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Can you write a jay halstead imagine where you're a paramedic at firehouse 51 based off the last episode of Chicago Fire with the gang and the hostages. Like the reader is in Kidds position not Stella. And intelligence takes over and jay and the reader have a thing sorta but not really please.

Sure I can, also I apologize I am an awful human being as I left it at a cliff hanger.

It just seemed right ya know? You guys can get your pitchforks, I won’t blame you.


You leaned against your ambulance as you answered Detective Halstead’s questions, trying to look at him as little as possible. He was asking you about the shooting victim you had picked up that morning, and his annoying handsome face was not at all helping.

 “Alright,” he said, “I think I got everything I need.”

 You smiled and were about to reply when suddenly the sound of gunshots filled your ears. Almost instantly you were pulled down and pushed against the ambulance, trying to ignore the fact that Jay’s chest was pressed against yours because honestly now was not the time.

 You heard the sound of footsteps coming from your left and then Casey ran out, “Jay! What the hell is going on?”

 “I don’t know,” he shouted back, “shut the doors.” 

 Casey nodded and ran to the switches by the wall, you felt Jay sigh in relief as the doors began to close. 

 However you felt him tense up the moment you heard footsteps running towards the closing doors, someone shouted for Casey to stop the doors which he obviously didn’t listen to. 

 You nearly screamed when one of the men managed to slide through the quickly narrowing gap and point his gun at Casey, “Keep the door open, you get me?”

 Casey nodded and paused the gate, letting the rest of them in. 

 They immediately pointed their guns at him, you quickly counted six of them. One of them was leaning on another, he looked injured and you were almost certain it was a bullet wound.

 “Okay,” the apparent leader said, “this is how we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna stay low here for a while until it all dies down and then we’ll leave. Hopefully none of your boys decide to play here.”

 Just then Jay, who was still pressed against you by the ambulance, slowly creeped behind to the other side of the ambulance. He motioned for you to stay where you were and you nodded, you didn’t know what crazy thing he was planning but you knew you trusted him.

 Just as Jay disappeared from sight, one of the gunmen came over to the side of the ambulance you were on and saw you there.

 “Well, well, well,” he smiled menacingly, “what do we have here?”

 You moved back a bit, trying to escape his grasp but he grabbed hold of your hair and pulled you up. He dragged you back towards where all the rest of them were, “Hey boss, we got a bird here,” he called.

 When the man turned around he looked terrifying, “Hey doll, how we feeling today?”

 You knew better than to answer the question, instead you tried to make eye contact with Jay who you just noticed was hidden in the fire truck and tell him not to break his cover. That you were fine.

 Before you could see if he got the message you felt someone twist your hair and then you heard a shout. The chief had just discovered what was happening and he was not happy.

 He came storming through, demanding that the gunmen let you go and stop pointing their guns at Casey. He went off and discussed some things with the leader of the group.

 When they came back, he didn’t look very happy but you knew he must have come up with something that he was sort of okay with though because he wouldn’t have let the leader leave the room if he wasn’t.

 But as they walked out, the person holding onto you twisted your hair even more and you felt your knees buckle slightly.

 “Hey boss,” the man holding you called, “should we not keep this one as insurance?”

 Well that didn’t sound too great, you thought.

 You knew you had to think of something and when you looked back at the relatively young boy with the gunshot wound and instantly you had an idea.

 “Wait,” you said, “you can’t do that. You need me to be here.”

 The leader walked over to you, “And why is that?”

 “I’m a paramedic,” you said, “let me take your injured boy upstairs and look after him.”

 The leader thought about it for a second before motioning the injured man and the one helping stand towards him, “Okay, you go with them and make sure she doesn’t do anything strange.”

 The boy, who looked very young, nodded and used his gun to show that you should walk quickly.

 “So why are you doing this?” you asked the boy currently wielding a gun at you. 

 “Don’t you listen?” he said, “there’s another gang out there. We need to lay low.” 

You grabbed what you needed and went back to wear you had laid the victim down on one of the beds.

At least this was something you could do, you could patch this guy up and maybe get the boy who was meant to be watching you to open up too.

So as you began to inspect the guy and take his vitals, you asked the kid what his name was and why he joined the gang in the first place. To your surprise you got quite a bit out of the boy.

Just as you thought there was a chance you may be able to convince the boy to opt out and call the police, another gang member barged in.

To your horror he dragged a wincing Jay in.

You quickly jumped up, “Jay, what the hell happened?”

The man who dragged him in answered, “He tried to play hero, all he managed to do was get a bullet in the shoulder.”

You sighed and shook your head as you went to him to see how bad it really was. Honestly, you weren’t surprised by this at all but you also knew Jay was one to hide pain so it could be a lot worse than he was letting on.

“Hey,” the man shouted, “no you look after my home boy. He can figure it out himself.”

You replied before Jay could say something that get him a bullet in the other shoulder, “Okay calm down. Your buddy is stable; I’m just looking how bad his wound is. If it’s something he can handle on his own, then he can. But I need to make sure it’s not serious, the last thing you want is a cop bleeding out on the floor.” 

The man, even though he didn’t seem very happy, could clearly see the wisdom behind your words as he nodded and let you walk up to Jay. 

You instructed him to sit down on the chair next to the bed and got some cotton wool and disinfectant to at least clean it out. 

“You okay?” he whispered to you.

“I should be asking you that question,” you replied, “but yeah I’m fine.”

“Hey,” the man called again, “I think something’s wrong with him!”

You quickly handed him the disinfectant and went over the original victom and instantly you knew what you had to do.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the simplest procedure and you didn’t do it on a daily basis, you but still you knew how to do it.

So you picked up what you needed and prepared to pierce the guy’s lung, however just before you could you were pulled away.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” the man shouted, “You trying to kill him?” 

Jay instantly stood up, “Woah whoa whoa, let’s just take this down a notch.”

You tried to explain to the man what you needed to do but he was having none of it, he seemed to think you were gonna kill the other man.

He told the boy, who you were talking to, to insure that Jay stayed where he was and dragged you to the locker room.

He slammed you against the locker room door and you could hear Jay shout something from behind you. The man was talking about your family and what he was gonna do to you but you just zoned out. By now you had realized that at some point PD would realize Jay still wasn’t back and wasn’t answering his calls, you just had to wait until they realized something was wrong.

The man punched you and felt pain flood your jaw as he kicked you, then everything went black.


Again, I apologise……


No matter what happens, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, I’m always gonna be behind you. Always and always and always.