yet to glaze any pieces with it but it was one of the glazes that I used in a tri-axial glaze test that I did recently. You can find a picture of it in one of my previous blogs here. It is a matt white glaze with subtle flecks in it. The recipe is as follows:

Icelandic sands (oxidised stoneware):

  • Potash Feldspar - 51 parts
  • Dolomite - 21 parts
  • China Clay - 25 parts
  • Whiting - 3 parts
  • Silicon Carbide - 2 parts

Be sure to test this glaze before you use it to glaze your favourite pot!

This 1960’s yellow ceramic set just warms my cold heart right up. There are five pieces from Citro-Ramics in the sweetest pale yellow matte glaze with a glossy white on the inside. They all in great condition. $38 takes the set. Call to buy! // 267-928-DERP (at Jinxed 609)


~u~;; not all mushrooms are overachievers. This one’s very content about having both feet planted on the ground.

Spiral body cups are not only fun to throw but also a pleasure to hold because the grooves are perfect for hands.

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:D The glaze combo in this cup is new – it’s a matte yellow glaze overlapped with the french blue glaze, and the inside is cream rust, like the cup to the left of it. The combination’s very nice – I think I will use this combo more often.

kawaiisugarstars asked:

I love the pastel colors you are able to get! I was just wondering if you make your own glaze or if you use commercial glazes :)

Hi there! Thanks for the support :) I don’t actually glaze the outside of my vessels. Although it’s always gratifying when people think I have. What you are seeing is actually the porcelain body itself. I use stains to colour the porcelain slip which gives it the colour you see. I mix all my own colours from scratch but I would imagine you can buy some satin non glossy glazes in pastel shades. If not you could always find a matte transparent glaze and add your own oxides or stains. I spent a lot of time doing colour mix tests so I would suggest you have a look online at recipes and then do a few tests. It’s a bit laborious but it’s a great reference to have a colour library. hope this helps and feel free to ask any other questions :)

Lladro 01871 THE KISS

Issue Year: 2002
Retirement Year: 2011
Sculptor: Antonio Ramos
Size: 25¼ x 26¾"
Size: 63x67 cm
Limited Edition 1000 pieces

Klimt delved deeply into the eternal questions that inspire humankind. Fascinated as he was by the mysteries of womankind, life, love and death, he used The Kiss to represent the search for, and especially the final encounter with, absolute happiness. Today, in Lladró sculptures, the matte glaze evokes all the glowingly golden effects of Klimt’s canvases, giving a more pictorial finish to each of the pieces.

Mimic#1 by paugar featuring a glaze nail polish ❤ liked on Polyvore

Vero Moda short loose dress / Long lapel coat / H&M cable knit knee socks / Jonathan Aston shiny opaque tight / Free People high boots / Louis Vuitton zip bag / Mulberry quilted glove / Oversized hat / Chanel black eye makeup / NARS Cosmetics eye brow makeup / MAC Cosmetics matte finish lipstick / Glaze nail polish
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