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Make Believe Part 4 - Luke

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Your fingers tap the bar top repeatedly, until Luke’s large hand comes down, stilling them.

“Stop looking like you’re walking to your death” he smirks, handing you your drink.

“People are staring” you hiss.

“Isn’t that the point, my love?” His hand presses against you or back as he guides you to a table in the centre of the pub.

“Well, this is subtle” you mutter as you realise the seats he’d chosen, almost everyone in the small pub has a view of the two of you.

“The faster they think we’re a couple, the faster we can end this” Luke shrugs before taking a swig of his beer.

“So?” You begin tapping again, “what now?”

“We talk?”

“You don’t sound so sure about that”

“I don’t think we’ve ever spoken without having an argument” he frowns.

“That’s because you’re really annoying” you can’t help yourself. It’s not in your nature to be nice to him.

“This is a good start” he grimaces.

“Isn’t honesty important in a relationship?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Excellent point” he smirks, “you’re a pain in the arse.”

“I don’t really care”

“I know, it’s actually something I like about you” his words make your head shoot up.

“What?” You’re sure you misheard him.

“You know who are and you don’t apologise for it”

“Why should I?”

“You shouldn’t” he agrees, amusement in his eyes.

“You have too many people wanting to be your friend because of your status” you say, following his lead with the honesty.

“I know” he doesn’t look too affected.

“Then why do you indulge them?”

“I like being popular, I like being me” he doesn’t hold back with the truth telling.

“Because you’re arrogant?” You feel a smile tugging at your lips.

“Because I’m arrogant” he laughs loudly.

“At least you admit it”

“Isn’t honesty important in a relationship?” He grins.


“The pub is silent” Luke whispers. People don’t even attempt a pretence at not looking at us.

“They’re all eager to she what happens” you glance round at the curious faces. You didn’t blame them, you and Luke had been adamant that the two of you would never be a couple.

“We might as give them something to look at then” Luke laughs, his fingers lifting your chin so you’re forced to look at him.

“Luke” your voice holds a warning tone.

“Giving the people what they want, princess” he leans in closer to you, pausing just before his lips meet yours to give you the chance to say no. You don’t say no. You don’t want to say no, which was more infuriating. When Luke’s mouth meets yours, it’s all you can do to stop yourself from gripping onto his hair and climbing onto his lap. Now that would probably be inappropriate given your current audience.

“Y/N” he murmurs your name, surprise in his voice as he pulls you closer to him, completely forgetting you were in the middle of a busy pub. You know you should pull away, even if this was all an act, you knew kissing him like this wasn’t helping the already blurred lines of your emotions. It wasn’t helping the confused feelings you felt towards him. That didn’t stop you from gripping onto his hair, a quiet moan escaping from your mouth as he bit your bottom lip. You were close to straddling him by the time you realised where you were.

“Fuck” you scramble to get away from him.

“Quite a performance” his mouth moves into his lazy smile, confidence oozing from him.

“I’m a good actress” you mumble, touching your fingers to your mouth.

“Clearly” he murmurs, unable to stop himself staring at you with your messed up hair and swollen lips, your breathing heavy.

“I think we’re well and truly in this now” you look around you at the shocked faces, not bothering to pretend they hadn’t been gawping at you both. The gossip would have spread across the entire town by morning.


“Morning, pretty girl” a chirpy voice makes you jump.

“Matt!” You move to pick up the book you’d dropped, but he beats you to it, “sorry, I was miles away.”

“I heard you had a big night last night?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Kinda…maybe…a little bit” you stumble over the words, embarrassed by him knowing you’d kissed Luke Hemmings.

“I bet your parents are happy” he laughs.

“I haven’t spoken to them” you chew on your bottom lip, “I ran out the house this morning to avoid them. I shouted that I was late to work.”

“Coward” he picks up a book from your cart and places it in the wrong place.

“You’re not helping” you take the book from the spot he’s dumped it and move it to the right place.

“Your job is boring” he sighs, dramatically, “and it’s not like you need the money. Especially when you’re married to Hemmings.”

