matt wren

Ok so we all have to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to our most beloved rebels ever...

Farewell, Ghost crew. I loved you so much. And I am saying this early, first, to get myself prepared to accept this parting with Star Wars Rebels, which was an essential part of my life for past three years. I tried to suppress myself from crying all the time during the panel, managed to get it pressed during while the trailer was being displayed, but when it ended with Hera saying “May the Force be with you.”, I couldn’t hold it much longer. Star Wars Rebels Actually changed the course of my life. It gave me the courage to turn my head away from traumas and pressures that had been undermining my talents and my mental health, and face what i really needed and wanted, and look into who I was inside those masks i have created to deny everything that was going on around me. I will never forget this marvelous, gorgeous, fantastic, intricate, elaborate and so, so much beautiful and historic work of animated TV show, and how had it gave me courage to grow up and be a better person. Thank you so much, Dave. I have been cursing you since 2013, but at the same time, I admire you and the amazing capability you have shown as an executive producer of both of <Star Wars Rebels> and <Star Wars: The Clone Wars.> You are my hero aaaand a great role model as an upstanding figure in the animation industry. Thank you for working for Lucasfilm Animations….

Goodbye to the last years of my adolescence, which is now all after me, with the time I had spent with Star Wars Rebels, with changes, decisions, and growth that I made.

I am that one who grew up with your show that you were refering to, Dave.

Forever, with me.

Another teaser! This time it’s the banner for the website. The comic will likely launch within a few weeks, so watch this space!

Until then, familiarize yourself with the band, from left to right:

Colbie (guitar), Matt (vocals), Wren (drums), Shy (keyboard), Liz (band’s manager), Brent (bass guitar).

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