matt walsh

If a kid is introverted he doesn’t need to be broken like a dog. He doesn’t need to change his personality. He doesn’t even need to “come out of his shell.” He’s not hiding in a shell. He just doesn’t feel the need to chatter incessantly with everyone in the room. If that makes you uncomfortable — that’s your problem. There’s nothing objectively preferable or superior about extraversion.

The cat has been out of the bag before, and yet, people lose interest and put it back in. People always move on. Sheriff in New Mexico reports a UFO encounter. The crew of the SS Ourang Medan dies mysteriously.


Ian and Walsh and Matt were the funniest people I knew and Ian had once punched a drunk guy wearing a sombrero who yelled gross stuff to me from across the street. I felt protected.

It’s easier to be brave when you’re not alone.

We were young and foolish and didn’t know what we were up against. Thank god. We said good-bye to our friends and our cheap and beautiful apartment in the scary neighborhood. We packed all of our things and my yellow Lab, Suki, and pulled away in a U-Haul truck. We had no apartment or job or place to perform in New York City. I didn’t really know who I was, but improv had taught me that I could be anyone. I didn’t have to wait to be cast—I could give myself the part. I could be an old man or a teenage babysitter or a rodeo clown. In three short years Chicago had taught me that I could decide who I was. My only job was to surround myself with people who respected and supported that choice. Being foolish was the smartest thing to do.

- Amy Poehler remembering her decision to move to New York City with the Upright Citizens Brigade in the ‘90s, from 'Yes Please’.

recipe to make an episode of htgawm
  • first 40 minutes: soft warm with a bit drama for best taste
  • next 4 minutes: intense sex between everybody
  • last 1 minute: gun shot knife dead body blood everywhere missing people