Fresh, Dynamic, Exciting Band.

These guys from Liverpool; Joe Sloan (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Matt Cartwright (Lead Guitar), Harry Parr (Bass) and Alex Rothwell (Drums) started The Holograms in September of 2016 and are doing everything real fine.

They are ignoring every single cliche of the music industry right now to capture the classic rock and roll essence as they create their own massive catchy style with songs like “Breath or Burn” that have this deep expressive melody to listen over and over again or “Anxiety” an excellent composition with a very well handled guitar’s work…Can we appreciate that for a minute? This band has an amazing construction on guitars and drums followed by a powerfull bass and Joe’s fascinating voice. Their track “Loose Mind” it’s such a clear -and great- example of it.

Go to their gigs, listen to their songs and give them a chance, I’m sure you won’t regret it. These guys have everything you want to hear in a band.


Now a little interview I did to Mr. Sloan:                                                  

Hello! Nice to meet you. Please, tell us about your Biggest influences?

Hello, nice to meet you. I would say John Lennon, Tame impala, Mac demarco, Last Shadow Puppets, Stone Roses.

How’s the creating process? Who writes the songs?

I’ll usually write a song on an acoustic guitar then demo it in Matt’s flat (as he has a small studio set up so we can see what needs adding and how we can develop it as a song. I write the majority of the songs but Matt will every now and then contribute a song or two.

Great, Would you rather to captivate the classic rock and roll essence or create something completely different?

Creating something completely different whilst being influenced by classic rock n roll would be ideal.

Congrats. I think the band is already doing it! What do you think is the biggest challenge in the music scene right now?

I think the biggest challenge for us as a band is creating a big enough fan base to start travelling the country. Once we have the backing of the right people such as, management, promoters etc this will start to become possible.

You’re already on the road for it so that’s the first step! Where do you see the band in five years? Musically and professionally, Do you think you’ll change a lot with time?

The dream an the goal is to be signed to a label who appreciates and enjoys the music we create. I would also love to have an album out that represents us as a band and really captures a moment in time.

I believe with time we’ll all change, hopefully it’s for the better but you never know. I hope we stick together an keep making music we love.

That’s the most important, have a dream, a goal and go for it as you keep the real essence of the band. I know you guys will make it! What’s your biggest goal as a musician?

My biggest goal as a musician is the write songs that I’m proud of and that will make people notice us as a band. Also, to have people singing my songs back to me would just be absolutely mind blowing.

Absolutely….Do you think your lyrics are based on something special?

My lyrics are based usually on experiences I have had, when I broke up with my ex I ended up writing a load of songs off the back of that experience but now I tend to base them off more mysterious happenings.

I can say that’s good because people can relate easily…I’m anxious to read the new lyrics!

And Finally, what do you like to keep as a band? What do you think is the main factor that defines you?

The main factor is that we believe in the tunes we are writing, if you don’t believe in the tunes you’re writing then you’ll never make it. I also believe that working hard together as a band is so important, it has to be the main priority in your life.

Well, thank you so much, good luck!

Thanks! See you.



-Ruby Oakley