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I just realized how much I like Matt being back, not only for the fact that we’ve been waiting for him A LOT of time, but for pidge and her reaction.

See, these kids are on war, they practically didn’t have a proper youth, they were forced to mature really early, pidge even more, I mean the girl is only 15 and she’s one of the most matures in the team. As we’ve seen in the flashbacks pidge was a genuine little girl, who liked to play with her brother, ever since they started to be paladins pidge has been serious, sassy, more focused, almost like a grown adult.

But when matt came back she was laughing and jumping everywhere, just look at how exited she was for showing matt the castle, how smiley she were the whole time.

she was being a kid again

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i like how matpat kept mentioning the new finebros couples react video and telling viewers to go watch it on yesterdays stream because he wanted us to see him and steph being cuties 😌

Absolutely, like Matt’s entire agenda is ‘make sure everyone sees Steph and I on couples react and make sure they see how cute my wife is’, and tbh I think that second part is really just his life goal.

Caught In The Act

Prompt:“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Stephanie wondered if he knew that she knew. He probably didn’t, probably thought he was being real subtle. To be fair, it had taken Stephanie some time to see it, but that was because she had been looking at him the same way. But once she saw it she couldn’t un-see it.

Every time he thought she wasn’t paying attention, he’d stare at her, and when she turned her attention to him he’d quickly glance away with a light blush dusting his cheeks. She knew how he felt, she had done the same multiple times before. She wondered if maybe he had caught her one of those times. If he had he certainly hadn’t done anything with the information, as he remained the loyal best friend he always was.

The way he looked at her made her feel warm and giddy at the same time. Now she knew that he liked her back, that it wasn’t just her feeling these things. She didn’t have to feel bad for falling for her best friend anymore.

She smiled again at the thought, Matthew liked her, she liked him, this could actually turn into something real, tangible. The thought was almost unbearably exciting, it made her heart beat faster.

She was startled out of her thoughts by Matt’s voice calling her name. She waved back at him and tried to calm the blush that was probably on her face.

“Aren’t you all smiley today,” Matt teased as he sat down beside her. She blushed and looked down at the papers strewn across the desk, where an attempt at studying had been made.

“Shut up,” she huffed and shoved him, her hands tingling with newfound excitement at the touch.

“Ooh, you’re blushing,” he continued to tease, “What happened, meet a guy?”

Oh don’t you know it, she thought, then realized that he didn’t know it. Matthew didn’t know that she knew, he didn’t even know that she liked him back. A slow and slightly evil grin made a way to her face. Oh, she could have some fun with this.

Suppressing her smile, she put on a nonchalant air and replied, “Maybe….”

She almost laughed at Matt’s surprised face, he hadn’t expected this answer.

“What?” He asked, aghast.

“It’s nothing,” she waved off knowing full well that Matthew would not take it as “nothing”.

“No, it’s not nothing,” he insisted, looking a slightly panicked. He was trying to hide it but she knew him well enough to see through it. She almost felt sorry for the guy.

“What?” She asked innocently. Matthew shot her a skeptical look,

“You know what! You can’t just say something like that then wave it out. Spill,” he demanded.

Stephanie bit back a grin, now it was time for the real fun to start.

“I don’t know, there just this really cute guy,” she said breezily.

“And,” Matthew pressed, as she knew he would.

“And I really like him,” she shrugged and moved her textbook in front of her.

“And?” Matt asked again, but looking more disappointed with every answer.

“And I found out he likes me back,” she concluded, digging through the papers to find the homework her professor had assigned last minute.

“Oh,” Matt’s voice went really quiet and it hurt her to see the hurt look flash on his face before he forced out a smile.

“But what’s his name? How come you’ve never told me about him?” He asked, nudging her shoulder lightly.

“Well you haven’t told me any of the girls you have a crush on,” she replied. Matthew mumbled something incoherent at that.

“What was that?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“I said it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t like me back,” he mumbled.

“Well you want to know how I found out that this guy liked me back?” She asked as she started packing up her stuff. There was no way she was going to get any work done now.

“How?” He asked, avoiding her eyes and staring around the study lounge desolately.

She turned his face so it would meet hers.

“I saw the way he looked at me when he thought I wouldn’t notice,” she said softly and winked at him.

She could see the pieces clicking into place as Matthew’s face went from sadness to confusion and finally broke out in a smile that was immediately followed by a blush.

He ran a hand through his hair nervously.

“So I guess you caught me then,” he muttered a bit shyly.

She nodded and moved to hold his hand and was about to speak when Matt cut her off.

“Wait hold on, you said you liked me back!” He exclaimed as if he had just realized this vital piece of information.

“Did I?” She teased lightly.

Matt turned to her with a wide smile on his face which quickly turned to s frown, “Wait, if you knew I liked you then why’d you scare me like that? That was mean,” he pouted.

She laughed, “I had to mess with you somehow, because you see,” she said as she moved closer to him, “While I caught you,” she moved even closer, leaning in just close enough for a kiss, “You didn’t catch me.”

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(I got this message during the first tjoc stream just for reference) BUT YES THE BOOPS! I love boopy Matt he’s such a lil nerd and I love how Stephanie gets all smiley after Matt boops her.

What I want from season 2 of Voltron
  • Keith in a ponytail

  • Lance reuniting with his family

  • Shiro happy and safe

  • The whole team in casual clothes

  • Pidge getting back with her dad and Matt and being all smiley and happy

  • Hunk’s family,, like,, how is his mum? Does he have any siblings? Are they okay? What about his dad? I neEd ANswErs

  • Shallura

  • Klance bonding

  • Coran’s backstory?? yes, thank,,,

  • musical episode

  • What about Allura’s mother?? What happened to her???

  • Shiro with a dog? yes, give him a dog pls

  • The team just hanging out and having fun and laughing,,,like,, give them a break,, can we just leave the pain and suffering out for one episode??? pls and thank,,,

  • Shallura

  • Coran being the uncle that he was born to be

  • Pidge getting another robot friend

  • Keith’s backstory?? Like damn???? what happened?? in your past buddy???

  • Space mum being great


  • Zarkon getting his creepy purple turtle ass kicked into the next century 

  • KLance

  • The team having secret talents and sharing them with the others,,, I just really want to see Lance play a guitar,,

  • Pidge getting cute house plants,, acTUALLY, CUTE HOUSE PLANTS FOR EVERYONE

  • seeing the all paladin’s living quarters personalised , like,, would Hunk have pieces of tech lying around?? would it be messy?? organised??? How about Shiro?? would he have dad jokes pasted up on his walls?

okay thats all I can think of at the moment lmao,,, ???might add on???? later???



Thank You coldrequiem on YT for making this lovely video, and my bestie @ladymatt for sending it to me when I needed a pick me up. Go enjoy 2 minutes of Matt being a smiley, laughing, beautiful human and I guarantee it will put a smile on your face.