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Coran, Coran, the meddling man

Hi. I’m still lazy. And I’m sharing a prompt again.

Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe had a family once, one that he wishes he could’ve said goodbye to, and crushes, crushes that never ended in his favor.

He is too old to start his life again, but maybe he can help turn another one’s around. The life of one person that reminds him of his younger self in a way.

While Coran can’t bring Lance back to his family, he might be able to help the boy in another way …

Basically : Write about all the ways Coran tries to get Lance and his crush(es) together.

Bonuses : I’d suggest making it humoristic, but feel free to write in a genre that suits your tastes. After all, I’m the lazy one.

You can try to dwell on Lance and Coran’s relationship.

Add Kaltenecker, the mice, or both.

You can set it in an AU. (Like a Fantasy setting, or a zombie apocalypse … etc …)


White Collar aesthetics. 


This wasn’t requested, but I got the idea for it watching a video from the Q&A where he calls the little girl ‘little princess’. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! And remember, feedback is always appreciated!

— word count: 1,566
— warnings: none

You stand in the hallway, your daughter next to you with her arms wrapped around your legs. You and your daughter haven’t been able to see Shawn in quite a while since he is on tour, but it’s her birthday and Shawn’s is coming up soon, so you decided to fly out to see him and spend the next week and a half with him since he couldn’t schedule around their birthdays.

As you stand there, waiting for the last person to walk into the Q&A, Matt walks towards you a smile full of admiration on his face as he looks at your daughter. He gives her a small wave as he finally reaches your side.

“Hey, (Y/n). The last few people are about to meet with Shawn and then you can head on in.”

“All right. Cool.” You reply, running your fingers through your daughter’s wavy brown locks.

“How have you guys been? It’s been a while since you’ve been able to make it out to a show.” He asks.

“Yeah…” You frown, “We’ve been good, we just haven’t been able to work it out where we can make it, but with their birthdays, I made sure we could.” You smile down at your daughter.

“It’s crazy their birthdays are so close together. Four days is all that separates them, right?”

You nod, “Yup. That’s all.”


“It really is. It’s hectic.” You sigh.

“I bet.” Matt says as he leans against the wall.

“Hey, Matt! Is everyone settled in the Q&A room?” You hear Shawn shout as he makes his way down the hall.

You exchange worried glances before Matt gently pushes you into the room after you pick up your daughter. You quickly make your way to the back, trying to get everyone to stay silent as you do so.

“Hi guys. How are you?” You ask quietly as you make your way through the sea of people.

You get settled just in time for Shawn to walk in. Thankfully, he doesn’t notice you all the way in the back corner. As soon as your little girl sees Shawn she starts reaching toward him.

“Shh…not yet, baby.” You whisper into her hair.

She eventually settles down and rests her head on your shoulder as she looks ahead at Shawn. Shawn gets asked a couple of questions about you and your daughter. Like always, his answers make your heart flutter and a smile find it’s way onto your lips. You sit quietly as you listen to the questions and Shawn’s answers, rubbing your daughter’s back gently.

“What was your daughter’s first word?” You heard a fan ask.

“I’d like to say it was ‘dada’.” He starts.

“But, you know you’d be lying because it was actually ‘mama’.” You say as you stand up with your daughter.

Shawn looks at you with a huge smile on his face and he moves through the crowd to get to you. Your daughter immediately reaches for him and Shawn takes her, placing a kiss on the top of her head before giving you a quick kiss as the fans in the room ‘awe’ all around you. He takes your hand and leads you to the front of the room, sitting back in his original place before pulling you to sit next to him.

“Oh my god. Wow…I can’t believe you’re here.” He whispers as he pulls you close.

You laugh and lean against him.

“We had to make it out for your birthdays.” You say as you wrap an arm around him.

He places your daughter in his lap, an arm still around you and his fingertips gently trailing up and down your sides. You look out at all the fans and they’re all staring at your daughter, giving her smiles and waves.

“Okay, little princess, do you want to pick someone for daddy?” He asks looking down at her.

She nods and looks out at all of the people before looking back at Shawn.

“Pick someone.” He points out to the crowd as he looks at her.

She points to someone up front and they immediately get excited.

“Hi honey, what your question?” Shawn asks.

“What’s the best and worst thing about your career? Also, I have a letter for you and your daughter is adorable!” They respond.