“I am not…” You begin before catching yourself, “shut up.” You mumble, before moving onto the next aisle. You didn’t find your job boring, you liked working in a bookshop. Being surrounded by all those stories and adventures made you feel calm.

“Are you going to Georgia’s birthday party tomorrow night?” He flicks through a copy of an Anthony Horowitz novel.

“Is there anyone in the town who isn’t going?” You raise an eyebrow, “you should read that, it’s good” you nod towards the book in his hands.

“I do like Moriarty” he mutters, “will Hemmings be there?”

“Yeah, I’m going with him” you speak in a rushed voice.

“Oh my god, is this actually serious?” He looks up at you.

“I don’t know what this is” you shrug.

“Well, there’ll be a lot of disappointed guys around if this turns into something” Matt laughs.

“Excuse me?!” You stop in your tracks, making him bump into you.

“Loads of guys would ask you out if they weren’t too scared to go against the Hemmings’s….Hemmings’? Whatever, yeah, you don’t go unnoticed.” He speaks casually, as if it was common knowledge.

“Like who?!” Your eyes are wide.

“Not me, obviously. That’s disgusting. You’re like my sister.” He pulls a face, “buuuut….Will Jones? He’s always going on about you. Riley Walsh, he’s really shy but he likes you a lot.”

“He’s really sweet” you mutter, thinking of all the times he’d remembered your order when you’d been in the cafe.

“No one will cross Luke though”

“Why? Lu is hardly scary!” You scoff.

“LU..” He emphasises the nickname, “terrifies a lot of people in this town.”

“That’s ridiculous”

“Not really, he has that scary look.” Matt’s nose scrunches.

“He’s just moody” you roll your eyes.

“But you handle him well”

“I annoy him”

“Exactly” Matt tries to explain, “no one speaks to Hemmings the way you do.”

“That’s because I don’t like him” you frown, confused how you’d never paid attention to the way you treated him. He was just Luke, he was hardly someone you needed to impress.

“Which makes you a rarity in this town” Matt shakes his head, “most people want him or want to be him. Me excluded, obviously. I think he’s a twat.”

“Eloquently put” you laugh.

“And now my stupid best friend has fallen under his spell” he tuts.

“I have not, and will never, fall under anybodies spell” you narrow your eyes at him.

“I think Hemmings is brave,” Will’s eyes sparkle with amusement, “I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side, as he so often is. You’re scary.”

“I know” you grin.


“There’s more attention on you two that the birthday girl” Matt tuts, dramatically, “you should be ashamed.”

“It’s my charm and good looks” Luke mutters, before suddenly lacing his fingers through yours.

“People will get bored of us eventually” your brow furrows, “right?”

“No” Matt and Luke respond at the simultaneously.


“They’re already planning their outfits for your wedding” Matt never has known when to stop.

“Excuse us a minute” you turn to Luke briefly, before yanking Matt’s arm and dragging him away.

“Bloody hell, you’re strong” Matt inspects the mark on his arm from your fingers.

“Stop making comments about me and Luke” you hiss.

“I don’t like him”

“I know, and I know you’re trying to end this.” You glance over to where Luke’s gaze is focused on the two of you, an odd emotion crosses his face.

“Because he’s a twat” Matt pulls your focus back.

“Yeah, you’ve said” you sigh, before decided on honesty, “we’re not together, Matt.”

“What do you mean?” Confusion clouds his features.

“Me and Luke” you clarify, “we’re pretending so that it’ll get our parents off our backs, we’ll break up and then they can’t complain that we’ve never tried.”

“That is the most stupid idea” Matt responds after he’s managed to speak again, “I’m guessing that was his?”


“You wouldn’t be so idiotic”

“Matt! Please, just go along with this!” You hate pleading with anyone.

“Fine” he huffs, after a pause, “but I am not happy about it.”

“I know, my dear, and I love you for it” you lace your arm through his, “now come on, I need a drink.”


“Matt” Luke finds him on his own later in the night, needing to know the answer to the question that’s been bugging him all night.

“Luke” Matt’s eyes are hard.

“You and Y/N” Luke murmurs, “how close are you?”

“Is that jealousy I detect, Hemmings?” Matt smirks at Luke’s expression as he realises the act isn’t so much of an act.


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