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This is Geoff Ramsey getting pelted by Funhaus with stuffed animals and a cake. For your consideration.

Can we talk about Shalluratt (is that the ship name??) because its so great and I love it??? Just imagine it

-Matt LOVES to brag about Allura and Shiro. They’re both so beautiful and badass, how do you not expect him to? They, in turn, brag about their super smart super amazing boyfriend.

-Shiro getting embarrassed by the Allura/Matt tag team. They made a pact to make him blush at least once a day. So far, they’ve succeeded. Shiro is dying.

-I don’t know if Allura/Matt would be romantically involved with each other or not but I can totally see hugs, cuddles and cheek/forehead kisses begin shared, platonically or not

-They all match with each other, its so cute.

-Cuddles, so much cuddles

-Matt is an attention seeking kitty, he’ll lay across Allura or Shiro’s lap whenever he’s in need of love. Allura finds it adorable. Shiro rolls his eyes but gives Matt what he wants.

-Shiro: The stars are beautiful.
Matt: Yeah.
Shiro: You know what else is beautiful?
Shiro&Matt: Allura.
Allura: *blushing furiously* Guys, ohmygosh.

-For Valentine’s Day, Allura bakes sweets with the help of Hunk, Shiro writes super sappy poems and Matt goes over the top by ordering a truckload of rose petals and dumping them on their lawn. It tools months to get rid of all of them. Matt still thinks it was worth it.

-All three are super horrible with sleep schedule so they stay up watching sappy love movies or conspiracy documentaries.

-Matt getting picked up by Shiro and/or Allura and him blushing everytime.

-Matt trying to pick up Shiro or Allura but falling to the ground because he has twig arms. He gets smooches for effort tho so its all good.

-Matt: *laughs*
Shiro: I get to kiss him first.
Allura: Over my dead body.

-They’re Team Older Siblings

-Matt: So when we get married, which last name are we taking?
Allura: Not mine, it’s too long even for me.
Shiro: If I take your last name, Matt, am I even “Shiro” anymore?
All three: Holy shit.

Trigger warning for sexual abuse!!

Okay but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, who’s to say that Riko wasn’t sexually abusive as well as physically abusive? I know I can’t be the only one who’s thought of it. The fact Neil blocked out most of that Christmas break then to come back to Kevin saying “I know how he is” like this all don’t add up. Maybe that’s why Riko had such an emotion attachment to Kevin, Jean and Neil. Idk maybe that’s how he got attached to them and how he felt things, making it that much worse for him when they left

  • Matt: What do you even do in ISS???
  • Allen: I just count all the dicks that are drawn on the desks
  • Matt: Is that all?
  • Allen: ...I mean, sometimes I'll draw some dicks too, thats really it
  • Matt: *In his mind* ....I just thought it'd be where all the bad kids hang out and smoke

nothing else was ever really said about Matt teaching Neil how to box, so i like to think that after the books, the whole team help Neil how to fight and defend himself

  • he takes regular boxing lessons with Matt. first thing Matt teaches him is how to make a proper fist. He teaches him how to not hurt himself, before he teaches him how to hurt other ppl
  • he also teaches him balance and how to stand on the balls of his feet, so he can dart in any direction. Neil’s already fast, and this just makes him uncatchable and Matt would always prefer Neil to be able to get away from a fight, over actually being in one
  • then he teaches him to box. first with a punching bag, then with a dummy - he shows him where to hit, where it hurts most, how to take down ur opponent with one hit - then they move into a ring
  • Matt teaches him to box with gloves, but also without. bare-knuckled boxing is more dangerous, but also more necessary
  • after their training they always go and get a burger and milkshake in the diner across the street, both bruised and smiling

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Good Days

the soft dan/matt/neil fic we all need

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Neil couldn’t stop staring at his watch. He had long since tuned out the rest of the class, and now he was just counting down the minutes until he could leave. On a sudden whim, he pulled out his phone and shot off a quick ‘Any plans today?’ text to Dan and Matt.

It was odd thinking about how used to his phone he was now, considering he loathed the sight of it for the entirety of his first year. Now it was second nature to use it. Neil smirked to himself at the thought. He’d started to let his mind wander to back then when his phone buzzed on the table in front of him and jolted him out of his thoughts. Dan had responded to his text first, with Matt not far behind. Neil picked up his phone and stifled a chuckle at the name on the screen. Matt had named their group conversation ‘NEIL JOSTEN FAN CLUB’ as a joke, but it had inevitably stuck, even with Neil’s original protests. Once it was clear neither of the other two were budging on the name—and since Neil had no idea how to change it himself—he’d dropped it.

