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Alright but where is the department set up by Pepper Potts or Lois Lane or Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne that introduces new SO to the life of being in a relationship with a superhero. Only not like some kind of slap dash book or seminar, a full on bureaucratic department with FORMS. 



“Full legal name please.”

“James Buchanan Barnes.”

“Fill out forms S 3010-B for basic romantic relationship, A166-J for past history with hero, T1945-X for Hyrda related trauma, and form VB-1234i for previous activities constituting possible villain status.”


“When you are done we will need to take a picture for your ID badge.”


“Mr Murdock stated in his request that you have no combat training.”

“I can shoot a gun.”

“You will be given combat training, here are the forms.”


“You have been pre-approved for a micro chip.”


“We will give you a micro chip and a speedster level 3 will check on you at half hour or two hour intervals. If you are found in a hostile situation back up will be called.”

“How well does that system work?”

“We have most of the X-Men micro chipped.  Bruce Wayne has paid for all of his SO’s to be micro chipped. So far the results have been exceptional.”

Already seeing people shitting on the Batman movie getting a rewrite.

They got a new director and it just shows that Matt Reeves is getting hands on with this film and is getting super involved. This will make for a better film.

I hate how when one little thing comes out from DC, people say dumb shit like “How hard can this be? Why is it taking them so long? This project is doomed.”

Like shut the fuck up.

Filmmaking is hard. Okay? Especially big budget filmmaking. There is so much stuff that goes into filmmaking that you wouldn’t be able to learn everything about it in 4 years of film school.

I’m serious. There is so much stuff that goes into it that the only way to really learn it is to actually be on set.

Majority of the Internet has never been on a film set let alone seen one.

WB has been making films for a damn century nearly. Chill. Let them take their time and don’t act like the world will end with every bit of news that comes out.

Batmom and Beyond

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Prompt: Batmom interacting with Terry

Requested by: @marvelgirl13

AN: Since it doesn’t look like Terry’s going to get a day, so I wanted to write something for him, and I had a prompt, so …  I really enjoyed writing this. I haven’t written much for Terry :)

Words: 770

“Did you know?”

You look up at Terry, and smile. “If I had, you never would have left my sight.”

“Helicopter mom?”

You shake your head and pour a cup of tea. “Can you blame me?”

“I suppose not.” There’s a moment of silence before he says,“How?”

“Same way as with Bruce, I imagine.”

He nods,“So you’re my mother, and the old man, is my … old man.”

You sigh,“Amanda always was too sneaky for her own good. I couldn’t have children. We tried several times, but it always ended … badly.”

“So no unmentioned siblings?”

You shake your head. “The boys are my sons. Dick, Jason, Tim. They’re my sons.”

“They don’t come around often. I’ve only seen them a handful of times.”

You grin. “I suppose that makes you the good son.”

There’s another moment of silence, and you move towards your sitting room. Terry takes the tea pot from you. You pat his hand.  “Such a good boy.” You sit down, and Terry sits down across from you. “My best guess is that Amanda got my DNA and changed your mother’s the same way she changed your father’s. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make me your mother.”  

“A lot of women wouldn’t say that. Most people would say your blood running through my veins makes me yours.”

You grin. “I’m an adoptive mother, Terry. I raised my boys, but I didn’t birth them. That doesn’t make me any less their mother. Mary raised you, cared for you. She is your mother.”

“And what about you?”

“I’m an old woman, Terry. Probably don’t have many years left.”

“Then shouldn’t we get to know each other now? I mean, I’ve been coming around here for years, but I don’t really know much about you or the old man.”

“Is that what you want, Terry?”

You can see the hesitation in his glance. “Take some time and think about it.”

He nods, and leaves the room. Bruce comes in a moment later and takes a seat. “He seems to have gotten over the initial shock.”

“You need to talk to Waller. I’d rather she not do this again.”

“She won’t. She’s got two boys. She knows she’s fine now.”

“Yes. I suppose this means Matt would be ours as well.”

There’s a pause before Bruce says,“We could sue for custody, or have Waller do something. She owes us.”