You and Shawn both give a laugh before he thanks them. You get up and go get the letter from the fan before taking it back to Shawn. He now has both arms around your daughter’s tiny torso and he absentmindedly rocks her.

“Well, I think that the best part is getting to meet you guys and talk to you, the whole show experience actually. It’s such a personal and intimate experience between us and it’s always so beautiful. The energy is always amazing. The worst part would be having to be away from (Y/n) and Amelia, or little princess as I call her, for such long periods at a time while I’m touring. It’s very hard having to watch your own child grow up through a screen or pictures, ya know?” He answers.

Once Shawn answers the last question, you stop him before it’s time to leave.

“Wait, Amelia wants to show them what she learned.” You say and take your daughter, “What’s your name and how old are you today?” You ask, looking down at her.

A huge grin takes place on her face before she answers you excitedly, “Amewia! I’m four!”

Everyone in the room claps and encourages her, Shawn moving in to smile at her.

“Good job, honey.” He says proudly with a huge smile, “You’re so smart.”

You lean your forehead against Amelia’s as you rest her on your hip, “That’s right! You’re Amelia and you’re how old?” You ask.

“Four!” She says again, holding up three fingers before Shawn brings up another one of her fingers.

“Yeah!” You say gently rubbing your nose against hers.

Shawn begins waving and saying goodbye to the crowd. You begin waving and get Amelia to copy your movements as you walk out, Shawn following close behind, a hand on your back. You place a kiss on your daughter’s forehead and talk to her quietly.

“God, I missed you guys so much.” Shawn says pulling you in for a big hug as soon as your each the hallway.

“We missed you too. And this one said she wanted to see her daddy perform for her birthday.” You and Shawn both smile down at her.

Shawn leans down and begins peppering kisses all over her face as she giggles. You move Amelia up on your higher on your hip as you look at her.

“Do you want to show daddy what else you learned?” You ask her and she nods.

“What else did you learn, little princess? Show daddy.” Shawn says, running his fingers through her hair.

You point to Shawn’s shirt, “What color is Daddy’s shirt?”

She looks at it for a moment before answering, “White!”

You and Shawn praise her before you ask her the color of your shirt.


“Very good, Amelia!” You say with a smile.

You point to her shirt, asking her the color.

“Purple!” She answers, praise from you and Shawn following.

You point to your stomach, “What’s in here?”

“Food?” She asks.

You shake your head and glance at Shawn. He has his brows furrowed and you can tell he’s about to catch.

“What’s in here, Amelia? What’s in mommy’s tummy?” You ask again.

“Baby!” She answers after watching you make the ‘b’ sound with your mouth.

“What?” You hear Shawn ask.

You look at him and see he has a smile on his face as he looks at you.

“Are you really?” He asks, his eyes starting to water.

“Yeah, I am.” You smile.

Shawn pulls you close, giving you a kiss before leaning his forehead against yours, continuing to leave kisses on your nose and lips.

“Amelia, you’re going to be a big sister.” Shawn says, his smile never faltering.

“I think it’s funny how I got pregnant so close to you leaving. I’m ten weeks and we haven’t seen you in two months.” You say, running your fingers through Shawn’s hair.

“Well, we had plenty of chances while I was still home.” He grins.

You shake your head, a small laugh escaping your lips, “Shawn!”

“So, you’re ten weeks, eh?” Shawn asks, running a hand over your stomach.

“Yup. I found out about three weeks ago. I felt bad for not telling you, but I wanted to tell you in person.”

“I don’t even care that you waited so long. I’m just excited to have another baby.” He grinned.

“I can tell.” You smile.

“This is everything I’ve ever wanted. A solid music career, a beautiful, funny, caring, amazing wife, and kids. My own little family. I’m so grateful and lucky that you’re the one giving it to me.” He smiled, kissing you.

“I love you, Shawn.”

“I love you, too. And I also love you,” he pauses to give Amelia a kiss, “and you.” He bends down to kiss your unnoticeable bump.

You couldn’t help but get a warm feeling in your heart. Seeing Shawn so happy and having such a wonderful family was everything you could’ve hoped for. You know this is exactly where you want to be. With Shawn and your children. Happy, safe, and healthy.