Dan: aren’t u in class??

Matt: He’s in math.

Neil: Not for long. We get out in 15 minutes.

Dan: so pay attention for those 15 minutes

Neil: We’re not even doing anything. The professor’s just reviewing last week’s lesson.

Dan: ok what did u wanna do later

Neil: I don’t know, I just wanted us all to get together and do something

Matt: Neil, we’re together all the time.

Neil: Outside of the dorms, I mean. Is the court open?

Matt: Yeah and Kevin’s got class today too, so he won’t be babysitting it. Want me to come pick you up after you’re out?

Neil: That would be great.

Dan: I’m down see u guys there

Neil put his phone in his bag and absentmindedly doodled in his notebook for the last leg of class. He didn’t really need the review everyone was going over, since he had more than enough free time to study now that the season’s hectic schedule had mellowed out. If anything, he was farther ahead than the rest of the students.

He sat back and halfheartedly listened to the professor drone on, and he was out of his seat the second class was dismissed. Neil saw Matt’s truck right away as he made his way out of the building. It was sitting alongside the edge of a curb, still running. Matt waved at him, and Neil grinned as he opened the door and jumped up into the passenger seat.

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the leafs need to figure out their name situation. 

you’ve got two matts (granted one of them is ½ of hunlak so…..)

two Nikitas 

two connors

two Freddies (shut up i miss Goat) not to mention the guys with some spelling of Frederik as their middle name 

then you’ve got Matthews who gets called Matty or Matts 

you’ve got Matt Martin, Mitch Marner, and Martin Marinchin

just like calm down with the last names that start with M Marner, Martin, Matthews. Marchenko, Marinchin 

@the leafs. what the fuck

i’ve talked about this a little very briefly with @jeanrnoreau just like in the passing but i wanna go in detail so that’s what i’m doing. presenting: andrew and baby monsters foxes

  • andrew and neil never have kids of their own
  • between andrew’s abuse and neil’s trauma and both of their issues, they don’t need to throw kids in the mix so they steer clear of that adventure but that isn’t to say that they dislike children
  • neil loves the baby foxes dearly, even if half the time he doesn’t know how to show it properly
  • andrew doesn’t love anyone but we know that isn’t quite true. andrew loves in his own way, however convoluted that might be. so.
  • the first kid andrew really starts to care about is amalia

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I totally forgot about Jarett and then suddenly he appears again and damn, I think Gilmore and Jarett would be an awesome pair …?

Something I haven't seen yet,

Pirateship!AU FAHC.
Geoff, the captain who is often found guzzling down the rum and booze and shaking his head at his crew. Is extremely lucky. Known for his beard of many forms, and his laughter.

Jack, the navigator. Many say it’s bad luck to have a woman on board, but with Jack all would have been lost years ago. Keeps everyone on board in check. Doesn’t take shit from anybody not in their crew.

Gavin, the wily little right-hand man, dealing with the more grittier things. Is never really taken seriously until shit hits the fan. Knows his way around blades. Is a very good tactician, especially under pressure.

Michael, the man running the guns. All he guns. Cannon guns. Rifle guns. Dem arm guns. He’s also good with explosives. His loud war cries are heard above all explosions. Hand to hand combat against him is a mistake.

Ryan, the sellsword who joins the crew because they need a smart guy who can help Jack and Gavin keep the boat afloat, but can also hold off half an Armada on his own with a sword.

Jeremy and Matt, the main deckhands who follow everyone’s orders. They do everything from swabbing the deck to helping Michael fire the cannons when needed. Jeremy is best when he works above deck, sometimes taking Ray’s old position. Matt joins Trevor down below at times to take care of any technical problems and precious cargo and Geoff’s rum.

Ray, while no longer with the crew, was a valuable asset to them. He used to be the one in the crow’s nest, calling out code words and keeping an eye out for enemies, friendlies, and treasures alike. He know works in isolation, gaining money as a very successful mercenary.

Mica and Lindsay are not always on the ship, but are always able to show why the boys do need their help onboard. With Mica’s quick feet and smart mouth combined with Lindsay’s intimidating stare (and “unlucky” black cat), they help negotiate the majority of treasures their way before the other party can even notice they were hustled.

Trevor and Larry are the spies. The former’s dashing looks and the latter’s shifty/sneaky nature, they are most useful when obtaining intel from enemy ships or the mainland authorities. They are rarely caught together, and when they are, are always bailed out by one another.

Bite Me (Part 10)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, minor OC’s (…a pairing is in the distant horizon… who do you think it’ll be?)

