Jon Richardson scaring the shit out of Matt Forde. Superb

Matt and Alex Meet-Up

BACKSTORY: Alex had just caught a criminal in the Narnian gravesite, turns out he was stealing the gold lockets bolted tight into every gravestone, it was a little Narnian tradition to do that. Not only was he stealing them, he had plans in place to destroy Narnia, planting explosives throughout the land to kill everything. Luckily, Alex caught on and disabled all of the explosives just minutes before the criminal pressed the button, and when he stood on the Narnia stage, claiming that he was inventing a new “grave-keeping device”, Alex caught him red handed and through him out of the kingdom. It had been a pretty awesome day.
REAL-TIME: Alex felt like he was king of the world, well Narnia at least, as he walked proudly through the forest. Normally, Aslan would have been very alarmed seeing Alex out in any potentially busy area, he didn’t want Narnian citizens to think that there were spies anywhere in Narnia, it was the only secret that Aslan kept to himself and some trusted others. The agreement was that Alex was supposed to head straight back to earth after catching a criminal, and come back no earlier than a week. Alex did consider this agreement, but he didnt want to travel the whole way back tonight, and figured no one would be walking in the forest at 10pm, so he walked proudly, taking no precautions to hide. What he didn’t realize or even consider was any sort of newcomer to Narnia, and just slightly ahead of him, he heard a loud “NIEEEEEGGGGGHHHHHHH”. Alex jumped and yelled “AHH!”, then froze in his tracks , someone was looking straight at him.

What up tumblr yearlings

I figured I’d do a special tumblr exclusive song just for yous

Only findable on this website, because you’re all a bunch of nice uns

So there ya go, a tumblr exclusive song, for now ahaha ‘’A Fiendish World’s Hell’’

Hope ya like it

For those who don’t know who I am, I’m Adz, lead singer of a band called One Year Stand, our fans call themselves Yearlings

I’m inspired by Fall Out Boy, Arctic Monkeys, Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco, Oasis  pretty much everybody hahaha

The "Play" Fight|| Alex, Matt and Angela (and any other spectators who wish to join in)

Alex had been hanging out in a tree all day, he was fascinated with a talking squirrel nearby, and he had told Alex all about life as a squirrel. He had rambled on for nearly two hours, and Alex listened to every word of it. But the squirrel had just left, and Alex was starting to feel rather bored. Suddenly, he saw a couple in the distance. “Cute” Alex remarked and said no more. He was about to try and find another squirrel when he realized who the couple was. “MATT AND ANGELA!” Alex exclaimed. “They’re dating?” Alex said and smiled mischievously. He was happy for Matt and wasn’t jealous at all, but couples tended to be rather… “oblivious” to the world around them. Especially new ones, old couples, or married couples, seemed to know the world a little better. New couples were too busy being lost in each other’s eyes, and Alex had an idea.


He ran over, as quietly as possible, and scaled the tree Matt and Angela decided to sit under and hold hands. Alex went high up, about 10 feet higher than the top of Matt’s head. Alex had his yo-yo on him, and thought it would be perfect for the prank. He tied a stick to the end of the yo-yo string and let it down slowly, tapping Matt’s back at a constent beat. Matt seemed irritated, and just as he looked up Alex jumped off the branch and looked as if he was falling right on top of the couple. Inches before he tackled Matt to the ground, he said “LIFT!” into his jacket and hovered there. He then moved over landed, standing right in front of them. “CONGRATS ON THE YOUNG LOVE!” Alex said then fell over with laughter. Tears were streaming down his face as he continued to laugh at the stunned couple.

Matt gets mad and tackles Alex to the ground, fight begins? ;)