nina My undead brothers… I thought vampires weren’t supposed to age. Lol. We definitely don’t look the same after 8 years, but the make up helped. Raising a glass to celebrate 8 wonderful seasons together, it has been such a beautiful (and liver damaging) adventure knowing you all. Cheers family. 🍾🤗❤ #TVDForever

Caroline and Alaric opening up the school for special children is one avenue we could go down for potential storyline for its own series – maybe. I’ve always wanted Klaus and Caroline to have another moment, another storyline, another some sort of future. So, we opened up that world to sort of suggest that they did, when it was Klaus that donated all the money to start the school. But nothing is in the works.
—  Kevin Williamson

ninadobrev I threatened Matt Davis 4 years ago, saying I had a big prank coming. I played the long game, and hit him when he least expected it. Left him with a sweet surprise for his final week of shooting by painting his dressing room Pepto Bismol Pink. And left my signature mark. 🦄
Love you buddy. #PrankWarsContinue #TVDForever @ernestoriley

You will see elements of Mystic Falls filter into the season that’s about to start airing. It’s been announced that Alaric Saltzman shows up in episode eight and we’ll actually see him not once but twice before the end of the season. He comes into lend a hand but also, of course, is there to mention this school that he and Caroline have been so busy running and how it might be beneficial for young Hope Mikaelson who is dealing with being a very powerful seven-year-old witch.
—  Julie Plec on mentions of Mystic Falls in the upcoming The Originals season