Kiss Land

Matt Murdock x Reader

Summary: Matt Murdock was an insanely great kisser. And he absolutely loved to put his lips to use. 
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, minor character death (just a mention), implied sexy times
1,752 words

Notes: While I finish the requests I have in my askbox, I decided to post this Matty one because I’m on his mood. <3 Just a silly one-shot without all his Daredevil drama (sort of). And also because I rewatched the kiss scene between Claire and Matt. Too many times. For my own good. Remember that italic parts are flashbacks. SO…I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

If there was something in your life that you just couldn’t deny, was that being Matt Murdock’s girlfriend had its fair amount of perks. 

In an overall, you were always safe, knowing he’d step up into the situation whenever something could happen. Sometimes it had some downfalls, but his senses were another great thing since he’d always know when and how to help you when you needed. 

And the list could go on and on, but there was one little thing that you completely loved the most and would always drive you crazy:

Matt Murdock was an insanely great kisser. 

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Interviewer: So, on the recent episode, episode 18 of season 2, has Malec properly broken up or is this just a break?

Matt: No, it’s definitely just a break, Malec could never stay broken up forever.

Interviewer: You don’t think they should break up after everything?

Matt, leaning forward: *preparing to lightly kick interviewer under the table* Why? Do you?

Dom, quickly trying to defuse the situation: It’s not a completely unfair question, Matt, they’ve had a few issues recently.

Matt, calmly: *Kicking Dom’s shin under the table* Excuse me?

Dom, wincing: But they’ll probably b-

Matt, glaring: *kicking Dom again, harder*

Dom, grimacing: But I know they’ll be fine, there’s no chance they’ll ever stay apart for long. *raises eyebrow at Matt*

Matt: *settles back smugly* 

anonymous asked:

could you do 52 "i don't think he loves me anymore" with some angst? + andreil

Dan gets home late from her coaching gig on Tuesday night, and they eat thai takeaway over styrofoam containers and cheap wine.

The TV’s the only light in the room, and it’s almost like the flicker of a fireplace, if they don’t look at it directly. Dan’s laughing and smooching stray noodle off of Matt’s cheek when there’s a knock on the door.

They make faces at each other. “It’s 10 pm,” Dan says. “This had better be life or death.”

Matt groans. “Don’t tempt fate.” He struggles out of the couch and passes his ginger beef off to Dan. “5 bucks says it’s Allison back from Guadala-whatever. Timezones mean nothing to her.”

“Bet denied. You know gambling isn’t the same when we have a joint bank account,” Dan complains and Matt laughs, dodging their side table and heading for the front door. He busily cracks open all of their locks and rattles the door until it unsticks.

“Hey!” he says, surprised. Neil’s scuffing their doormat with the toe of his shoe, dressed in old PSU colours. “A house call from Neil Josten, what an honour,” he jokes. Half-jokes. A visit from Neil is a confession that he missed you enough to actually do something about it.

Neil looks up at him blankly, and something is so obviously wrong that it shakes Matt. He takes silent note of the bag slung over his shoulder, the mottled redness of his eyes and face.

“Allison?” Dan calls, and Matt shakes his head without thinking.

“Neil,” he replies softly.

“Get out of town,” Dan says, voice getting louder as she floats towards them. She appears at Matt’s shoulder and grins. “Well if it isn’t our favourite competition.”

Neil usually says something obnoxious about Matt’s team not even counting as competition, but this time his mouth stays thin and snapped shut. Matt and Dan exchange a loaded glance.

“I need to ask you a favour,” Neil says finally.

“Anything,” Matt says.

“I need to stay somewhere,” Neil says, and Matt watches him gather himself like he’s finding his balance on a slick of ice.

“Where’s Andrew,” Dan says slowly. Neil looks at her, and then at Matt. He hasn’t seemed quite this small since he first showed up at the foxhole court with all his lies clenched between his teeth.

“I can find somewhere else,” Neil says, already turning to go. Matt catches him by the strap of his duffel.

“Oh no you don’t. We’ve got a couch with your name on it.”

“If Matt hasn’t destroyed it with peanut sauce,” Dan chirps. Neil looks back and forth between them again, his face in knots. Matt bodily pulls him over the threshold.

“You don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to. We get how it is.” He looks over at Dan and she’s already nodding.

“Thanks,” Neil says, and he drops his bag heavily just inside the door. He eyes the TV. “What were you watching?”

