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List of people who should have been cast in Fantastic Beasts as literally anyone:

  • Stephen Fry
  • Freema Agyeman
  • Hugh Laurie
  • Billie Piper
  • Rowan Atkinson
  • Phoebe Fox
  • Alan Cumming
  • Hayley Attwell
  • Matt Smith
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • Richard Armitage
  • Karen Gillan
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Natalie Dormer
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Lupita Nyong’o
  • Idris Elba
  • Lenora Crichlow
  • Toby Kebbell
  • Amber Rose Revah
  • Harry Lloyd
  • Naomie Harris
  • Paul McGann
  • Gemma Arterton

List of people who should NOT have been cast in Fantastic Beasts as literally anyone:

  • Johnny Depp
My Overall “Throne of Glass” Fancast

**This is not based on acting ability, just physically who fits what I picture. Organization based on pairings.**

1.  Aelin Ashryver Galathynius: Indiana Evans

2. Rowan Whitethorn - Galathynius:  Marcello Alvarez (But with silver hair)

3. Dorian Havilliard: Matt Daddario

(The ToG show is Hulu, they can work with his “Shadowhunters” schedule for now since Dorian is relatively small Books 1 and 2, and I don’t see “Shadowhunters” lasting much longer than a couple seasons)

4. Manon Blackbeak: Fan BingBing

5. Lysandra: Ashley Callingbull

6. Aedion Ashryver: Alex Pettyfer (Open to suggestions tho)

7. Elide Lochan: Odette Annable

8. Lorcan Salvaterre: Yannis Tsimitselis

9. Chaol Westfall: Batuhan Karacakaya

Thank you @a-court-of-beauty for bringing this gorgeous man to my attention!

10. Nesryn Faliq: Oviya Kalavani

11. Nehemia Ytger: Arlenis Sosa

Shoutout to: Sonam Kapoor (again, thank you @a-court-of-beauty for telling me Maas has previously liked this actress for the role)

So I was just making a mental list of all my favs across fandoms and I realized I have a type but more importantly than that I realized my type is SLYTHERINS

You know how The Expendables gets like… Every single huge action star there is, and throws them all in one movie?

I want to see a big spy movie. Get every single big spy movie star there is, in one film. Daniel Craig. Pierce Brosnan. Matt Damon. Tom Cruise. And whoever I can’t think of. (Bonus points if they can all play their actual characters)

Only here’s the catch. They’ve all been captured by the mega-villain.
And it’s up to Rowan Atkinson to save them.


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Your boy just wanted to send some love and support. You're strong, beautiful, handsome and no one can tell you otherwise. They don't understand the struggles, they don't know what it's like but that's what makes you strong, resilient. You're going through what some people won't experience in their lifetime. I'm proud to say that I am a part of this community. Keep it up, we got this! And thank you Matt, Alex, Emmett, and Rowan



Anyone else realize that Jesse Spencer has daddy Issues in both House M.D and Chicago Fire? I mean what is up with writers and giving him a horrible childhood? Not that I don’t love it I mean, but why’s it always him? Well looking at it again he has both daddy and mommy issues.

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Every episode of Daredevil

- Matt kicks ass/gets ass kicked
- Karen secretly saves everyone and pushes the cases forward
- Foggy wears a great tie
- Matt does parkour
- Foggy has some great one-liners
- Matt doesn’t answer his phone
- There is beautiful fight choreography, probably in a hallway of some sort
- Matt continues to not answer his phone
- Foggy mentions that Matt is a babe magnet
- shitty coffee/shitty liquor
- Karen holds the firm together
- someone is just chilling in Matt’s apartment while waiting for him
- roll credits

"What Happened In This Dreams" by Matt Rowan

Both sides just bleed into blurs of dreams and take on a kind of echo, until you see this picture of a baby and you and everyone are one, and the baby tells you how to live is very simple. One way or the other, you will live. You will be. It’s hard to see the merits of eating and not eating steak. A mouth gets bigger but the rest stays the same size. Never gets older. Always stays the same person. Like a pillar of salt. And the dreams you have are the worst dreams ever. Banal and strict and acerbic and rote. You work in a manufactory blowing gray glass bottles and painting them grayer.

You’re so rarely out, and you’re almost always in.

Matt Rowan over at Big Lucks