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If you fell in love with Dean, you would get tortured and killed by some filthy demons.
If you fell in love with Sherlock, you would get murdered by John.
If you fell in love with the Doctor, some crazy alien would try to destroy you but he would always save you.




It was so strange… he was right here… the man you loved, the man who was the father of your child… now he was gone. Now there’s another guy here, someone entirely different that you didn’t recognize. You watched it all happen and it was weird for you.

“Doctor?” you asked shakily.

The new man turned around to face you and then his eyes grew as they went down to your stomach. “You’ve swallowed a planet!” was all he could say. “What type of creature are you?”

“I’m a human,” you told him saddened… he had known you were a human, what was wrong with him? Had he forgotten you?

“How did you get a planet inside of you?” he wondered curiously.

“It’s not a planet, it’s a child… your child,” you told him.

His face went from wonderment to a downtrodden look. “Oh, uh, I did?” he questioned.

You nodded sadly… he had forgotten. 

“Was it when I was… different in the face?” he asked.

You nodded again.

“I’m sorry, I really am, I wish I could remember you,” he apologized. “You seem like a really interesting person, well you must’ve of if I had… y’know… done that.”

You couldn’t help but crack a smile at his new naiveté.

“I can’t remember you, but maybe you could help me,” he suggested. “We can go places we’ve gone to in the past and then go to new places. We go wherever and whenever you want. I promise I’ll try to make this work.”

You smiled and hugged him. “Thank you,” you told him.

“It’s not a problem,” he replied.

The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.

Eleventh Doctor

This is probably my favourite dw’s quote💕

Why is it such a strange concept to understand people have different perceptions of what they find attractive.

I have friends who constantly look at me strange when I say that I find a certain actor attractive— like they totally don’t get it.

In their case they are all about the actors who fit the clean and classically beautiful type, such as Zac Efron or any leading man from a Nicholas Sparks movie, who generally covers the same description.  I won’t say such actors are not attractive, because they definitely are.  But at the same time, personal taste wise, I find other actors much more attractive.

On one hand I find actors like Tom Hiddleston incredibly attractive.  Tom is actually one of the actors I find attractive that some of my friends just don’t get which is baffling to me as Tom has many classically attractive features (that they seem to gravitate towards)– pretty eyes, nice hair, tall, and handsome, with a winning smile.   But he also possesses qualities beyond those classic features, as sweet as he is there is also a ruggedness to him.

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On the other hand I find actors like Adam Driver, Matt Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch equally attractive. These types of actors diverge from the pretty boy and classically beautiful type that so many are drawn to.  There is a…quirkiness to their physical appearance, which likely accounts for why I hear so many people often disagree with me when I explain how attractive I find them.  Yet, I still see the things I find attractive much more then the quirky aspects.  Strong jaw lines, pretty eyes, tall, lean but strong, and soothing voices.  And yes, I find the quirky aspects of their physicality incredibly attractive.  I like that they don’t fit the classically attractive mold.  

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Then there are situations like Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth…I have friends who find Liam incredibly attractive…but he definitely meets the classically handsome criteria…yet, they don’t find Chris attractive at all.

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Chris on the other hand, while possessing the same classic features of nice eyes, tall, strong facial features, and great hair.  The difference being, Chris has a harsher physicality– tall, broad shoulders, and lean but very muscular.

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Another situation I find that takes this idea further is the same friends who said they found Sebastian Stan attractive when he was Bucky or even Mad Hatter in Once, but once he made the transition to Winter Solider they no longer found him attractive.  He had made a transformation in physicality– larger and more harsh in comparison. 

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Personally, I love both the cute and the physical aspects of the particular actors.  I like the handsome features that remain in both– and the physicality of their strength is part of the appeal.

What I am trying to say is essentially—

I hate that people will dismiss others who find an actor attractive simply because they don’t agree.  

I hate that they won’t go see a movie because the leading actor(s) aren’t attractive, because a) the actor’s looks aren’t the point in the film and b) their looks have nothing to do with their skills as an actor.

I think it is important to find people attractive beyond the “perfection” ideals that are often so hyped up.

Just let me find people I find attractive attractive without having your unwanted input…