matt stone appreciators

I thought I’d make a short little contribution post for South Park.

Not only has the show grown so much, but Trey and Matt have too. South Park is by far one of the most amazing shows of our time. Not only for the hilarious dark humor, lovable characters, or even it’s childish cute animation style. But the fact that it’s been going on for TWENTY YEARS amazes me the most. 

Trey and Matt in 1997

there are 277 episodes of South Park as of August 13th, 2017. Each episode takes about 6 days to make. This means Trey and Matt have worked their asses off for 1,662 days. And this isn’t counting the time they put into their games. ((Stick Of Truth, The Fractured But Whole))

Trey and Matt in 2017

If I could thank these two personally I would without hesitation. I haven’t been a member of the South Park community for long, but I’ve enjoyed my time here. These two guys have accomplished so much and I’m proud of them. Keep doing what you’re doing Matt and Trey. Happy 20th South Park, we’re excited for the next 20.

okay but,, can we just all talk about how great matt stone’s voice acting in the new ep was like !!! all the emotion and the realness in craig and tweek’s arguments and moments with each other was portrayed so well by matt(who voices both craig and tweek) and can we just..have a moment to appreciate matt stone bc he is so great