“Not exy,” Dan replies. “You might have heard of it.” She flops back onto her side of the couch and tucks her feet under herself. Matt settles down opposite and watches Neil perch on the armchair like it’s made of something sharp.

“We can change it?”

Neil shakes his head, and his eyes drop. Matt feels metaphorical eggshells crunching under his heels. It’s never been this uneasy with Neil, even when they first met.

Neil picks at his armbands until he seems to realize what he’s doing, and he reaches under the sleeves of his hoodie to peel them off altogether. Dan shoots Matt a frantic look.

“Not to pry,” Dan starts, “but do you need us to call anyone?”

He looks up. “Like who?”

“Like…” she looks at Matt. “Your coach? Nicky, maybe? Kevin?”

“How would they help me?” Neil says flatly.

“Man, your Andrew impression is killer,” Matt grits, nerves pricking with frustration. Neil’s expression goes tight, distorted like canvas stretched to fit an oversized frame.

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This Is Love: Part Seven

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job. 

Word count: 1602

Warnings: swearing

A/N: I think this is the shortest part so far. Also I couldn’t resist the cliffhanger☺️

Part One    Part Two    Part Three    Part Four    Part Five    Part Six

Two months ago today Matt, Natasha’s friend that you had been on a couple of dates with, asked you to be his girlfriend. Two months ago today you said yes. Two months ago today Sam had made you promise not to tell Bucky that you had a boyfriend. When you’d asked why Sam simply replied with ‘he won’t be able to deal with it.’ Not knowing what he meant you trusted him and went with it as hurting Bucky would be the last thing you would want to do.

Stood in your closet you looked around, slowly losing all will to live as you tried on multiple outfits all of which felt wrong. Matt had insisted on taking you out for a two month anniversary meal even though you’d said it really wasn’t a big deal and you’d rather stay at home. This wasn’t true. You didn’t care if you went out or not just not tonight, you and Bucky were gonna watch some of your favourite movies and you would so much rather do that than spend the evening with your boyfriend, as bad as it sounds. You much preferred the company of Bucky than that of Matt. You finally settle on a silk, baby pink dress and a pair of strappy sandals. You apply minimal makeup and just leave your hair down not bothering to style it and take one last look in the mirror. You feel gross and are just about to change yet again when Bucky comes barrelling through the door of your closet, slamming the door shut behind him.

'What’s wrong?’ You ask, concerned by his alarmed expression.

'Oh nothing, just Nat and-’ he stops when he looks at you and he just stares making you shift uncomfortably and desperately want to change. 'You look beautiful’ Bucky breathes and you blush. 'I mean not that you don’t usually, cause you do! You always look beautiful it’s just that um’ he stumbles on his words and you giggle as he blushes and rubs that back of his neck in embarrassment. 'Have you got a date?’ You hum in confirmation, barely registering the question or your promise to Sam. 'What’s his name this time?’ He asks jokingly. His tone leads you to put your guard down and without thinking you reply.

'Just Matt again. It’s our two month anniversary’ you give him an exaggerated eye roll and then freeze at his expression. He looks… hurt. And confused. 'Shit I wasn’t, oh shit. I’m sorry Bucky, Sam said I shouldn’t tell you. I figured it’s probably cause you thought we wouldn’t be able to spend as much time together but nothing’s changed over the past couple of months has it? So it’s fine surely?’.

'You lied to me?’ He questions in disbelief. 'You have a boyfriend and it’s Matt. The guy who’s hand I nearly broke when I shook it’.

'In his defensive you did use your metal hand’ you say and then take a step towards him.

'You know what I’m glad’ he says in the same bitter tone you’d hoped you’d never hear again. And yet here it was. Because of you. 'You deserve each other’.

'I don’t know what your problem, it’s my life! Why are you so bothered what I do anyway?’ You shout, exasperated at having a crap start to probably an already crap date.

'You know what I’m not. Be with Matt see if I give a fuck. But if he hurts you or you want someone to talk to him or about anyone don’t fucking come to me!’

'Don’t worry I won’t! You’re being completely irrational, what the hell is wrong with you?’

'You!’ He shouts before looking down at his feet. 'You’re what’s wrong with me’. Taking this in so many wrong ways you glare at him.

