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01. Untitled // Matt Corby 02. Promise // Ben Howard 03. Medicine // Daughter 04. Bloom // The Paper Kites 05. Where Is My Mind // Sunday Girl 06. Holocene // Bon Iver 07. Without A Word // Birdy 08. Never Say Never // The Fray 09. Asleep // The Smiths 10. I Need My Girl // The National 11. Robbers // The 1975 12. Let Her Go // Birdy 13. Winter Song // Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson 14. High Hopes // Kodaline 15. Winter // Matt Corby


Dressed up as the 11th Doctor. These daleks looked amazing and there was many different versions and variations. I love Matt Smith and he is a big idol to me in both fashion and his character he portrays!


Final Farewell to the Eleventh Doctor’s Era: Countdown of My 25 Favorite Episodes. Number 12 - The Lodger

This is, to me, the most unusual of all the episodes in Matt Smith’s era and might even be a bit of filler episode serving as an Amy light episode before the heavy hitting final episodes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because this absolutely works at what it is meant to be.

The Doctor appears on Craig’s doorstep with a sack of money for rent prepared to play the nice normal lodger. Of course, this will not go as easily as he expects and the episode is filled Matt Smith shining at portraying the Doctor’s rather amusing attempts to be normal. But where is the fun in forcing yourself to be normal when you aren’t? Ultimately, the doctor’s complete inability to be normal is what wins him over to both the audience and Craig in this episode.

But the glue holding this episode together is in the romance at the center of the story. Craig and Sophie’s relationship is perfectly suited for a single episode. It’s a very simple and classic story that we’ve seen a million times before so we have no trouble following along and identifying with these characters almost instantly, but rarely has a relationship like this appeared on Doctor Who making it stand out.

Craig and Sophie are so adorably sweet, low key, and a bit nerdily awkward in a way that would make them rather ill suited to be companions traveling around on the Tardis risking their lives on a weekly basis, but absolutely perfect to drop in on for two episodes during this era and give the Doctor a taste of real life rather than the usual story of a human who gets a taste of fantasy.

I would have absolutely loved to see them return one more time in series seven, but truthfully, their story is a story that tells itself leaving little that needs to be said after they live happily ever after. They may only be in two episodes, but they feel like a substantial part of this era.

As for the monster, well, there is one, but that’s not what we really care about in this episode. This one was entirely driven by the interactions between Craig, Sophie, and the Doctor and I loved it for that.


My cosplay journey - The first thing that ever got me into cosplay was The Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor has always been a style icon to me since he came onto our screens. Matt Smith is still a continuous inspiration to me and he will always be my Doctor. I started cosplaying when it was the big 50th for Doctor Who and since then this is the journey of my cosplay upto Peter Capaldi’s trendy style. Whovian for life! 


Few images of me in my new 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi cosplay! Absolutely love the coat. As soon as the tailor had finished it, I was amazed at the beautiful job they had done on it.

My 12th Doctor cosplay. Red, white and black; smart and sophisticated colours of the 12th recarnation of the timelord known as Peter Capaldi.


Recent images of a cosplay shoot of my 11th Doctor cosplay variant. I love the swing of that coat!! Came out looking awesome haha

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Doctor Who Week isn’t over yet.

Sunday, November 24th is “Matt Smith Sunday” on BBC America. We’re counting down the top 11 fan favorite Eleventh Doctor episodes all day.

My 11th Doctor cosplay just before christmas 2014. My instagram: _timelord_of_gallifrey feel free to follow me for all my photo updates and cosplays :)

I see you Silence. Keeping my eye on you before I forget you was ever there!

‘It’s called the Tardis and it’s my home’ I love how the Tenth Doctor and War Doctor are on my sides and I fill in for Matt Smith’s outfit haha

Quick edit I made. I really admire the beauty of the 11th Doctor’s interior Tardis and I wanted to incorporate it within one of my Cosplay photos of me in my 11th Doctor cosplay. This was my first attempt. The Tardis plays such a big place in the Doctor’s hearts so that’s where I got the concept for the image to be showing the Tardis interior within the body as in the soul and heart to reflect that meaning of how it is for the Doctor himself. Hope it looks cool!