A Guide to Major Junior Hockey Names
  • QMJHL: French names (Maxime, Alexandre, Cédric, Pierre-Luc, Benoit-Olivier, Philippe)
  • OHL: Common white boy names (Ryan, Dylan, Michael, Nathan, Mitchell, Matt)
  • WHL: Uncommon white boy names + 50 different spellings for Brayden (Skylar, Braylon, Cross, Krz, Kale, Jaeger, Bode)

I remembered an ask I got concerning what Pidge’s brother and dad might look like in my own version (People that know how I draw Pidge get this).

But anyways I played around and this is the Matt I now know and love. Pidge calls him peanut butter lovingly and reese’s pieces when she’s feeling extra.

Tbh I kinda wish Pidge and her family had been black, I feel like it would’ve added a whole new layer of characterization for them and instead of Matt being that white boy that got like 10 seconds of screen time and we know nothing about him it would’ve had people develop more detailed theories and hcs especially from non white fans in the fandom.

But eh, I can dream.