I remember one of the first cars I was put into, I suddenly looked up and there were all these ink marks on the ceiling. And I said to the stern-faced police officers who were driving, “What’s this?”. And they sort of shuffled a bit uncomfortably and they said, “Well, sir, that’s the previous Prime Minister”. I said, “What? Gordon Brown?!”. Apparently he used to gesticulate. So my early days in government were basically under the kind of Banksy stuff of Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown’s graffiti was basically my introduction to government.

—  Nick Clegg, Season 1 Episode 3 on Unspun with Matt Forde

i just found out there’s some ‘political satire’ programme on the dave channel and look at this list of guests 

you could throw a handkerchief over them ideologically and  these centrists have the nerve to say the left is an echo chamber

of course as the chomsk says ‘the smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum’ 


15 minutes of our Griffin boys celebrating ❤️🚨🏆


Pretend baby: [cries]
Matt: You touchin’ it’s upset it.
Jon: What’s it want?
Jane: Jon strikes me as a serious, thoughtful chap and he’ll want to think about all of the things that the baby will need and he’ll want to anticipates that he’ll get those needs.
Matt: You sure it’s a burp?
Jon: [burps] You burp - encourage the baby!
Matt: [burps]
Jane: Matt’s just your bouncy, excited guy and I think if they were parents, real parents, I think they would complement each other beautifully. 

Grows Up has made me more sure than ever that Jon absolutely adores Lucy and the ground that she walks on.

The way that he has talked about her and their relationship over the past few weeks is beautiful. The change in him is astonishing. As I have said before, to even think that this is the same man that had such a downer on marriage, children and all of the other ‘grown up’ things he has experienced during the programme even so recently as 2 years ago, for him to now be engaged to the woman he loves, and fully ready and committed to trying for a baby is unbelievable. I’m so pleased that they found each other.

Also, can we have a special shout out to Fordy, please? The man is so warm, lovely, funny and just such a wonderful friend to Jon. Why he’s single, is beyond me. I’ve loved him from the minute I heard him on the podcasts and continue to this day. I think the person that ends up with him will be very lucky. 

It;s been a great series, I hope this time next year there will be another.