justice-cat  asked:

How would Matt know what a dab is hes been in space the entire time, does the galra give the prisoners tumblr to keep up with earth memes or....

You fool… Of COURSE Matt knows what a dab is… Voltron is obviously set in some alternative future, but there is no doubt in my mind that memes transverse across dimensions… Culture is a fluid that seeps through the cracks… Matt knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s doing it well.

things i will never be over:

how excited laura was and how she couldn’t keep that beautiful beaming smile off her face during the closing announcements

the way matt struggled to form coherent sentences afterwards

taliesin’s hands shaking as he gears up for his big reveal

travis. willingham. 

sam’s content little that’s my ship smile

When Clint and Matt spend any time together, Matt acts as Clint’s ears since he has a heightened sense of hearing to make up for being blind, and describes all the sounds around the both of them in great detail. In return, Clint acts as Matt’s eyes due to his heightened sense of sight to balance him being deaf, and describes all the sights around the both of them as best he can. It has made both of them laugh hysterically in public on multiple occasions. At the same time, it has allowed them to become the best of friends.