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The Defenders
  • Luke Cage: From now on, we are using codenames. You can address me as eagle one. Jessica is been there, done that
  • Jessica: ...
  • Luke Cage: Claire is currently doing that
  • Claire Temple: *high fives Luke*
  • Luke Cage: Misty is it happened once, in a dream
  • Misty: *winks*
  • Luke Cage: Danny is if I had to pick a dude
  • Danny: *smiles*
  • Luke Cage: and Matt is. . . eagle two.
  • Matt: Oh thank god.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me screaming at the top of my lungs:</b> JOSH WASHINGTON DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Edit (two years later): will this ever die? Is this my legacy? Is this how Ill be know forever...
Preference-Defenders React to Your Pain Transferring Powers

A/N: These are the characters I am most familiar with and these are the ones I think I can write best. If in future preferences you want me to include other characters let me know and I will do my best to learn about them. 

Matt Murdock(Daredevil):

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Matt is more concerned with the implications of your powers than the fact that you actually have them. He worries that a lot of people could get killed very easily if they try to confront you. He tries to get you to quit the vigilante life, but you refuse. His insistence get’s very annoying eventually so you have to have a very stern conversation(yelling match) about why he needs to stay out of your business. 

He eventually concedes when you promise over and over again that you’re very careful about which hits you let land. However, despite saying that he’s going to back of, Matt still finds himself in your vigilante territory and awful lot. 

Jessica Jones:

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Jessica isn’t really surprised. She’s seen a lot of crazy stuff and you’re just another person on the list. You’re drinking when she finds out and she’s a little tipsy. She keeps asking you random questions like whether you can get vaccines or get surgery. Half way through the night she insists on toasting your “awesome powers that make you invincible.” The rest of the bar joins along even as you insist that she’s blowing it out of proportion. 

“So can you get drunk? Or does the bartender get drunk?” she asks, leaning a little too close to you. 

“No I can still get drunk. The bartender isn’t trying to hurt me or anything.”

“What about poison? Can you be roofied.” 

“I’m not sure.”

“I hope you don’t find out.” You nudge her drink farther away from her hand. 

“I think you’re done for the night.” 

Luke Cage:

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Luke is actually very interested in your powers. When he sees you fighting for the first time he spends the next couple of days thinking about it. The number one thought in his head is that maybe you’re one of the few people who could actually hurt him without the need for fancy high tech equipment. 

One night he catches sight of you running after some bad guys that are running away clutching their stomachs. 

“Hey you!” he yells across the street, his voice carrying in the still air. 

You whip around and stare back at him as the men you were chasing run farther away. You slowly rotate so that you’re fully facing him. You know who Luke Cage is and you know exactly why he’s calling you out in the middle of the night. There’s some unspoken agreement that the fight that’s about to happen isn’t personal and is more of a game than anything real. 

It turns out that your powers cancel each other out. Him punching you only results in a dull pressure in the places he hits. He can throw you large distances, but you’ve come to expect that as your only weakness. When you punch him it’s like punching a brick wall, but it doesn’t actually hurt. An hour after the fight starts you both stand in front of each other breathing hard. 

“It was nice to meet you Luke Cage.” you say. He nods and the two of you part ways not knowing that you’ll be on the same team soon. 

Danny Rand(Iron Fist):

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Ever since you joined the Defenders Danny has been pestering you about sparring with him. He claims it would be a bonding experience. So that the two of you could become familiar with each other’s fighting technique. You think it’s a little strange that he’d want to spar with you when every hit he lands will only hurt him, but you go along with it. He’s been a Defender longer than you so he must know what he’s doing. 

Only two minutes into the spar Danny is on the ground clutching his chest. 

“Did you seriously not know what my abilities were. You had to agree with everyone else to even let me into your group.” 

You extended a hand and helped the man up. “Matt, Luke and Jessica all loved you so much. I couldn’t just say no. But hey that’s a pretty neat power.” For someone who just received a punch to the chest only Iron Fist could dole out, Danny seemed very excited. 

“Let’s go again. This time I’m ready.” 

Frank Castle(The Punisher):

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Frank is unfortunate enough to find out about your powers the hard way. You try to get in the middle of his newest mob boss hunt and he is not happy about it. He’s been stalking this guy for weeks, waiting for the time to attack and rid the Earth of his kidnapping, smuggling, black mailing ass. Right before he can take the shot, you jump out at the mob boss and scatter his lackeys. 

While you’re tying the mobster up, Frank marches towards you like a bulldozer that is absolutely not going to stop. 

“The hell are you doing?” He yells stepping right up to and grabbing a chunk of your shirt in his hand. 

“Taking down a mob boss and stopping you from killing more people. I think it’s a win-win,” 

“I’ve given you a break the past few times you’ve gotten in my way, but if you don’t cut it out you’re going to get hurt.” 

“You can try.” 

He takes your challenge seriously and you end up pummeling the Punisher. By the end of it he’s lying on the ground chuckling to himself. 

“Didn’t know you were some kinda voodoo person.” 

“Maybe you should have learned a little more about me before going all out.” 

You feel a little bad about beating him so badly so you take him out to dinner afterwards. The two of you continue to subtly threaten each other as you eat pancakes and drink coffee. This is not the end of you and the Punisher butting heads. 