You shake your head. “We’re in our eighties Bruce. We don’t have much longer. Why bring the boy down? Let him enjoy the mother he actually has. The mother he knows.”

Bruce nods. “I suppose that means I need to update the will. Five ways. Maybe Matt would be interested in taking over the company. Our current CEO is trash.”

You smile. You cover Bruce’s hand with your own. “It’s been a good eighty years, Bruce Wayne.”

He kisses your old, wrinkly hand. “A very good eighty years.”

You don’t see Terry for several weeks after that. He goes in and out through the cave. Still, one morning you come downstairs, and he’s there. Waiting at the kitchen table. “Good morning.”

He smiles. “Morning.”

“Made a decision?”

He nods. “Several. The first of which is that I do want to know you. You’ve been in my life for several years now, and you’ve been like a second mother to me anyways.”  

You take a seat. “And your other decisions?”

“I told Matt. I told him everything, with Bruce’s permission. They’re downstairs talking.”

You nod. “Number two. And number three?”

“That we should have a family day.”            

You stare at him for a moment before the noise hits your ears. You grin, as your boys round the corner. They’re as handsome as ever. But there’s a bit of silver in their hair. Their grins are still the same, and they move towards you with the same enthusiasm they’ve always had. They greet you with hugs and kisses. They’re careful with their movement, careful with you. They all take seats around the table, and you quickly explain your latest discovery about Terry.

They’re a bit stunned. You can see it.  It takes a few moments for them to adjust to the idea before they begin talking, and comparing notes. Thirty minutes later, and they’re talking like brothers, comparing Bruce’s traits.

Another thirty minutes after that, Bruce and Matt make an appearance. Your youngest son introduces himself boldly, and immediately joins in on the conversation. Bruce takes the seat next to you, and you smile. It’s a good day, when you’re surrounded by all your favorite men.

Hi. So, two years ago today we lost Dwayne McDuffie. I still find it hard to think about, much less post about. And I don’t want to, I don’t know, cash in on our friendship. But it’d be equally awkward to just let the day go by without recognizing it.

So, here’s picture of Dwayne, his wife Charlotte Fullerton and my son Riley from Comic-Con in 2010. Here, Dwayne was trying to entertain Riley, who was exhausted from posing for pictures (“Hey, Ultra Boy! Over here!”). I’m posting it because in most of Dwayne’s pictures he looks so wise and intelligent and dignified. And he was all those things.

But he could also be goofy and hilarious… and kind. 

He was kind to me again and again. When my old MAC used to crash, Dwayne would be on the other end of the phone, walking me through restarting my computer from the discs, not unlike Charlton Heston walking Karen Black the steps of landing a 747 in AIRPORT 1975.

When the WGA strike hit in 2008 and I, with a family to support, panicked over losing my live action work, Dwayne immediately gave me work on Ben 10: Alien Force. Whenever I had a pitch to work out, I would ride my bike over to Dwayne’s place and pitch it to him first. He’d listen patiently and give me brilliant pointers. Or just tear the thing down and help me build it up again from scratch. Yes, I know.  How great was it that I had a story genius in my neighborhood who I could impose upon like that?

I met Dwayne 20-some odd years ago through his best friend Matt Wayne who, like Dwayne, is always ready with sound advice and a patient ear. Matt tells me that it was Dwayne who suggested the “pinhole” instead of a black hole for the fourth GL episode.

Sometimes I would call Dwayne and ask how he was doing and he’d tell me, “Swamped. I’m late on everything.” Then, tell him I was driving over to Fry’s Electronics and ask if he wanted to come. “Yeah, sure. I’ll come.” It was like his kryptonite.

I met with Dwayne and Charlotte at a diner just before I went in to Warner Brothers Animation to pitch my Green Lantern take to Bruce and Sam Register. Who better than Dwayne to give me insider advice about pitching Bruce? I won’t tell you what he said. But I will tell you I got the job.

I nicknamed Dwayne “The Maestro” because, even though we were friends, his talent and brilliance put him on a whole different level. I thought he deserved a title. He was my friend and he was my mentor.

He was The Maestro.

And I miss him every day.