trippyhippie-tori asked:

Hey! So I've been thinking about it for a few months now, and I really want to be a king! Do you have any suggestion on starting off? Like makeup, clothes, or putting together an act. Literally anything would help! I'm on the absolute basics right now haha

You might want to start with what kind of persona/image you want to have. If you can decide on what your style is first thing it will make shopping for clothes easier. As for makeup I just use foundation, a variety of matte brown shades for contouring, and like pencil liner for my eyebrows. As for performances, most places you would just pick a song and lip sync to it while interacting with the crowd. If there’s a local drag show in your area, check it out! It’s always good to get the feel of what goes on in a show and what kind of songs you think would be good. If you have anymore specific questions, lemme know. :]

I don’t think about the next round, I don’t think about the next punch, I don’t think about anything except the present moment. And that’s all that really matters. If you take care of what’s happening at the moment—same thing in life, it’s all a metaphor for life—you take care of the moment and then the next thing will take care of itself.
—  Matt Brown