matt waring


Back in the heart of summer, King Marketing & sports apparel company 2XU approached me to create images of their newest sponsored face, Colorado Avalanche player Matt Duchene. 

We travelled up to Halliburton to photograph the young talent in his private retreat and had an awesome time with him, his family, and the 2XU crew. 

These images will start making there way across the continent in different stores and magazines.

Thanks to Kareem Ibrahim for producing and 2XU President Nikki Beal.

To see a behind the scenes look at days shoot, click here

anonymous asked:

What classic movie monster would the boys be?

Classic movie monster.

Tom- probably an old school ware wolf.

Matt- vampire lmao

Edd- xenomorph. Like old aliens. Is that a monster
Does that count?

Tord- zombie with one leg