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The Doctor: Here to Help

So, I was watching someone on YouTube playing Injustice 2 (mainly because I don’t have the console to play it on), and I noticed something on Scarecrow’s lab coat before he becomes his hallucination form. Look closely at the badge he wears:

You can see clearly that the badge reads “The Doctor Here to help”. I instantly recognised it from somewhere, but I had to be sure I got it right.

Look at the badge the Doctor wears in the Doctor Who Series Six episode, Closing Time

Compare the two badges together, and everything matches, even to the S&G symbol

Jonathan Crane is a Whovian. Confirmed.

Either that or the production team just took the first image they saw when looking for badges.


Attack of the Supermodels!

On this day in 2013, The Doctor, Clara and the Paternoster Gang were investigating The Crimson Horror!