Warnings: mild language

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,862

A/N: This is the tenth installment in my first ever fanfic. Part 9 and 10 were originally one chapter, but I split them because this one is longer, hence the close together posting schedule. I’m adding a few more logs to the fire… These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9)

“Oh come on, Elana, you can’t be serious!” My friend, Mallory, was shaking her head in blatant disbelief.

We had just gotten out of dance class for the evening and had made our way to my workplace, settling into a corner table with a chai tea latte for me and something heavily flavored with pumpkin for her.  I shrugged at her and took a sip of my drink.

“But, I mean, come on! You’re twenty-six! You can’t still be…there’s no way you’re…” She was spluttering over her words.

“A virgin?” I finished for her, raising an eyebrow. “You act like the word is poisonous.”

She huffed and took a small sip from her mug before continuing, “I still don’t believe you. You’re a badass chick. Beautiful, confident,” she pointed a finger at me, “and sometimes even funny.”

I chuckled, “Wow, I didn’t realize those things directly correlated to sex.”

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conniptionns  asked:

do matt and neil being best friends pls

(i got carried away bc I adore them so I might turn this into something full-length later?) Send me a request!!

Getting Neil to enjoy himself outside of exy was like pulling teeth. Or maybe it was more like taking a dog to the vet. You kind of had to trick him into it, ease him into it, and surprise him when you got there before he could bolt. He wasn’t much for socializing, even with Andrew’s group, and as clingy as he was (though he’d never admit it) it took some serious elbow grease to get him away from Andrew’s side. But as difficult as it was, it was absolutely worth it, and Matt was determined to be a good friend to Neil.

He’d made up his mind the instant he’d met the kid, as small and shifty-eyed as he was. It was like meeting a shelter puppy for the first time and knowing in your heart you would lay down your life in an instant to keep him safe and happy. Neil probably wouldn’t appreciate being compared to a dog, but he didn’t seem to appreciate Matt’s efforts to stay friends even through Neil’s stubbornly self-depreciating haze of oblivion, either, but he knew it was good for both of them.

It started with the movies when they were roommates. Neil, stubborn to his very chemical structure, resisted them, avoided them, but every time Neil peppered his conversations with movie references, Matt’s heart glowed and it was all he could do to stop himself from wrapping the kid in the tightest bear hug he could muster. Watching Exy Bud with Neil had nearly killed Matt, and he took as many surreptitious pictures of Neil’s skeptically adoring face to share with the girls as he could without interrupting Neil’s intent track of the “plot”.

“A dog wouldn’t be able to sub in for a person on a college court,” he’d said, even though he was clearly enjoying the movie, and Matt was tempted to invite Kevin over to really start an argument. “And Golden Retrievers can’t hold exy sticks.”

“Um, clearly he can. He just made the winning goal.” Matt had argued, struggling not to giggle.

Neil had made a frustrated noise and continued to criticize the logic of the kid’s movie, but that night, Matt had heard him mumbling in his sleep, “Buddy, you’re so much better at this than Seth…”

It was a wonder Matt had woken him up laughing.

And when he found out Neil had hardly ever gotten gifts before, Matt knew he had to do something about it. Little things, of course, because of the squirmy way Neil got when he thought he owed somebody something, but a cup of coffee here and a piece of candy in his backpack there and a cool college freebie when he thought he could surprise him didn’t necessarily put a smile on his face, but they made him feel included and welcome, and that was all Matt could ask for. It was hard to stop himself from spoiling him (Allison had no such qualms) but it was so fun to surprise him with a weird present “just because”, with nothing expected in return. And after a while, Neil got used to it, and he started leaving Matt gifts too. They didn’t happen often, but once in awhile Matt would find ice cream in the freezer or a carefully decorated fox paw doodle tucked into his homework, and even the littlest things like that made him giddy. It was working. Whether or not Neil knew or understood or could admit to caring, Neil had real live friends for presumably the first time in his life, and he was finally getting comfortable around them.

That was worth Matt’s efforts any day.

In case you are wondering about the Until Dawn kid’s Last names:

Sam Giddings: It’s an English last name meaning, “people of Gydda”

Chris Hartley: it’s an Anglo-Saxon last name that taken apart is a combination of the old english words for “Hart” (a red deer), plus “leah” meaning “wood” or “clearing”

Ashley Brown:  It’s a scottish/Irish/English last name

Jessica Riley: It’s an Irish and English surname meaning “rye clearing”

Matt Taylor: It’s an English last name, and is derived from the latin word, “To cut”

Emily Davis: It’s a very welsh last name meaning “son of david” (david meaning, “Beloved”)