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Me: please write your prompts I’m begging you.
Also me: No???? I want dnd verse Stephew??? Fuck you??? Fuck you!!!

hc when genji and jesse are both feeling lonely (or just miss each other), they sit down and they’ll write letters to each other. neither of them are particularly brilliant writers & half of these letters arent sent for fear of them being lost in the mail, but they write letters to each other that are basically just a real long list of the things they love about one another.

what genji loves about jesse is:

  • how he smiles when he laughs
  • the way his hair looks when he takes his hat off, and how he runs his hand through it to ruffle it up properly
  • those mornings when he pretends to like black coffee, even though genji knows for a fact that he’d sweeten it to the point that it’s almost sickening if he could (and generally, he likes the smell of fresh coffee in the mornings)
  • when he cant sleep, so he stays up and reads an old book that he’s had probably since he was a kid, judging by the state of the cover. genji guesses that jesse’s read that book at least ten, fifteen times since they’ve known each other.

what jesse loves about genji is:

  • just the way he laughs, period. genji tends to close his eyes and laugh with his whole upper body & jesse loves that.
  • how he taps his fingers when hes trying to wake himself up/keep himself from drifting off, the way his head lulls forward if he cant, the way he tries to straighten his spine and look alert (and the way the drum of his fingers comes to a slow stop when he finally falls asleep where he’s sitting)
  • the color of his eyes when they’re sitting outside looking for a shooting star, specifically how they once looked like they were reflecting every single star in that sky
  • his sense of sarcasm?? they’re both very snarky, jesse loves genji’s brand in particular

basically these letters are 100% as sappy as i got writing this post,


Anonymous: Hello! I’m so in love with the blog!! Can I request one where reader is an assassin, known as Black Death and is hired by Fisk to kill daredevil. A cool fight scene or something. She’s dating Matt and finds out its him. Very angsty when Matt finds out she’s Black Death when he over hears her talking with Fisk on the phone. In the end they forgive and makeup and go after Fisk together? I do t know, I had this dream last night and thought it’d be cool, if you don’t want to that’s totally fine! xxx

I’M JEALOUS THIS IS THE BEST DREAM EVER *ahem* okay, I hope I could bring it to life for you ;) Thanks for sharing this with me. This was super fun to write. Um.. yeah. Come tell me what you think, maybe?

3516 words. It’s really long, wow. Enjoy xx (not my pic)

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“I wanted to kiss her some more. I don’t know why, for there could be no less suitable time. Maybe it was pure relief that we were alive and away from the pirates. Maybe it was jealousy, because she and Bruce had seemed to get along so well. Mostly it was just because I wanted to, had wanted to for days." 

matt cruse, airborn. 

1 time mccree ties his hair back and he has his hat off and genjis just like “holy mcshit” and he cant look at mccree for like 2 mins because hes So Cute

when genji wakes up in the morning he always has bedhead and mccrees like 😍😍 theyre so gay and in love and they love each other in casualwear & when they’re messy they just… hav so much love

in the morning when mccree has his hair tied and genjis is a mess theyll make breakfast together, and genji’ll have his head rested between mccrees shoulderblades just breathing in his scent. when the foods cooking mccree turns around and hugs genji and kisses him on the head and cheek and nose and then the lips, and genji kisses him back
im rambling but domestic mcgenji??? Iconic