matt waring


Back in the heart of summer, King Marketing & sports apparel company 2XU approached me to create images of their newest sponsored face, Colorado Avalanche player Matt Duchene. 

We travelled up to Halliburton to photograph the young talent in his private retreat and had an awesome time with him, his family, and the 2XU crew. 

These images will start making there way across the continent in different stores and magazines.

Thanks to Kareem Ibrahim for producing and 2XU President Nikki Beal.

To see a behind the scenes look at days shoot, click here


This is the first of a couple of posts on the new cast of Phantom of the Opera.

Cast List:
Phantom: Ben Lewis*
Christine: Kelly Mathieson*
-Alternate: Amy Manford*
Raoul: Jeremy Taylor*
Carlotta: Lara Martins
Piangi: Paul Ettore Tabone
Monsieur Firmin: Siôn Lloyd
Monsieur Andre: Mark Oxtoby
Madame Giry: Jacinta Mulcahy
Meg: Georgia Ware

Standby phantom: Scott Davies

Male Ensemble:
Matt Bateman* (understudy Piangi)
Hadrian Delacey (understudy Monsieur Firmin)
Philip Griffiths (understudy Monsieur Andre)
Richard Kent (understudy Monsieur Andre)
Leo Miles (understudy Raoul)
Tim Morgan (understudy Monsieur Firmin)
Jordan Simon Pollard* (understudy Raoul)
Tom Sterling (understudy Piangi)

Female Ensemble:
Bridget Costello (understudy Christine)
Hannah Grace* (understudy Carlotta)
Ellen Jackson
Una Reynolds* (understudy Carlotta/unconfirmed)
Rachel Spurrell* (understudy Madame Giry /unconfirmed)
Victoria Ward (understudy Madame Giry)

James Roxby Brown
Morven Douglas
Grace Horne (understudy Meg/swing)
Lily Howes (understudy Meg)
Andrei Teodor Iliescu*
Fiona Morley
Danielle Pullum
Emily Smith* (i don’t think this is the right picture/person)
Claire Tilling

Jade Davies*
Hettie Hobbs
Adam Robert Lewis
Luke McCall (understudy Phantom)
John Stacey*

*signifies new cast members