contains 25 Muse icons.

I whipped these together in a few hours earlier today (so they might not be my best). Still, this is my first time posting icons I’ve created myself.

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  • you don’t have to credit me, but please do not claim these as your own.
  • all icons are 100 x 100 px

find all the icons under the cut (click ‘keep reading.’)

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crushed-andpulverised  asked:

azalea, iris, marigold, lily :))

Hiiiiii Caroline, thank you so much!!!

Azalea: What’s one word that describes you?

I’d say ‘mess’ 'cause that’s what I am, a big mess hahaha

Iris: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Matt Bellamy and Chris Pine lol

Marigold: What would you like to do more of, but don’t?

I’d love to read more but these days I’ve been more focused in other activities so I can’t:(

Lily: What’s something you’ve achieved that you’re really proud of?

My hs graduation! I really thought I wasn’t going to do it but at the end I did!

Thank you so much again!! Love yaa 💕


Watch the Dig Down: A.I. Lyric Video [version 24.07.17] now 🤖


Muse con su nuevo sencillo 'Dig Down’ en Late Show Stephen Colbert 


Showbiz was Muse’s debut album, having been recorded between 1998 and 1999. The songs themselves included some of the older songs in Muse’s repertoir, dating as far back as 1996. All songs on the album had been witten by 1997. These were among the “fifty or so” that Muse had written before entering the studio. The band picked those which they deemed least progressive to make up Showbiz.