I wanted to put all these drawings together because I think is more funny to see them together. If you select the images you’ll see they have the same size than the ones I posted separately. I wish it makes you laugh. Also a celebration of @hannibalcreative‘s ItsStillBeautiful 2017. 💕☕️🔪

Reconnecting of Reborn Souls

Disclaimer: All smut. Nothing but smut. If you don’t like smut, you won’t like this. If you do like smut, enjoy ☺


He’s kissing you softly with his hand in your hair. Your holding onto his shoulders to keep yourself steady. He’s always been a good kisser. Your knees are weak.

He pulls away and looks into your eyes. “Are you sure you want to do this?”, he asks. “I need you to understand that I don’t want to have sex with right now and then not see you again for months. That was the old me. I’ve changed. I want this to go somewhere. I want a real relationship with you.”

You have known each other for years and were friends with benefits whenever you ran into each other at parties. It’s been different since you both sobered up though. You have really gotten to know each other.

“I know you’ve changed. So have I. I want a real relationship too.”, you answer. You move your hands over his chest. “You’re the only one who can completely understand what I’ve been through because you have been through a lot of the same things. And you don’t judge me for it like other people do. I want you, Matt. I want you completely.”

He kisses you again and you melt into his arms. He parts your lips with his tongue and tries to find yours. You tangle your tongue with his and he holds you up because your knees are weak again. Then he grabs your ass and picks you up wrapping your legs around him.

He carries you to the bed and lays you down, crawling on top of you. You can feel his need for you through his jeans and you need him just as bad.

You’ve done this with him before but this time it’s different. This time it means something. This time you are both taking your time and showing your love for each other instead of just ripping each other’s clothes off frantically looking for that release.

He’s caressing your breasts through your shirt while rocking his hard member into your wet and ready core. You’re working on unbuttoning his shirt. You finally get it off and he helps you with yours and then your bra.

Cupping your breasts again he smiles while groaning and says, “You’ve always had nice tits.” You throw your head back and laugh in response. “I’ve missed some things about you too”, you say playfully. “Like this one thing here.”, you say while reaching your hand down to stroke him through his jeans.

It was Matt’s turn to laugh. “I love a naughty girl!”, he replied, pressing himself against your hand. You undo his jeans and help him slide them off along with his boxers. Then he helps you with yours.

You both are laying in the bed naked, kissing and caressing each other. Both of you enjoying every minute of your time together and neither one of you wanting to rush through this moment.

Matt slowly ran his hand down your body, finding your needy core. First he rubs circles on you making you moan his name. Then he starts kissing your neck and making his way kissing down your body stopping just where you want him. He remembers just how you like it. You put your hands in his curls and encourage him along. He works you with his mouth and his fingers until you cry out with your climax.

He comes up with a sly smile on his face and you can’t help but laugh. “Pretty proud of yourself, huh?”, you tease as you push him on his back. You straddle him and rub your core along his hard shaft, teasing him some more.

“Your turn babe”, you say as you start kissing down his body. You take him in your mouth and he moans out loud while putting one of his hands in your hair.

He’s big. Bigger than you remember. You use your hands along with your mouth and massage his balls. You remeber that he loves it when you play with his balls too.

His leg starts to twitch and he says, “I’m not going to last baby.” You giggle with him in your mouth and the extra vibration sends him over the edge. You take all he has to offer and give him a sly smile when you come up.

“I’m sorry”, he says, reaching for you to cuddle you into his chest. “It’s ok Matt. We have all the time in the world, remember?”, you answer. “I’ll need a couple minutes to recover.”, he says laughing. “I can spare a few minutes”, you reply while teasing one of his nipples.

After laying together in silence for a few minutes, you lift your head and kiss his chest, then look at the man that just made you see stars and smile.

“Why did it take us so long? Why did we both waste so much time?”, you ask not really looking for an answer. He kisses your forehead and answers, “I’ve been wondering the same thing.”

He pulls you up to his face and kisses you again. “I think I’m ready for round two.”, he tells you while wiggling his eyebrows. You giggle at him again then straddle him.

You can feel that he’s ready for you again so you guide him inside your still wet core. You both moan when he bottoms out. You rock your hips on him and he presses his hips up to meet yours.

He feels unbelievably good inside you and it’s not long before you are climaxing again. He let’s you ride out your orgasm before he flips you over and begins making love to you. Really making love, not just fucking like you have always done in the past.

You have never had this with anyone else. Your whole body is tingling. The connection you have with this man now is undeniable.

He’s caressing every part of your body that he can reach. You’re moving your hips with his and then press on his ass with both hands so he can get just a little bit deeper. You want to be as close to him as you can.  He starts to thrust into you a little harder and you can tell he’s almost there.

You dig your nails into his back, remembering how he likes it when you leave marks on him. He bites your shoulder and you can feel him shuddering as he cums. You hum your approval and keep moving with him as he rides out his orgasm.

He almost collapses beside you and rests his head on your shoulder while you stroke his hair. Both of you spent and completely satisfied. No words are needed. You just showed each other how you felt and that was enough for both of you.