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Matt LeBlanc's daughter not amused by his dancing with Taylor Swift

20th Oct 16 | Entertainment News

Matt LeBlanc’s daughter was not impressed with his dancing onstage at a Taylor Swift concert.

The former Friends star took his 12-year-old daughter Marina Pearl to one of the Shake It Off singer’s 1989 concerts and he was invited onstage after meeting the 26-year-old backstage. While the actor thought the appearance would earn him cool points, his daughter thought he looked “cheesy.”

“I thought I was (the best dad ever),” he told Live! with Kelly on Thursday (20Oct16). “We went and Taylor was so gracious. We went backstage and met her and she spent time with my daughter and Chris Rock was there with his two girls. So then she asked Chris and I if we would come up onstage and do this dance down the catwalk.”

Matt was a little unsure about taking to the stage, but ultimately decided to join Swift to impress his daughter.

“So it was really cool,” he continued. “We get to the end of the catwalk and there is my little girl who’s being babysat by Taylor Swift’s mother. I was like, ‘OK this is awesome’.

"Cut to the next morning and we’re having our breakfast and I say to my daughter, 'So, how about your dad onstage last night with Taylor Swift?’ and she goes, 'You were cheesy.’ I said, 'What do you mean?’ She goes, 'The way you danced. Taylor can dance and Chris Rock can dance, but you can’t dance.’ I said, 'Listen, you got to understand, daddy tells jokes on TV, I’m supposed to be funny,’ and she says, 'Yeah, it was cheesy, not funny.’ Can’t win, no mercy.”