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A Kyle Broflovski Appreciation Post

I said I would make one - in reference to my last post, where I said that people give Kyle a hard time when he screws up in comparison to the other characters.

So here is why Kyle is pretty great:

  • He saved the internet - everyone else just freaks out and moves to Californee-way but he just sat there calmly and figured it out and went and unplugged it and plugged it back in again like a little badass.
  • Saved the economy by literally paying off everyone’s debts, like the poor little kid is fucking 9 and he is already in a shit ton of debt but he did it out of kindness so that everyone else could stop worrying about the economy and to feel financially secure. And after all that everyone just credited Obama for it.
  • Has saved Ike from trouble on multiple occasions whilst his parents just sat at home moping. In fact it can be argued that he has been a better parent to Ike than his parents ever were.
  • When Clyde lost his mother he and Stan did everything they could to make him feel better and were at the forefront of the campaign for justice, while Cartman just sat there and made fun of the situation.
  • SAVED Cartman in Jewpacabra, even though Cartman spent the entire episode spreading lies about his religion (and he knew they were lies too - because he became genuinely scared when other people convinced him that Jewpacabra may be real)

  • Also saved Cartman from Snookie even though Cartman wanted him killed for being from Jersey.
  • Never once got angry with his mother for starting a fucking world war over censorship and defended her when Cartman was singing about her being a bitch and got all the other kids to sing along too - even though his mother was in fact being kind of a bitch.
  • Continues to give Cartman the benefit of the doubt, such as in Casa Bonita, Lowering the Bar, Ginger Cow and even the Black Friday trilogy.
  • Has gone to a lot of trouble just to keep his parents together (Spontaneous Combustion and Insecurity)
  • Was the only one to see through Cartman’s bullshit when he pretended to have Tourette’s. And didn’t back down when everyone else gave him shit for it.
  • And since everyone loves Kenny so much - why is everyone forgetting about how fucking AMAZING he was in Kenny Dies? Never left his side, remained strong throughout for Kenny’s sake, tried to stop Stan from leaving because it wasn’t about him, HUGGED Cartman because he believed he was genuinely upset even though he only cared about building a Shakey’s pizza.

  • Also when Kenny was cheesing he kept a cat in his drawer to stop him from doing it even though that meant his parents then thought he was doing it.
  • Led the campaign against Kenny having his life support machine turned off - because he and Stan actually care about Kenny. Cartman just pretended to be his BFF so he could get his PSP.
  • He and Stan immediately tried to help Britney after realising what the media was doing to her, risking his life in the process.
  • Literally could not sleep after watching the passion of the Christ because it destroyed him to know how horribly people could treat another human being - even though he had nothing to do with it.
  • In Bass to Mouth he was the only person to speak out against the website that was publishing private shit about everyone.
  • Also in Butterballs he was the only person to see through Stan’s bullshit and warned him a couple of times whilst Stan just ignored him. If Stan had only listened, he wouldn’t have gone jacking it in San Diego.
  • He defended Jimmy in Fishsticks when everybody else thought Cartman had made up the joke.
  • Stopped family guy from being pulled off the air because of censorship, again risking his life in the process.
  • Continues to stand up to Cartman, even after all the humiliating shit he has put him through.
  • Speaking of which, he did endure his farts for the sole reason of keeping world peace even though it wasn’t his responsibility to, and although he acted a little bit stuck up later on, nobody can deny that his original intentions were good.
  • Without Kyle’s speeches - it would not be South Park and you all know it.

And most importantly

His character is based on Matt Stone.

One of the shows’ FUCKING CREATORS.

And the two have many similarities.

“I can totally sympathise with Kyle. I mean, I’m pretty much him. We’re both reactionary, short tempered and impatient." 

- Actual quote from real life Kyle aka Matt Stone.

Other similarities are:

They both have the same birthday (26/05)

Their parents both have the same names


Jewish heritage

Sure he has a lot of flaws, and no good character doesn’t. And perhaps I’ll go into those later. But this is a Kyle appreciation post. So give the kid a break once in a while and appreciate the greatness that is Matt Stone Kyle Broflovski