Foggy Nelson:

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You and Foggy are eating dinner at the office in silence. Out of the corner of your eye you can see Foggy glancing at you repeatedly. 

“What’s up?” you ask wiping the food off your fingers. 

“So you’re part of Matt’s super crime fighting force right?”

You chuckle. “The Defenders? Yes I am.”

“So what’s your power?” he asks pointing his plastic knife at you. 

“Basically if someone tried to stab me, they would actually stab themselves.” Foggy stares at you in silence with his mouth slightly open. 

“I thought that the bullet proof guy was the coolest out of you guys, but I think that’s a little better.” 

“Wow. I’m so flattered,” you joke taking another bite. 

Karen Page:

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It takes Karen a long time to process exactly what’re telling her. She was shocked enough to find out that Matt is the feared Daredevil, but now she had to accept the fact that another one of her friends was essentially unkillable. 

She is very appreciative that you told her of your own free will instead of her finding out by accident. She’s very curious about the extend of your powers and she wants to ask a lot of questions, but she restrains herself. She let’s herself ask a few questions every now and then, but those questions only lead to more and more questions. 

poly defenders + reader

ask: @thefangirlhasarrive “Then senpai, can i request for aome more headcanons for Defenders poly?”

a/n: ;^) ofc i don’t think i could ever get tired of writing poly defenders its some Good Stuff

  • it’s so hard to schedule dates, because all of you have such different schedule!!!
      + because not only are you working, but the four of your loves are heroes for hire. 
       + plus, when they actually do all have free time, they mostly want to sleep, so, of course, you join them, but when they’re all well-rested you force them to go out and have fun.
         - luke is literally the only one who can socialize normally. matt is a flatterer, jess is jess, and danny is socially awkward.
  • can you imagine going to the store with them?? because it’d be an Absolute Mess
       + first of all, danny would have to sit in the car because he wasn’t wearing a shirt. jessica wants to leave him in the heat because he “deserves it for being stupid”, but you go back and turn on the car so he doesn’t die of heat stroke.
       + after that all happens, you both split up, especially if it’s a big store because y’all HATE shopping because at least 15 people will stop and ask “hey are you those defenders??”
       + it’d have to be you and jess and luke and matt, or you and luke and jess and matt, because are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you and matt to shop together. you are an impulsive shopper and matt loves buying you things so you two usually break the bank.
       + jess can live off of alcohol and oyster crackers so you and luke have to watch her diet to make sure she’s eating fine.
       + you guys would come out about… 30 dollars over budget because somehow a few items not on the list managed to sneak their way into the cart (it was you).
  • sharing clothes is also a thing you guys don’t do intentionally, but it just happens. 
       + like, it’s not abnormal for you to go out wearing jess’s sweats, danny’s shirt, luke’s hoodie, and matt’s shoes. each one doesn’t fit perfectly, but it smells like them, so you’re fine.
         - jess smells like booze and cheap soap; danny smells like sweat and body spray; luke smells like good cologne and gunpowder (you know why); and matt smells like aftershave and books.

my top five ships in the marvel / netflix shows are ( in random order ):

1. Jessica Jones / Trish Walker ;
2. Matt Murdock / Elektra Natchios ;
3. Frank Castle / Karen Page ;
4. Luke Cage / Misty Knight / Claire Temple ;
5. Danny Rand / Colleen Wing ;

( + bonus: Ward Meachum / myself ).

So, if you post or reblog about any of them please let me know and I will follow you.

Tiny Hero au

the au where the Defenders are in high school and suffering:

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Okay, now that I’ve finished Luke Cage, I have thoughts on the upcoming love triangles and by love triangles, I mean the one between Matt/Claire/Luke/Jessica (I guess a love quad). I was bummed out about what developed between Luke&Claire. I LOVE Matt & Claire and Luke & Jessica together. But I feel like people are underestimating the relationship between Matt & Claire and that it can be something that can change things. These two have a history. You never forget your “first superhero.” Everyone knows their chemistry is insane. They could have had something but Claire stopped it before it could, because she was afraid, because she didn’t want to go down THAT path, but that doesn’t mean she has stopped caring for him and vice versa. I think with her being around Luke, it will help her understand Matt more than she wanted to let herself before. And that opens up a can of worms. Matt himself has been pretty busy between Karen & Elektra, but he hasnt stopped caring for Claire either. I think his can will be opened once he sees Claire & Luke together. It will make him wonder “Why wouldn’t she fight with me and she would with him?” Claire Is going to be a big part of The Defenders and she will likely find herself between Luke & Matt alot, just as Luke will find himself between Claire & Jessica, a woman he has his own complicated history with. It’s definitely going to be interesting. Don’t rule out Matt & Claire!

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Party like Porn Stars [Josh Washington x Reader] *SMUT*

Word Count: 3405 

Warning: Alcohol and very descriptive sex

Author Note: This story has sex in it and alcohol, if you are not comfortable with that kind of stuff then DO NOT READ THIS. 

This story also has a song in it – Here’s the link to it [x] Sorry if you don’t listen to The Weeknd

Also here’s the outfit you’re wearing. [x]

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