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There are some characters I can multi-ship the hell out of and then there are other characters that will only ever have one true love.

  ‘ ‘ Imagine you’re a paramedic on ambo 61 and you’re about to give birth
      to your child when you get trapped. ‘ ‘ 

Requested by Anonymous: ‘‘ Can you do one Chicago Fire where you are Pregnant and have to work because you coworker is sick so you have to take her shift and you are on ambo 61 and then on one mission you get trapped with a few firemen and go into labor and they have to deliver you baby? Please and thank you and i love you 😋❤ ’’

A/N: Damn, this came out longer than expected… well, I hope you like it!

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Sylvie was sick at home and Gabby almost pleaded you to replace her so  McAuley wouldn’t come. How could you say no to your bestfriend? It was just one shift and the baby wasn’t supposed to come until two weeks. 
The truth was that you missed Firehouse 51, you missed your boys and your girls, and when you found out you were pregnant you were a little sad you had to quit to stay home. On the other hand, you were excited to have a baby, your baby and you couln’t wait to hold your boy in your arms.

“ (Y/N), Gabby, we have a situation. ” Severide voice came throught the radio and you were quick to respond.

“ What is it? ”

“ There is an old man bleeding out, by the time we take him out he’s dead. ”

“ We’re coming. ” you said and you took the stretcher, ready to enter the building with Gabby. But she stopped, her eyes filled with concern.

“ No, (Y/N), you stay here. It’s dangerous and you have a baby on the way. ”

“ I agree. ” chief Boden came near you, watching you intently. “ Let Dawson handle this. ”

“ Chief, let me go in there. They need us, I’m not gonna let a man die. We’ll be out in one minute. ” Boden seemed troubled. Eventually he groaned, but his eyes remained sharp.

“ One minute and you’re out. Go! ”

And you didn’t need to hear anything else. You and Gabby entered the building and, thanks to Casey’s guidance, you got to the other firemen.
Or, at least, Gabby did. You heard a loud thump and in one second your head was hit. When you opened your eyes you were trapped on the other side of the corridor. You heard Gabby’s screams.

“ Ehy, (Y/L/N), you okay? ” Casey came near you along with Severide, Capp and Mouch. You opened your mouth to speak but all it came out was a loud scream. Your belly hurt. Did the baby survive? Were you hit there? You moved unconfortably, opening your legs. 

“ Oh my God… ” another scream, and now you were sure. The baby was coming.

“ What? What is it? ” Severide asked, watching you holding your bump. “ You gotta be kidding me… ”

“ It’s not what I think it is, is it? ” Capp’s look jumped from you to his lieutenant, terrified.

“ I think the baby is coming. ” when those words left their mouths the guys pancked. Completely. The only one who was remaining focused was Casey.
Mouch grabbed the radio.

“ Chief, we have a huge problem. (Y/N) is going to deliver here and now. ”

What?! ” Gabby must had heard from the other side. 

“ Damn it, help me out here. ” you voice was full of pain. You watched the two lieutenants, hoping they could help you.

“ Casey, you’ve already done this. What do we have to do? ”

“ Can’t you just, like, hold it until we’re out of here? ”

Capp… ”

“ All right, let’s do this. ”

It took almost half an hour. Meanwhile the building was secured and the fire estinguished by another team of firemen. Casey helped you to deliver the baby, Mouch held your hand all the time — which you squeezed like there was no tomorrow (poor Mouch) — and Severide tried to talk you through it, to calm you down while Capp cursed and sweared.
And then, finally, you heard a scream. A loud scream, and by the smiles of the guys you knew your baby boy was born. You were crying, soaked in sweat and blood and exhausted. Casey put in your arms the baby, and you smiled.

“ Oh, hello my love. You chose the perfect moment to come to this world… ” you wispered, caressing his cheek. Severide handed you his jacket and you wrapped the baby in it.

“ Look at this champion. Strong and healthy. ” Severide laughed a little while he took his tiny hand with his index.

“ Thank you guys, really. I don’t know how I would’ve done this without you. ”

“ Just, next time wait until we’re out, alright? ”

Capp. ”


No matter what happens, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, I’m always gonna be behind you. Always and always and always.

Of Fires, Falls, and Faucets

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@lieutexant requested, “Can you do an imagine where matt casey rescues the reader? Or something! Thank you so much, great blog!!!” Here you go, and I hope you enjoy this! Reader got stubborn and sassy in spite of my best efforts, but hopefully that just makes it a little more fun.

Words: 1717

You woke to pitch blackness and the heart-stopping shrill of smoke detectors. The alarm clock at your bedside was turned off, but your phone revealed that it was 1:53 in the morning. As you began to wake up fully, the smell of smoke reached your nose, and you coughed. Something was burning, and from the dull roaring sound, it was a big something. You could see a glowing flicker of orange light under your bedroom door, and all at once the realization of your situation hit. Your apartment was on fire.

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MattElektra Week Day 7: Free Choice

MattElektra playlist:

#1: Tombstone by New Year’s Day

#2: Burn With Me by Amaranth

#3: Breath by Breaking Benjamin

#4: Blue Eyes by Within Temptation (a particularly fitting song for her IMO)

#5: Beautiful by Plumb

#6: Break Me; Shake Me by Savage Garden

#7: You Found Me by Kelly Clarkson

#8: Outta My Head by Daughtry

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