matt simmonds

Bare kids on a road trip
  • Nadia: driving. Singing loudly and having good time. Makes a lot of self deprecating jokes while she sings. Holds Ivy's hand whenever she has to merge lanes.
  • Ivy: shotgun. Made the road trip playlist, they're driving in her car. The playlist is a lot of showtunes, lot of 80s music and classic rock, lot of Hayley Kiyoko and Mary Lambert. She's also singing and harmonizing with Nadia (they do a wicked cover of The Dark I Know Well).
  • Peter: backseat, middle row. He sings along with the playlist until he falls asleep on Jason's shoulder.
  • Jason: Backseat, right row. Rolls his eyes at the music, but sings along anyway (quietly, so he doesn't wake Peter) and is the stereotypical kid who asks "Are we there yet?" every five minutes.
  • Matt: Staring out the window with earbuds in. Doesn't really register what's there. Is sick of the music, but stays happy anyway. Is texting Lucas the whole time.

“When I was a young robot, I went horseback riding …”

selected model sheets from Rattleballs

lead character & prop designer - Matt Forsythe

character & prop designers - Erica Jones & Michael DeForge

character & prop design clean-up - Alex Campos

art director - Nick Jennings

color stylist - Catherine E. Simmonds

from Matt:

It was fun to do these medieval banana guards. They first showed up in Jesse and Ako’s episode, The Vault, but they’re also in tonight’s episode by Cole and Andy, Rattleballs.