New Video: “One Love” (Live Acoustic) - Marianas Trench

Mtrench on tour

Josh: *Tweets an obscene amount* (usually around 4am)
*Insults Ian*
*Offensive selfies*

Matt: *Tweets a few times a day, usually an Instagram post*
*Reposts Mike’s Instagram post*

Mike: “Here’s a selfie from wherever we are now”
*Posts update videos*
*Occasionally tweets from the mtrench account in reference to merch & tour dates*

Ian: ?????
Is he alive?
Is he dead?
Did they leave him at a gas station?
We don’t know.

Before you read: this is not hate. Marianas Trench has been my favourite band since I was 12. I’m 19 now, hell, I have a tattoo dedicated to them. Anyways.

What happened to josh? Is he okay? Seriously, everyone commenting on this photo saying he’s sexy, hot, whatever, I know you guys love him unconditionally but this is not attractive. He looks sick. what happened? I remember josh with short black hair, long in the front, dress shirts and silk ties and skinny jeans. Who is this guy? I don’t want to say it but it seriously looks like he’s fallen back down the road of addiction, whatever that addiction may be. Maybe he’s depressed. I don’t know. But seeing this photo makes me so sad.. The guy in the gif below doesn’t look close to the guy in the above picture. I’m worried. :( and once again, I love them unconditionally. Just posted this for the sake of discussion.

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