Look at this lovely picture of Brooklyn Beckham using his cute pink hoverboard.

U might not recognize the place on the first sight, 

but it’s LAX airport

The very same airport where Wiz Khalifa was violently arrested for riding hoverboard juss the day before this pic of the Beckhams was taken. 

Do u see any officers brutally throwing Brooklyn to the ground for riding? Me neither. And it’s completely fucked! I’m so damn tired of all dis double standards! And the worst thing is that even being one of the best world rappers won’t save u from dumbass racial cops! 

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Okay so this started out as me wanting to draw design ideas for an older Morty and younger Rick, but instead it somehow turned into an AU where a young-adult Morty in college who never met his Rick (for whatever reason) gets stuck being forced to raise a little kid Rick (somewhere around 7-10 years old) who is of course a genius for his age.
Morty isn’t entirely sure what he’s doing or how one would go about handling a situation like this, especially because he’s trying to enjoy his life as a college student, but now he’s got this kid dumped on him who… very much does not behave like a normal kid for his age? Should he treat him like he expects a regular parent should treat a child? Does Rick need strict bedtimes and daycare?? he seems pretty self sufficient, BUT CHRIST HE’S STILL A KID. How does one handle a situation like this? Oh jeez.

“There is no ‘War on Cops’”; There is a Long-Overdue Conversation About Police Brutality

Regardless, police spokesmen, Fox News hosts such Sean Hannity, and politicians such as Ted Cruz are quick to say that Goforth’s killing by an in-custody suspect with a long rap sheet of violent assaults and mental problems is proof positive of a “war on cops.”

It bears repeating: There is no war on cops. There is a long overdue and very welcome national conversation about criminal justice reform and more going on. That’s partly due to new forms of media that allow citizens to document how police do their job and, to their credit, it’s also because police departments all over the country are trying to stop a long slide in citizen confidence.

In the past year alone, high-profile events in Ferguson, Staten Island, Troy, Ohioand elsewhere have sparked a nationwide movement to rethink not just policing strategies but also the ways in which race factors into law enforcement and howlocal governments abuse their power to levy fines and fees on their poorest residents. The rising use of body cameras all over the country isn’t being done to document a “war on cops” but to promote essential control.

It’s a sad coincidence that Darren Goforth’s funeral will take place just as the trial begins for the officers accused in the death of #FreddieGray.

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There’s also no excuse for attempts by law enforcement, media, and politicians to claim that the unmotivated killing is part of a “war on cops” or in any way related to the Black Lives Matter movement or other people critical of law enforcement and police brutality.

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I do not want to sound extremist but i c sum potential in CPADave71s way of thinking 😕®



I’m not built for love, I’m not good enough

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