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matt-smiths-invisible-eyebrows  asked:

I think you need to know this. Tho you are a total stranger. I need to let you know that One guy who is spanish met my best friend on the internet. And when my best friend asked him to send pictures. He used your pictures... And my best friend fell in love with "him/you"And I was totally shocked when one day my best friend said that the person who had told him that he loves her. Isn't the person on the picture (it was you) And so. I just felt like i need to say this, because it is so fucked up.

You are absolutely right, this is majorly fucked up, and unfortunately, not the first time this has happened to me. I’ll take steps to ensure that profile is taken down.



AND CLAIMING THEIR NAME IS ANYTHING OTHER THAN JENSEN, WHICH IS MY NAME, DOES NOT HAVE “SOCK MONKEY” SOMEWHERE IN THEIR USERNAME, CLAIMS THESE PHOTOS ARE RECENT AND DOES NOT CLAIM TO LIVE IN TENNESSEE OR TEXAS, THEY ARE A FAKE. Also, from what I can tell, they claim generally to be about 17 years old. I am much older than that. Also, they aren’t just using pictures of me, they’re using pictures of my deceased cat, Tobias, which makes me even more upset.

I am only on four social media sites, and they are Facebook, tumblr (here), twitter and instagram. 

This is one of the fake profiles I have been able to locate (courtesy of a submission by the same person who sent me this ask):

This is not me. I have not even heard of this site before. And on top of that, I don’t even have hair like that anymore, I look like this:

Please, this is the second time this has happened. Try to spread the word for me, I do not want people hurt because some asshole is impersonating me.