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“Jai was like the character on the page stepped into real life. These young cops, a lot of them, are sturdy, young tough guys who could’ve been athletes. They’re in the police force. Jai’s sort of a contradiction of many things. He’s so intelligent. You can look at him and go, ‘You’re just a brute,' but he’s super intelligent. That’s what I was imagining - this big, strong, kind of dangerous guy.”

“[Director] Matthew [Saville] said, 'Have you met this guy, or heard about this guy, Jai?’ I was like, 'I think I’ve heard about him.’ I’d never seen a photo of him. I’d just heard he was working in big American movies. Then we met him by Skype and he put down a scene and was perfect.”

  “Felony” screenwriter and star, Joel Edgerton, recalling how delighted he was when he cast Jai Courtney as his character’s nemesis in the film; photographed with Jai and co-star Sarah Roberts at the LA premiere of the film in 2014


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Excitement is building for the premiere of Joel’s next film, “Felony,” on Sept. 10 at the Toronto International Film Festival which describes it as “a stylish, gripping, compulsively watchable story with an almost unsolvable dilemma at its core…One man is guilty of a crime, one tries to cover it up, and one tries to expose it — the collisions of these characters make for one of the year’s best thrillers.”

Director Matt Saville says that “the whole thing started with Joel. He wrote it and approached me about four years ago. The first thing I was really taken by was the honesty of it. It didn’t feel like a contrived narrative, it felt frighteningly plausible. And Joel, being an actor, writes from that perspective. So the dialogue is spot on — he’s got a poet’s ear for dialogue. More than any other script I read, it was very clear about where all the characters were emotionally.“  Once filming began he said, "The surprise for me was how philosophical the film became, how emotional it became.”


San Cisco “Rocket Ship”

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Joel admits that he desperately wanted Matt Saville to direct “Felony,” and was very disappointed when it looked like it was not to be. When Matt eventually agreed to come onboard, Joel was enormously relieved and sweetly showed his gratitude during a photoshoot at the Toronto Film Festival. That last photo….  :-)

“When I saw ‘Noise,’ [written & directed by Saville] it had a real impact on me and I thought: ‘I’ve got to get Matt Saville to direct 'Felony!’ He is so mature as a filmmaker. It must have been 2007 or 2008 and I’d never even met him and he said ‘no’ for a couple of reasons, one being that he’d done a movie with police in it. My feeble response was ‘They were uniformed police and these are detectives!’”

“I knew Matt could bring atmosphere to a screen, choose shots appropriate to the subtext rather than just shooting the script. I dragged my feet around to other people but couldn’t bring myself to lock in anyone else. Thankfully, about two months later, Matt called back.”

Joel Edgerton

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I think festival camera fatigue may be setting in for poor Joel.  :-)

BTW – That’s “Felony” director Matt Saville wielding the videocam. If you haven’t yet seen “Noise,” Saville’s 2007 film about an Australian cop struggling with some serious internal and external noise issues in his life, please give it a look. It’s a wonderfully tense, beautifully constructed film with many layers. Joel said that it was after watching “Noise” that he decided that Saville was the only person he wanted to direct “Felony.” Take a look at “Noise” and you’ll immediately see why he felt that way. It scared me, made me cry, and had me pondering the true meaning of self-sacrifice and redemption.