People say,
That love’s a prize,
But all I feel,
Are a set of eyes,
Tired of living through this lively lie,
That lies in this nonliving, lying life.

So frustrated, a bitter day.
How come love never feels the same?
I love her in so many ways,
She loves the part of me that I fear won’t stay.

Lust and entropy,
Mindless minds,
Lead me to believe,
I’m all but blind.

I yearn for her in every way,
But I’ll die, I’ll never see the day.
The love we make is under hazy sheets,
Of endless lies and my virginity.

At least, I know that’s the case for me.
Struggling for a love of intimacy.
I am crying for a love that loves,
In every way, I want to draw my blood.

I’m dying, baby and I’m so sorry,
I can’t keep living with the truth that seeps,
Through every hole in your torn fishnets.
You’ll never love me in the way I planned.

I’m sinking into what will never be,
I love that wishes for intimacy.
So fed up with what I never see.
What a shame cuz we were meant to be.