matt x kate

Y/N L/N is an ex-Navy marksman and just one of the profilers that makes up the B.A.U. With a clouded past, she remains mysterious to her colleagues despite joining at the same time as Spencer Reid. With great power, comes great responsibilities, and in the FBI, a greater chance of being in danger. Follow SSA L/N and the B.A.U. in some of the many cases they take on.

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“I wanted to kiss her some more. I don’t know why, for there could be no less suitable time. Maybe it was pure relief that we were alive and away from the pirates. Maybe it was jealousy, because she and Bruce had seemed to get along so well. Mostly it was just because I wanted to, had wanted to for days." 

matt cruse, airborn. 

I looked up through the dome. “There’s your star,” I said.

“Our star,” she said.

“Do you know when I started loving you?” I said. I didn’t care that the others might hear.

“Tell me,” she said.

My voice rattled with the ship. “On the Aurora. I gave you the tour. I showed you the gas cells and said they were made from cows’ intestines. And you looked very serious and said, ‘It must have taken a great many cows.’”

Kate looked at me, surprised. “Really? That exact moment?”

“That’s it.”

I took her hand. “If my heart were a compas, you’d be North.
“That,” she said, “is a very romantic thing to say. But it seems the needle swings a bit to Nadira too.”
“A little magnetic disturbance,” I said. “Nothing more.”
“She scored a perfect ten, Matt.”
You’d have scored an eleven…”