matt x harriet

Top 25 Ships of All Time
07. Matt and Harriet - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Matt: I love her talent. The woman’s got millions of fans but there are maybe fifty guys in town who know how good she is and we’re two of them. I admire her. I’m knocked out by her talent. And I like it when she makes me laugh, and I like making her laugh, which isn’t easy to do, so it’s gratifying. She’s undeniably sexy. I like it when she smiles at me, and a couple of other things, but that’s it.

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Matt x Harriet, spittake. (If I make it one word, it counts as one word.) XD

(sorry so late, been in the hospital all day)

He jerks up when the water hits his face, looking up he finds her red lips still wet and wide in a smile, wiping his face from the spittle he nods, conceding when she raises an eyebrow at him, daring, he made the cast spit take her, she’s returning the favor.