'You know what? I’ll go and then you’ll be perfect. I’ll go and you’ll never have to be burdened with my problems or, or feel forced into giving me a self confidence boost. You’ll never have anything wrong with you!’ The tears are rolling down your cheeks at this point. Thank fuck you only put on one coat of mascara on or you’d be a blubbering panda. You push past him heading straight into Nat’s room where you hope she has some make up wipes and mascara for you to borrow before you leave. 

'You cheated on me’ you state, feeling numb. There must be something wrong with you if every single guy you’d been with cheated on you.

'Yeah, I guess but it was a party I was drunk and-’

'But you slept with her’.

'Yes’. You blink slowly. You know you’re supposed to feel sad but you just feel pissed. 'Aren’t you cheating on me? And it’s worse cause you’re in love with him! I mean I had my suspicions when all you did was talk about him constantly on our dates and then I meet him and you look at each other like you’re fucking soulmates!’

'I’m not fucking cheating on you! Why the fuck do you think I was cheating on you? With who?’ You shout, drawing the attention of some of the other diners.

'Bucky obviously!’ he says, matching your volume.

'What?’ You ask disbelievingly. 'You know what it doesn’t fucking matter. I’m not with Bucky and you’re an asshole. I don’t have time for this, never talk to me again’. You stand up, pulling your phone out to call a taxi.

'You are in love with him though aren’t you? I saw the way you two looked at each other. He loves you too’ he says in a low, monotone voice. You pause for too long before you reply and swallow shakily.

'I doesn’t matter, you’re a cheating scumbag I don’t need to answer to you’ you say quietly before leaving. You hate lying to people and by saying this you were neither confirming nor denying his question, even though it was glaringly obvious how you felt.

It’s raining and dark outside the restaurant so you wait in the entrance for the taxi to arrive. This gives you time to think about what had just happened and for some reason you felt no sadness that you and Matt were no longer together. In fact you felt kind of bad for him. Although you’d acted as the perfect girlfriend, listening to his mindlessly boring stories and laughing at his terrible jokes, you’d never felt anything like what you felt for Bucky with him. Matt was right, you were in love with Bucky and you have been for a while, long before your drunken kiss and even a little before he even started being nice to you. You feel your emotional state go to shit as a lump rises steadily in your throat and before you know it tears are in your eyes. Ah once again those tears where rolling. At this rate you’d become best friends with each streak. Of course they weren’t falling as heavily this time but they were still present as you hurried across the street towards the taxi. You give him the address of the compound, throw him some notes and immediately get Nat on the phone.


’(Y/N) are you ok? You sound like you’ve been crying’.

'I have a little bit. Listen I know I’ve not been with Matt long but I’m still allowed to be hurt if he tells me he cheated on me right?’ You question, wondering if you had any right to get upset over a guy you barely had feelings for.

'Of course (Y/N), it’s a complete betrayal of trust! And what the fuck? He cheated on you? Come home right now, we’ll watch a movie or go kick the shit out of a dummy in the gym, ok?’

'Ok Nat thank you. I would have called Bucky but we had a bit of a fight before I left. It was’ you pause to take a breath, 'brutal. I don’t think we’re friends anymore.’

'You’ll be fine you just need to get back here’ she orders yelling for Bucky to come over. 'Alright I gotta go see ya’.

'Wait Nat’ you say quickly before she hangs up. 'Don’t be too hard on him’.

Arriving at the compound you immediately get a message from Steve asking you to swing by his office. You sigh. There go your plans of murdering a dummy with Nat. You slide the door open and step inside sighing again when you see the disorganised chaos of his desk. He searches around in some stacks of paper before pulling out a binder. 'I need you to give this to Bucky’ he says. 'It’s the mission report from the one we just got back from, tell him I need him to read it and sign at the bottom’. You nod and, taking the binder, you shoot Nat a quick message saying you’d be late. 'Thanks (Y/N)’ you hear Steve yell after you.

Waltzing into Bucky’s room with the folder you toss it on his bed and look in the couple of other rooms in his section to see if he’s here. 'Bucky?’ You get no answer. The doors to the balcony at the end off his bedroom are open and the curtains are being pushed lightly by a breeze. You frown. Those windows are never open. Walking through the curtains you halt. You heart speeds up to a point where you can feel it vibrating in your rib cage as you look upon the worst sight you think you could ever see in you life.

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