matt rouge

Don't leave the manakete alone in a room full of buttons

Context: so we’re playing a rift session and our group which consists of a Orc cyber knight named Travis , a Khajiit Mage named gizargo, a nightbane rouge named Matt, an alien fox named ashen (my brother), a ww2 defected nazi commander pirate named klaus, a robo pilot named Gwen , and a crippled Manakete Mage named Morgan (me). We were heading toward a city under siege to destroy secret info, my character floated to the top of a gate tower in an attempt to open the main gate, and while invisible tried to sneak around a demon and failed, in my panicked state I found the control panel and this is what happened:
DM: alright roll a d20
Me OOC : *rolls a 2* oh no..
DM: ok so Morgan is so panicked by the fact the demon knows she’s there that you randomly start pushing buttons, one of these buttons activates a rift that is slowly growing and consuming the city
The entire party to me(OOC): *bursts into laughter* what the hell did you do!?/ you screwed up!/no! the loot!
Ashen: *yells up to me after seeing the rift open* Dragon lady run!

Morgan proceeds to “run” as fast as she can with a speed of 5 out of the tower where the rest of the group meets up and heads for a cliff nearby, after the session we found out that the rift was going to suck up the boss the DM planned for us and I changed the outcome of the war that was going on, needless to say Morgan now has a fear of demons and I have a newfound respect for myself.

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